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I was able to put 2 codes in during chase on Brainiac difficulty. Not 0 or 10...

With the limited number range, I think it's possible to put 5 in at once on lower difficulties. Key door shortcut and quick fingers needed.

Made stuff on a slide in post. Marzia mechanic related.

Basically: Distance and volume you can hear Marzia change depending on how fast she's currently going. Faster means more noise from a further distance.


  • Walk - Think Boi difficulty, only 1 wrong character, not looking at Marzia. She's stealthy as usual.
  • Pace - Think Boi difficulty, 6-8 wrong characters, looking at Marzia. Gives herself away slightly when moving at this pace at all.
  • Sprint - Think Boi difficulty, 18+ wrong characters, looking at Marzia. Can easily detect a mile away, especially looking down long hallways.

Picture Piece: Cuz y knot?

My partial attempt at making Marzia tolerable in language level. Specifically the "running down a long hallway and not having enough time to look away" situation. Doesn't necessarily mean you can always look away in time, just gives a better chance.

Don't know if there's a way to perfectly change noise radius and step volume based on precise numbers, not just intervals/levels. Or is this in the game already?

Other issues include: Marzia around corners late-game, soft-sounded door camping.

I didn't mean it like that...

Viktor must be disappointed that you played the language level on Lil Puss difficulty. So he just left during final chase...

I think the spawns are broken.

2 math notebooks usually spawn in Doggos room, I haven't seen them in the past several runs. Not even once.

I can't even reach the door that leads to secret room, it's blocked by desks.

What's the difference between difficulties now (besides little puss)? The only thing I noticed were Math notebooks having different equations.


Anyone else think this before attempting?

I don't know then. Maybe someone else?

Yeah. So different from its current state, my first time playing it as well. Watched Jayskibean play this awhile back.

Happened to me once, eventually worked after opening file another time.

I used a document to type mechanics down, then copy and paste into post and reread before posting. Saving doc so I don't have to type all of this in an 1-hour sitting. You can try this if wanting to organize or take breaks. On Notepad possibly...

The 5th and 6th ones look adorable, so smiley. Great job making these btw.

I agree with how little attention this game gets, deserves more in its current state. Don't know about the comments thing, could work, though not likely in my opinion.  Could still happen...

***Like the others, long read as always***

Computer Applications Teacher: Surree Ruthannord

Gets triggered when player submits an incorrect attempt, afterwards, follows player at a very slow pace. Can let out disruption waves and speeds up from own or players influence.

Main Mechanics: Electronic interference, Short Speed-sprint, and Work Sensitivity.

Electronic interference, biggest out of the three. Surree let’s off disruption waves that affect some nearby doors (not teleport or staff only) and notebooks (all types). Disrupted doors don’t close once opened or take additional seconds to open as if delayed or both, magnets become detached during this, and open sound is different. Lasts a duration. Notebook glitches if the player’s working on one at that time, might change current question or erase work or even re-scramble answers. Based over notebook type.

Short Speed-sprint. After releasing a disruption wave, Surree speeds up for a split second as if teleported while letting off a sound. That sound remains at constant volume no matter how far or close the player is to the teacher, must be within disruption radius to hear it.

Work Sensitivity. Surree speeds up (close to Alice’s speed) while player works in a notebook of any type. She goes back to normal speed when player’s not working. Can go back and forth between these speeds if player's on and off.

Making Her Angrier:

  • Disrupted doors are more likely to experience both negative effects than just one.
  • Higher chance for doors to be affected in the disruption wave range.
  • Disrupted notebooks stay glitchy longer before player can interact again.
  • Surree Speed-sprint lasts longer, a longer “teleport” distance essentially.
  • Surree disruption radius increases.
  • Surree work sensitivity speed increases, small increase though.

Weaknesses: Hitting the teacher directly with flash bang or using flash mine prevents future disruption waves and work sensitivity for a short duration (20-40 seconds). Using lemonberry makes this last longer (60-70 seconds), fries them circuits! She can still walk despite the effort.

New item: Neta-Signal-Minidriver, needs chips, wires, and other devices to craft. Separate items are scarce and prohibited due to possible online cheating, Minidriver isn’t however due to driver promoting online safety. Weird logic… While holding out completed driver: Doors and notebooks in small radius are immune to disruption (even when working on notebook) and you can fix disrupted doors. They lose charge whenever catching disruption wave or fixing door, slowly recharges when not held out.

Final Chase: There is a final door that opens after collecting 10 notebooks, next to that door is a digital map with rooms and doors shown. Green means it will open, red means it won’t. This maze leads to another elevator that works. Once entering the maze, Surree enters the door behind you at high speed, you have infinite stamina during this. Collecting other teacher’s notebooks gives a paper map to carry around during final chase, more teachers means higher detailed map. It’ll be waiting by the door.

