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Best character ever, especially the name

Wasn't trying to give much away with comment. I already got THAT ending about said monster when playing first version of Christmas Curse, explored level for other stuff later. Way to assume...good work...

Other note:

  • Sealing all 10 cracks and being late to dinner party makes monster appear. New cracks, no silver ingots, previous 10 used up.
  • Dinner party cutscenes (whether saying "yes" or "no" to Erie before-hand) will lock up due to character getting stuck. Mentioned already by someone else.
  • Possible to quit math level (End key) and return to normal AEwVS menu, went on language level and found a dead Erie.

Should be hint drawings and subtitles that help.

The monster that tries to stab you from a distance, or something else? Just downloaded Christmas update and played it through.

Very true.

I thought of Biology notebooks showing diagrams of body parts and other stuff; you would have to identify parts by matching the correct vocab term. Made visual awhile back.

Thought of this.

Imagine playing the audio-lyric clip every time Marzia breaks a door.

More subtitles, new sentences in language level, more differences between language level difficulties. Those are the bigger things I can point out.

I think this is doable on Boi or even Default. Personal challenges sound fun as a way to make playthroughs interesting.

I first thought you had to die in a certain way by a certain character, because of the skull, nope...

Hint: New players might find this achievement by accident in math level.

Small list of stuff found on alpha 0.1.0:

  • Can spam "run button" and "move button" at same time when held still by Headteacher in punishment room. Allows you to move while she's giving her discipline speech.
  • Can't open normal-unlocked doors after escaping punishment while still punished. Need to use blue key.
  • On language lil puss, you can open the "9" door without collecting required 9 language notebooks.
  • On language level, exiting the TV game causes floor ambiance to mute.
  • On language level, I got all possible right answers on first 2 language notebooks and it didn't trigger Marzia for some reason. Rare occurrence.
  • "Sometimes dead is better" with blanks that involve quotation marks don't register as correct when filling them correctly. Only the quote marks.
  • Marzia won't open doors when trying to satisfy her watermelon addiction.
  • Marzia killing you in "9" room before final chase...? Weird camera angle afterwards.
  • Marzia walking towards "9" room during her before-chase speech. Seen on previous alpha.
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Made small edit...went through language level difficulties to see what was different. They're more noticeable on current alpha 1.0.1

Blanks per Sentence Progression:

  • Lil Puss {all contain 1}
  • Boi {1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3}
  • Default {1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5}
  • Brainiac {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10}

Other Changes:

  • Math notebook difficulty and Viktor, similar as if played on math level. Was present in previous alpha.
  • Phonty winds down quicker on higher difficulty, Boi through Brainiac.
  • Doggos becomes active earlier on higher difficulty, Boi through Brainiac.
  • Marzia breaks doors down sooner after collecting a number of language notebooks on higher difficulty, Boi through Brainiac. Could be used to benefit your run...
  • Marzia footsteps and breathing become quieter on higher difficulty, Boi through Brainiac.
  • Steeper blanks per sentence curve mentioned earlier.

10th Language Notebook on Brainiac:

A corridor layout of each floor per future update sounds good. Probably focus on paths from main elevator, connect paths by individual floor and add stairways where needed. Some other details such as notebook spawns, trashcans, desks, etc... Secret floors even.

Clock means you play the game at that time (change computer clock to avoid long wait).

Yup. Also, so many new sentences in language notebooks.

Right around the 37:00 mark with the breathing. I encountered this before; Marzia walked past the window as she was giving her before chase speech. Marzia hasn't "teleported" yet apparently...

Exit the "9" door as usual once chase begins when it happens, you'll be fine.

Nice tip Pluto. Not going back to put later codes in is really important. I generally search rooms on one side and put however many codes found on that side, then wind phonty one last time before searching remaining side. Hopefully having at least 5 codes.

Like the orange rooms having partial colors for notebooks. Makes things less confusing.

Looks fun to play, I'll have a look.

