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9 more days until the anniversary of AEWVS!!! You know what I propose for a future build? RADAR MODE!!! It'll be a special reward cheat for beating the language level, and ONLY FOR BEATING THE LANGUAGE LEVEL. Radar mode is an optional mode available in all 3 levels where there will be a map of the current level the player is in, on the top right corner of the screen, showing the player where the characters currently are, in the form of identical red dots without specifying which dots are which characters to make it a little less obvious who each dot represents. Radar mode can be useful for better predicting Mr. Cleany-Clean and Marzia's paths and locations at different periods of time for when the player decides to scavenge for notebooks afterwards without the radar, as well as helping the player watch out for stupid jerk Head Teacher and silent stealth Viktor, especially in Braniac mode. It can also be used to locate the priest and die to him, at least when the death achievement or sanity mechanics are re-adjusted. Anyway, this cheat is just a reward for great progress and completion, not something available from the start. If it still seems too overpowering and easy to obtain and abuse, how about the player having to obtain a certain amount of achievements, probably 18 total, in order to unlock Radar Mode. I got the idea of Radar Mode from the radar cheat in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. Tell me what you all think of this special cheat reward down below. I hope Mrdrnose reads this and replies as well.

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I never beat the Language Level with the math notebooks before, mainly because I thought it was overwhelming. Of course, I didn't wear any headphones to listen to Marzia with, so yeah. If you're going to have the Radar Mode, you should really complete the level(s) 100% first. That way you can't cheat, or make it just as worth it as completing the level genuinely. oopswaitholdon

OK, look. Having a Radar Mode for AEWVS would be inexplicably unnecessary. I mean, for one thing, why would Angell just have psychic powers for no reason? Sure, she can time travel (as far as she goes at saving and loading at "checkpoints" - the Belt's completely immune to it though), but why would she just suddenly get psychic powers to overcome the quantum-based RNG in the game? Also, if you had Radar Mode, that would make the level unnecessarily easy. AEWVS is all about strategy-planning, exploration, curiosity and problem-solving, and if you could suddenly just have a Watcher's-eye-view of the realmic vicinity for no reason, that would kinda ruin it. Besides, one cannot experience great reward without great suffering, and I'm pretty sure Angell's entire life is supposed to hold true to that. So if you're going to have Radar Mode, you need to 100% the game as it is first, having done absolutely everything and found every secret. Then you might be granted some developer perks such as screwing around with the console, watching the map and disabling a bunch of sounds, NPC's and scripts. If that sounds like too much, you can progressively get more privileges with a bunch of restrictions of course - like being unable to get achievements while cheat mode is on.

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