Collecting all CA notebooks gives you time as Surree gives final instruction while not chasing, like math level Viktor, final door opens after Surree finishes speech. No headstarts in maze for you!

Notebooks: You are given instructions to complete for a shown picture. Right pane is the instruction plus submit and quit tools, left pane is the picture to complete instruction on. You are given three chances per instruction and must complete all to collect notebook, each missed attempt counts as a mistake, missing all three attempts moves you on to next instruction. Note: Last instruction is always impossible and counts as three mistakes.

Different Notebooks:


  • SUBMIT ATTEMPT – Right side, click this after everything’s set. Grades attempt.
  • Attempts Log – Right side, tracks all attempts used on current instruction.
  • Quit “X” – Right side, returns you to real-world and resets progress on notebook. Mistakes are saved...
  • Picture Window - Left side, small box for interactivity.

Notebook Progression: Later notebook instructions require more interactivity or are wordy, like typing something or using highlights. Also, instruction number range increases.

Ex: 1st notebook may have 4 to 5 instructions and require just clicking something. 5th notebook may have 6 to 8 instructions and require keyboard shortcut with a few keywords.


(Random: Had to take exam today and discuss major essay with English teacher while dripping snot-wasn't fun dealing with sickness, teachers name was inspired from “Siri” + “Motherboard” with letters changed around, this is the fourth made up notebook and teacher mechanic, attempts per instruction came from SNAP app in online class, wanted to post idea for game-another time. Thanks for reading! Did you skip to last section?)

I worded 1st concept weirdly... It was basically like the current repair system, broken lockpicks being repaired with duct tape. You don't combine lockpicks together. Still unrealistic though.

Ex: (Fair Lockpick + Duct Tape Piece = Perfect Lockpick)

I can't argue with the 2nd concept being unrealistic, was only thinking of game balance then. Anyway, welding machine seems like a great idea for realism, instead of having broken lockpicks repair forever-and-ever when just using duct tape.

*Some idea I thought of, didn’t know when to post this*

Lockpick Intro:

They break too easily when opening lockers, even then, opening said locker typically has garbage or is empty. Lockpicks are only good for obtaining special items, not much else. You’re better searching trashcans instead… Here’s a little idea.

Rating Status:

Any lockpick you find will have a rating: (highest) Perfect, Good, Fair, Poor, Broken (lowest)

Higher ratings mean lower breaking chance every time you hack a locker. Lower ratings either mean the lockpick will likely break or that lockpick is useless.

Status is based on current success rate with ranges 100% to 0% per hack attempt. Success rate decreases by 1% to 3% per locker you open, NOT the amount of hack attempts itself. So technically, you are guaranteed to open the first locker with a perfect lockpick, just not in one hack.

Percentage Ranges:

  • Perfect Lockpick (100%) – Success rate exceeds 99%, exactly 100%.
  • Good Lockpick (99% to 90%) – Success rate falls between 99% and 90% inclusive.
  • Fair Lockpick (89% to 70%) – Success rate falls between 89% and 70% inclusive.
  • Poor Lockpick (69% to 1%) – Success rate falls between 69% and 1% inclusive.
  • Broken Lockpick (0%) – Success rate falls below 1%, exactly 0%.

You can find any type of lockpick on maps when searching: Trashcans, lockers, storage, desks, etc… Each lockpick type has its own similar image looked at or placed in inventory. Screenshot of made-snippet at bottom of comment.

Repairing Lockpicks:

1st concept: Combining lower rated lockpicks with either a duct tape roll (doesn’t consume duct tape roll) or a single duct tape piece (consumes single duct tape piece) repairs the lockpick good as new. Going back to its perfect state.

2nd/backup concept: If the 1st seems overpowered, have duct tape repair lower rated lockpicks one state at a time, multiple at once when using duct tape roll or stacked duct tape pieces (states repaired vary).

Idea can be debated upon as any, my lockpick images aren’t exactly fantastic.

Looked over ideas posted by FireyDeath4, be sure to give those a read. Liked Chef Mix subtitles suggestion, sounds neat. Having secret books can help on history questions, when history level is finished in the way future. I'm on the fence for branching subjects per difficulty, might be me, don't know.

Made a joint, someone mentioned what it was used for (Pluto?), first thought it was in a random locker around the language floor. Anyway...item slots provide help.

Welp. Head teacher always has a chance to do that.

The letter input problem happens to me when working on a language notebook for too long, don't know much else. Skipping last two notebooks is usually better when using Viktor, but still works without.

8 numbers saved before-chase is good, I try and at least get 7 (more if possible) without Viktor. I saw the video, that must've hurt, I died a couple times on final chase for stuff like this. Little things matter.

I know you can do it, eventually, you'll get that perfect run.