A bit sad, but I can see why.

Lined the muffin and cheddar chips as if it were a pattern (defense, stamina, defense, stamina). Having the two switched would make sense, muffins against Viktor shouldn't be too easy in purchasing. I can see this argued the other way for later levels like language, all depends. Great recommendation.

I never considered how far the muffin should be thrown. Maybe same arc as duct tape ball, but muffin would splatter on floor instead of bouncing if you miss your target. Since duct tape isn't protecting muffin.

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I'll try and answers some questions you asked.

Which direction? Towards middle six rooms at the start, checking out how many math notebooks spawn (not collecting), eventually reaching cafe. I grab a lemonberry on the way.

Visit Mr Mix? I usually do this once when reaching the cafe, managed to snag all 10 math notebooks without visiting before.

Items? Towards the beginning: Lemonberry, NUTS bar, blue key, magnet (if possible). Towards the end: Chocolate chip muffin, lemonberry (new), NUTS bar (same), magnet (same or eventually found).

Skip rooms? The six middle rooms mentioned at beginning, otherwise; while making your way towards a specific end of the school...I never skip and collect notebook if possible.

Time for notebooks? I never used a calculator for first 7 math notebooks, gotta practice addition and subtraction. Saves time. Extra time if you lemonberry or muffin Viktor away from middle.

Staining Viktor? I usually do this twice before the final exam. One before collecting early notebooks, not in middle six rooms. One before rushing notebooks 8-10 on one end of school. I lemonberry Viktor as he's talking before final chase. Also, I rarely juke Viktor as I use warp doors.

Final Notebook? Luck of exam numbers for calculator plus fast fingers. Used to have enough time as exam could spawn on one end and you could force Viktor to backtrack towards bathroom and back, allowing plenty of calculator time, not anymore... That one thing cripples my current strategy, haven't been able to beat it since (suggest using warp door with two other doors while Viktor's talking before exam and collect 10th notebook in two rooms close to vending machine where alarm clock used to exist).

Gas mask? Never used it nor tested whether it tricked Viktor or not, I'm guessing yes. Guessing...


Current Route (complex): Not exactly good as it goes back and forth too much.

Ruined Route (optimized, but flawed): Thanks to exam location at start.

I don't think tracing these maps help; my best run on 0.0.9 Brainiac was 5/5 exam questions answered correctly, but died to Viktor during completion delay. That was with the best set up (lemonberry Viktor when he's talking at room door, run to warp door from one of two rooms labeled on current route, place magnet on 1st classroom door, get good exam numbers). Even had a 2nd magnet to block another door.

Brainiac Marzia is more doable than Brainiac Viktor (and doesn't require a calculator to complete the exam in a timely manner, just elevator number memorization).

Couple ideas.

1st: Involves coins and vending machines.

Combine coins into mixed change at an amount of cents, dollar's worth is the highest allowed when combining, can add coins to mixed change. Use mixed change in vending machines for items at prices, machines wouldn't carry infinite items.

Other things: 

  • Able to separate coins by "combining" mixed change by itself, fills empty slots with each coin (drops coins if all slots are full like melon slice recipe). 
  • There would be stock counter aside vending machines, telling you how much is left of each item. Adjusts per purchase.

2nd: Scaling language notebooks and adding spice.

Table is of similar format format from my previous idea post. Numbers are how many blanks are expected per sentence in language notebook, difficulty shows scale for notebooks numbers.

I used 1st language notebook for character and blank distractions example. All distractions would be bright-orange to bright-red as color range, characters can be numbers or symbols only, blanks are just blanks. Ignore distractions and focus on required blanks that are dim-yellow.

Other things:

  • Anger per incorrect character would remain the same on all difficulties, slightly less than current Default difficulty (alpha 0.0.9).
  • Required blanks generate first, distractions generate second. These would never overlap when generating. Ex: "QwErTyUiOp" on 10th Brainiac language notebook would have no distractions as all 10 letters are blanked out first.

