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I've a challenge for all AEwVS fans who have completed the math level. I want to see if there is a living soul who can beat braniac math, WITHOUT muffins or chips, WITHOUT the magnet, WITHOUT sodas, and WITHOUT Albert. If you can do that, mrdrnose has to make an ENTIRE ROOM dedicated to you(if he wants to of course[shortcuts are allowed]).

I don't think you can make a challenge and give something only the developer can provide as an prize. And I'm confident he won't do it,since it would be way too much work.

Welp, just a little idea that was in my head for the longest time. 

i did it a long time ago with a glitch lol

I don’t think this is even possible.

It may not be... but why not?


Do you mean the muffins designed to be more effective than sodas?

Well, NO HACKING isn't on the list, so, see you in the matrix! >:D

I think this is doable on Boi or even Default. Personal challenges sound fun as a way to make playthroughs interesting.