You actually don't need the watermelon, just good timing and intentionally looking at her in the right spot, can do this about every time if practiced enough (Btw, Headteacher can possibly let her out, Mr. Cleany if you littered in that classroom).

I asked this since you described this particular thing...Marzia and opening doors. Thought it was just me.

Do you skip the last language notebook before the chase? How many numbers on average can you save to the elevator? Asking so I can help.

One of my favorites as well.

Can you test something out on your next run? After you trigger Marzia, lure her into one of the 6 starting classrooms. After then, collect notebooks as usual.

I've overlooked notebook spawns before, two actually... One in that staff only room with a blue key, other one in the TV room. Remember to check those places along others.

Same issue here, can only play math level.

Nice idea for a final chase, haven't seen many talk about that end-game concept. His normal chase feels interesting, not knowing where the player is right away and suddenly charging after seeing, great for unexpected scares.

Biology notebook would work if it replaced History notebook.

Like the mimicking mechanic. Thought of this with different negative affects. Grabbing fake item places it in your inventory and "locks" it there for a period of time,  item eventually disappears on its own. Grabbing fake notebook forces the player to complete a minigame, can't exit minigame till completion. Both fake types would influence the teacher upon picking up.

I agree. New menu felt a bit off, doesn't feel that great.

Already knew that, otherwise; I wouldn't have added this to my bugs list. Guess I'll try interacting with the TV again.

(1 edit)

Map of math level. Two versions:

One that's detailed: labels on doors, stationary spawns, notebook spawns, etc... Second that's simple: Tries to follow language level map posted awhile back by others, contains very slight deviations.

*Maps do not include many hidden things

*No identifier keys for maps, another thing, I recommend zooming in for a better look.

EDIT: Slight changes to both maps, mostly color coding, not much else.

I have to look through the comments and dev log every-so-often for the same issue. Some reason, I receive them on my laptop , but not my desktop computer, weird stuff...

I was asking about the number of bugs per edit, not what was posted. Wasn't specific enough apparently; you can get behind doors using Mr. Cleany WITHOUT opening the door itself. Not that he opens the door for you to slip on by. I'll make a quick edit in dev log post

My past posts felt like nothing...made-up notebooks and teacher mechanics, bug reports, completion of levels, some memes, and other stuff. That reply (yours) might've set something off, my only reason for typing the second paragraph, struck a breaking point.

Reducing the slider amount is alright, maybe 100-140...

Maybe reduce the blanks per line in later language notebooks, not the amount of language notebooks itself.

Quick question... Am I posting too many bugs at a time in the development log section?

Also, we passed the 666 comment mark!

Images having a required score makes tracing less of a pain, the highest would be 90 on brainiac during late-game. Still though...fair point.

Another art notebook idea would be producing one color between two other colors, involves typing amounts of RGB in little boxes. You would be given a preview of that color before submitting. Went for drawing instead as it felt unique compared to my Geometry and Biology notebooks.

Your PE teacher idea sounds interesting, running till you reach a miles-worth instead of PE notebooks, makes edibles really valuable. Hitting the coach with dodgeballs would feel satisfying. Also, maybe solving math notebooks gives player additional stamina items?

(1 edit)

One new bug, one edit to old bug, took some fixed bugs off  old list. Haven't explored recent version enough.

(New) Other:

  • TV not working with video tape or game console. Missing something?

(Old) Minor:

  • Chef Mix can be carried around by Mr. Cleany, it apparently wasn’t invisible duplicate mix.
  • While playing Chef Mix’s minigame, you can trigger action keys while spelling words (been around forever, no harm if it still exists).
  • Doggo reacts to the player tilting their head up and down, but not side to side. Bit weird.
  • When Mr. Cleany touches a magnetized door and leaves, it plays the demagnetized sound and eventually takes the magnet off.
  • Smile Dog is active in Lil Puss mode.
  • Can spam-click incorrect answers in Lil Puss mode and make Viktor’s voice overlap when doing notebook. More overlap during first notebook intro.
  • In Lil Puss mode, Viktor uses his normal intro at the start of the level (others mentioned this).
  • Dropped items can float in mid-air when placed on solidish-still characters, character needs to move away to demonstrate floating properties. Ex: Viktor or Chef Mix, others?
  • Throwing an item away while it has a green circle retains a green circle, craft air again.
  • Rust labyrinth, language level completion without Viktor, and Lil Puss completion achievements don’t work (been around for awhile).
  • Achievement picture and descriptions in test menu aren’t aligned properly. Ex: Spilled soda achievement says in the description “get curse from Mr Mix”.

(Old) Major:

  • Can place magnet on the sides of doors (watched a video over this). Now it disappears once placed.
  • My quick edit. Possible to get behind doors without opening them, Mr Cleany involved. Thanks to someone else's reply.
  • Opening doors sometimes drains your sanity, even if you aren’t looking at something sanity driven (might be my computer, added it incase).

