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I looked in one of the trash bins during my livestream and I found a strange white box item that had no name and no appearance in hand when held.  When dropped, it looked like a quarter and returned to a white box when picked up.  I picked up another item and it replaced the strange item, and I couldn't obtain it again.  Is it just a bug or is it a new item?

Apparently it is in the place near the entrance/exit where you get the first notebook.

I can't find the final 11th notebook, can somebody tell me where it was moved to?

Wait, if I beat the game, they appear when I play next round?

Thank you so much!  I was going to try to complete braniac difficulty and see if they would appear after I got 8 notebooks or something.  I thought this because Strobovski goes silent on book 3 and I thought they would appear later rather than being the same the whole way or something.  I owe you one!

Your game is a lot of fun and REALLY scary!  It was so fun, I decided to make a 6 hour video trying to find secrets in the game.  I'm not going to upload that to the internet, but I decided that I would upload the segment where I found a secret room and a secret item called the "first  arm", both of which I think nobody has discovered.

It was really annoying to get to the room, and I'm pretty sure that there was an easier and more conventional method of getting it, but I'm still proud that I found it.

I love games with hard-to-find secrets, but I feel like they're going to be the death of me.