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Top ten anime characters that could defeat Thanos (even without the infinity gauntlet).

Meme be dank af.

Time for me to meme up the game again!

When you in the punishment room for running and hear viktor just outside the door and you have no sodas or muffins to defend yourself with.


Running from Marzia in the final chase be like:

My boi Viktor, mainly because he's such a savage and like dank memes like I do

Marzia:*sees player with watermelon*


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When you see the h teacher leave but then she catches you running


When you go to your new school and you find yourself defending from sweeping skeletons, huminoid doggos and homicidal teachers.

When you 'bout to get the last notebook but cleany pushes you into Viktor

It's possible, but it takes a ton of math skills and knowing Viktors location and how close he is when doing a notebook.

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Eyy this update made the game way better in so many ways! You certainly outdid yourself mrdrnose! Also, that game over screen is horrifying, guess we really know what Viktor does with his victims now.

Hey, thanks for replying to my comment! I'm glad that you're gonna put those hot-key shortcuts into the game, so maybe I'll be able to beat it next time but who knows¯\_(ツ)_/¯. And also, I agree that those channels should try to find those secrets, just to see how they would react.

Hey Mrdrnose. Congrats on your game getting featured on some pretty big youtube channels such as GTLive and Markiplier's channel! Also just a thought, could you add some numbered hot keys into the game? You know, 1, 2, 3, 4 could be used to select items as a secondary option then using the mouse wheel. I'm suggesting this because right now I'm currently using a laptop, and scrolling for items using the track pad is a b***h enough on its own. Hope you read this and consider my hot keys recommendation, because I really want to beat your game (and I can't do that by scrolling with my track pad for items, as you already know).

He's from a different country and judging by the way his English writing is, he's probably just learning English as we speak. So at least have some consideration that the guy can't speak English well.

Oh, well that's nice to hear! Thank you for even acknowledging my comment and informing me about mystman12's thoughts on the game and how he's cool with it. It's nice to see a great fan game keeping the original alive, even if it's priced. You are a talented developer and I love your work so far!

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Why hello there old sport. I recently found this game on youtube and tbh it looks like a really fun and great game. But then I soon found out that you had to pay for the game. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on your game, but since it's inspired by Baldi's Basics (and even uses the same design of him), why does this cost money? I mean the original game didn't cost anything and it was great. I know you must of spent a lot of time on this game (and the graphics and mechanics show for it) but if it shows any sign of characters from another game or even a relation to them, then it shouldn't cost money and be considered a fan game. I hope you take this post to heart and think about possibly lowering the price or removing it. I'm not saying you have to, but it would be nicer if the game was cheaper or free.