Hopefully not too long of a comment. Eh...probably is. Also, language notebooks need something interesting when collecting later language notebooks.

I would look at the codes and hit check to be safe, then hit the up button. If you're lucky enough in that situation.

Hello and welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy yourself.

Imaginary friend reveal made me sad. The dead body reveal of "imaginary" friend caught me off-guard. Great find!

My most recent: Language without math, Brainiac, alpha 0.0.9 on 10-20-2018 as date.

Awhile back: Language with math, difficulty not stated, alpha 0.0.7c on 8-23-2018 as date. Went through comment section to find this.

Also, put zombieskull leaderboard for accessing TV game first. Don't think there are anymore secrets...

I tried collecting notebooks in both ways before, didn't get language level completion achievement.

Took snippet of achievement text in Notepad. Here:

Made online tables. Snippets below:

Main idea: Have less notebooks to collect for past teachers, 5 instead of 10. Notebook difficulty scales higher and wrong answers anger related teacher more depending on difficulty. These notebook spawns are more spread out and not as close together.

I went and made Viktor's notebook as an example for Boi, Default, and Brainiac...NOT Lil Puss as it would have the same generated equations as current Lil Puss, just less notebooks overall.

Definitions: (explaining obvious)

  • # - Current notebook you're on.
  • Distinct Values - Amount of noticeable numbers in equation.
  • Integer Range - Numbers that are generated for values in equation.
  • Operations - Separates numbers in equations. What might affect those numbers.
  • Samples - A visual of the previous 3 terms combined.

I was going to include 6th notebook in tables. Would act as Viktor's exam, correct answers needed, easier than before, extra details... Idk.

Idea was meant to make collecting language level math notebooks less boring. It takes so long and isn't worth much (just an achievement and a NOW small benefit). Applying idea would take time as current math spawns need reworked with possible programming to generate equations.

Can't wait to see how far you've gotten since last time. Glad you kept playing, good luck with the current level and future ones.

Pretty accurate.

Great job on beating it. Congratulations!

Gotten around testing Phonty's wind down from full to empty. Used online timer to figure this out. Tested on Alpha 0.0.9, stood in storage room alot.

  • Boi: ~14 minutes (13:55 from timer)
  • Default: ~9 minutes (9:17 from timer)
  • Brainiac: ~8 minutes (7:56 from timer)

Yes, I went right. Through the TV room. Through shortcut door. Etc...

Glad you found the remote btw...I passed its location multiple times when searching. Lol.

Not bad of a find. The "sweet" and "normal" minigame seems interesting.

Same here. I must've ran a different way to avoid Cleany during final chase.

zombieskull, I found the remote. Pay attention to chairs when searching classrooms somewhat close to "9" room. Nothing new in TV game.

Finally completed Brainiac Marzia, tried to take screenshots that might prove this. I have 4 in-game and 1 snippet.

Screenshot (1): All numbers input correctly, pay attention to math notebook number.

Screenshot (2): Brainiac math notebook 1/10 on language level.

Screenshot (3): Math notebook collected, back at completed elevator.

Screenshot (4): Language level win screen. Especially yellow text.

Snippet: Zoom in to see close times of previously taken screenshots and those exact same screenshot images.  Month, day, year, hour remain the same, minutes are close to each other. From 5:23 PM to 5:28 PM for previous screenshots.

MIX had a livestream where he showed that Marzia stops after inputting all correct numbers in elevator, that's how I took these without much trouble.

Sorry for long post...just find it hard to prove that it was on Brainiac difficulty (since language notebooks have no significant change nor elevator number range), Viktor's notebook was one thing people could notice, so I went with that.

I already wasted enough of your time.

No idea. I tried searching around trashcans and flowerpots and other hidden corners, nothing.

*Marzia killing tactics in a nutshell*

I couldn't find full-video of the original scene, just ones that are incomplete or in terrible audio quality. Found lyrics though...

Is he working his second job?