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OoH, YOu DoNT SaY?

but in all honesty people already know about this


...excuse me but i can assure you no one here(at least i presume) has severe anxiety.

Now I dont want to swear on this exclusive christian comment section, but I'm real fucking pissed right now. So I was about to complete the language level. I had all 9 codes entered into the elevator with the 10th one stuck in my head. As I went to the elevator to enter the last one, I kid you NOT that my power went off for 10. Whole. Minutes. I for real though threw my mouse on the floor. This video probably best describes my rage.

Dafaq is discord?

Thank you.

Bro if dank means thanks in different languages my life is a lie.

Not realated to anything here but i found this while browsing that "side" of youtube again

just thought I'd share it with yall

Ernte DANK fest. You guys must be getting lit.

I like cookies and cream better tbh i mean look at this crud

It may not be... but why not?

Welp, just a little idea that was in my head for the longest time. 

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I've a challenge for all AEwVS fans who have completed the math level. I want to see if there is a living soul who can beat braniac math, WITHOUT muffins or chips, WITHOUT the magnet, WITHOUT sodas, and WITHOUT Albert. If you can do that, mrdrnose has to make an ENTIRE ROOM dedicated to you(if he wants to of course[shortcuts are allowed]).


Alice and the player be like:


This should be Alice's chase theme

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lol i just realized that you are Dutch. And yes, I would love to see what my Russian homicidal teacher is keeping from me.

Just got an idea. There should be bones in the language level that you can throw, and when you throw it in front of doggos, he will run after the bone and forget about you for a few seconds.

Am acting out my rage towards this fellow with the power of memes. 

Viktor on Saturdays

Image result for masky



lol in Marzia's notebooks it says that she enjoys big fluffy hugs



Dope. And also, Viktor should follow you in the pacifist route like in little puss mode.

And also........

Are you shipping Viktor and H-Teacher.....

Because if you are......

Image result for your clapped

lol jk do what you want with them.

Me: *has completed all language notebooks and has all 10 elevator codes written down and has the blue key and 2 flashbangs*


Image result for i'm gonna stop you right there meme

Image result for destruction 100


Image result for really? face

News flash buddy, this game is VERY good.

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I actually have high hopes that those youtubers will read this and consider it, mainly because they're good people that are normally willing to help anyone. I also do hope this email DOSENT go to their spam emails.

...wait wut mrdrnose?

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When cleany is pushing you away from Marzia but then you turn around to see that he's pushing you into Viktor

When the head teacher goes into the staff room in the language level the moment you do and dosent punish you but when you exit the room she punishes you

Image result for kowalski memes

Image result for omegalul


Viktor when he sees the player getting carried to the punishment room

Image result for patrick rubbing hands gif

For anyone looking for tips and tricks on how to get cleany to clip you out of bounds(mainly for you MIX UP GAMERS), I have a few methods that might work(they worked for me at least).

1. Try to get cleany to push you against a corner. The corner that seemed to work for me the most was the corner of the hallway right next to the room with the picture of the drep dog.

2. Let cleany carry you for a while. There will be a slight chance that cleany will get stuck somewhere with you and clip you out of bounds.

3. If cleany is stuck somewhere, try to maneuver your way through him and he should push you against the wall.