***Made up subject for more fun, long read***

Art Teacher: Robert Maran (random name again)

Insert Appearance Here

Basis: Get’s angry with every unsatisfying drawing. Once triggered, he will follow the player by slow walking. Can alter a pictures appearance. Can access exclusive doorways. Can speed up from players sanity loss.

Main Mechanics: Disrupting pictures, using shortcuts, and sensing weakness

Disrupting pictures. Every-so-often, paintings near the player slowly appear to show the teachers face in bright-contrasting warm colors. Looking will drain sanity steadily, looking also increases pictures fade-in speed. Disrupted pictures eventually fade to normal if not looked at or ignored. Memes, creepypastas, fanart, etc…are affected. Shortcuts and notebook spawns aren’t however.

Using shortcuts. Life-sized framed paintings of swirls can only be accessed by Robert, they are scarce throughout the map. When accessed: The player is notified with a gusty windy noise and a visual glow (if you happen to be looking at that painting). Teleporting takes an amount of time.

Sensing weakness. He moves significantly faster when player drops below a certain amount of sanity, speed lasts an additional 7 seconds after player recovers past that certain point. Speed bonus applies when within a large radius of said player, being looked at doesn’t matter. Affects movement, other stuff till late game…

More Anger Affects:

  • Increases disrupted picture spawn rate.
  • Increases disrupted picture fade-in speed when looked at.
  • Shortcut transfer takes less time.
  • Sets the sanity weakness bar higher. Ex: Player needs to drop below 80% (loss of 20% sanity) instead of 70% (loss of 30% sanity) before speed bonus is triggered. Easier to activate.

Late-game Buff:

After collecting X amount of art notebooks: Disrupted paintings drain more sanity than usual, weakness sensing radius is increased, and the speed bonus affects door breaking.


Using a lemon-berry, chocolate muffin, or bird poop can temporarily cover disrupted images or shortcuts for an extended duration (3-5 minutes). Preventing their benefits towards Robert. New item: A dipped paint brush can permanently disable these paintings, uses a specific amount of charges on certain actions, item requires many resources and is prohibited in corridors (not in classrooms on art floor). This item would be useful against Viktor as well as Alice’s beartraps (as reoccurring characters).

Art Notebook: When interacting, you are given images to trace over. The middle-lens is where you draw, left-side consists of drawing tools, and right-side has either info or where you check answers. Notebooks look like cameras and are taped to empty picture frames, never found on desks or the ground.

Buttons or Screens:

  • SiZE. Left-side, top button: Can choose how big your editing cursor is. Small (1), medium (2), large (3).
  • Circle pen. Left-side, left-column, second row down: Add paint in the shape of a circle.
  • Square pen. Left-side, left-column, third row down: Add paint in the shape of a square.
  • Circle eraser. Left-side, right-column, second row down: Wipe paint away using a circle shape.
  • Square eraser. Left-side, right-column, third row down: Wipe paint away using a square shape.
  • ClEAR AlL. Left-side, bottom button: Wipes all paint in the lens, hold to confirm.
  • Snap Counter. Right-side, second to bottom screen. Shows how many images you need to complete, includes current image.
  • Correct to Satisfy Comparison. Right-side, bottom screen. Left number is the grade you received, right number is the required grade to count as correct.
  • Take Picture. Right-side, top button: Submits your answer for grading. Submit all images to complete notebook.

More On Satisfaction:

(In Pixels – Out Pixels = Grade Pixels): Formula for calculation, negative rounds to zero.

(Grade Pixels > or = Require Pixels): Means image is correct., otherwise; image is incorrect.

(Numbers): An average from 0 to 100 scale. Divide image pixels into 100 equal chunks…

Notebook Progression: Later one’s need more images to take, have higher grading requirements, and become more complex with smaller details.


  • (1/10) – 4 pictures, grade requirement of 60, simple images
  • (2/10) – 5 pictures, grade requirement of 60, simple images
  • (3/10) – 5 pictures, grade requirement of 70, simple images
  • (4/10) – 6 pictures, grade requirement of 70, moderate images
  • (etc…) – weird pattern

(Quick commentary: I think this ended up better than the last notebook. Images might be too small still, better when zoomed in. Heard people talking about a math map, might make one. Going to post bugs soon as well. The impossible image has something inside the number rows.)

(Getting close to 666 comments...)

Elevator numbers saving is the best thing ever! Realized b 0.6 has been released, ok then...

No need to yell. Don't that the elevator numbers save, it's more than possible to beat the language level without Viktor. Save as many correct numbers to the elevator as possible.

Other thing. My game didn't update on its own, had to re-download current version.

You need 5 items, 2 combines into 1 towards recipe, that 1 combined item plus 3 mentioned creates a flashbang.

The flashbang can reach Marzia behind doors, comes in handy when she camps outside classrooms.