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This map makes thr bunker more confusing looking than it really is.

I was also wondering that.  The only time he interacts/reads our comments is right before he posts an update.

I was told to post this by someone in the comments of my "Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski v0.0.8a-a2.2 - Exploring the new update! (#18)" video, it is filled with I believe requests, things to add, and bug fixes.

What I was told to post:

The Game in whole:
Add echo to Headteacher's "No entering staff only rooms' dialogue
Adjust Headteacher's sprite so she doesn't look like she's floating
Death screens to Phonty, Doggo, and Sanity deaths
Items not going into your tool belt (This is a major bug for me)

Math level:
Fix the items that spawn on the overturned desks beside Smile Wolf's window (I can't pick them up)
Fix the camera angle during the 'Boiling in the Cauldron' death

Language level:
More Lockers
Classroom windows
Subtitles foe Marzia during the first language notebook
Areas accessible only by teleporting doors (Like the area beside the Cafeteria in the Math level)
More secret areas
Items that cause characters to instantly kill you if seen holding it (Like Albert's body parts, and the artifacts)
A character that helps you complete the lessons faster (Like Albert in the Math level)

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Good job on completing the map, I just kind of got bored of making it after a certain point and stopped, so I really appreciate it.  Sadly, though, I actually had certain rooms color coded to say which rooms contained which kind of notebooks, like the blue were the rooms that could have Math notebooks, the light green could contain Language notebooks, the straight green ALWAYS contained Language Notebooks, and the pink contained both.  Instead of coloring which rooms were locked, I would just change the color of the door to represent their properties.  The orange rooms in the top half were the rooms used by the head teacher, the dark green was supposed to be a landmark for the outside, and some more things were corresponded with other colors.

Also, the second half of the map is scaled larger in width and height (more on width, though), as the endless hallway goes on for about 2-3 times the size of the second half, the two areas would run into each other if they were that size.  The reason I didn't put the full length of the endless hallway is because it would make the image unnecessarily large, then taking up a lot more space on the page than needed.

Those details are more of a nitpick, though, as if you were using he map to get around it wouldn't matter as much.  The colors are the main problem with the second half.  Good job!

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You are the first person to ask, you will have to try it out yourself!  I hope it works if you do.

It automatically offers to give him money when you press download.

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Mrdrnose might use the russian currency called "rubles" (not racist assumption), I would donate but I don't know how much a ruble is (as in how much the average pay of rubles a job is).  1 US dollar is equal to 66.85 Russian rubles, so if I did 20 US dollars, it would be 1337.07 Russian rubles, but I don't know how much that is "worth" in Russia (above average or below average).

"Utility costs are not expensive in Russia." (not comparing other location) The average monthly utility fee in Russia  would "cost around $110 for an 85 m2 apartment and that includes electricity, water, heating, and garbage" and internet would add an extra "as low as $6.50 per month." (

Over the course of 2015 the average nominal monthly wage in Russia "increased by 3.1% to the level of 32122 rubles ($437)." (

In the US, the average monthly pay for men is "$4,099" and the average weekly pay is "$946". (

The average monthly pay in Russia is 46.2% of the average weekly pay for men in the US.  The average pay of Russia is 10.7% of the monthly pay for men in the US.

I don't know if that helps with setting things into perspective on how much money could be worth in Russia or if I am missing factors (which I most likely am).

The game is pay what you want, so if we had the currency that mrdrnose uses we could send him some using it.

We really should, I'm going to donate some money.

Me too, it would suck if he doesn't get some kind of help on the game.

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We both did it at the same time xD, I solved it when you pointed out the missing letters and posted a comment a 30 seconds later due to double checking.

At least he didn't quit all together.

Oh, itchio didn't show that comment stating you figured it out.


NOO!!!!!!  The game is on hold again!   Also, the description of the game has been changed to a really odd one.

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Tbh, I wouldn't mind sin & cos to be in the geometry level.  Though I don't know how it would be implemented.

Isn't that kind of a spoiler for those who don't want a walkthrough?

That kind of concept would be cool, but it is the opposite of Marzia and would just be a pain to have right there the whole time.  Especially while going through doors.  It would run thin quickly and just be annoying, not scary at all (how would the final chase work? xD).

I found the joke funny, too, but if I glance over the post during a livestream I would be banned.

I'm just waiting for the next update before I stream it again, as I have found practically everything in the game.  Also, thank you for changing that image, as youtube doesn't find humor in those kind of pictures.

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Can you edit/remove that second image?  I can't livestream with that image there or I will get flagged and a content strike xD.  (It is funny, though)

It is most likely a bot, reposting the same video multiple times for views.

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Hey, Mrdrnose, just a quick important thing you should do for when you upload the completable version of History.  You HAVE to make sure that you remove the nuclear pigeon since it would be too easy to beat the level with.  It should just be a "debug" item for testing only, like it is only obtainable through a [num 0] code rather than being craftable.

Oh my gosh, this is amazing xD

I get home from school and the first thing I see on the webpage are 15,000 different updates of the game that I missed.  This is a dream come true!

Don't you watch my live streams?  I showed all of the characters in level 3 to their entirety!  You really should watch them.

I think he slightly does, actually xD.  I never really thought about it, but now that you mentioned it he kind of does!

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I kind of doubt this theory as I feel like it was just kind of a joke by Mrdrnose just because of how strange the music was it feels slightly creepy.  Also, the fact that it is a slowed down version of the original makes me think that it wouldn't make sense.  We can't make any real decisions though until Mrdrnose edits the likes/dislikes section of the wiki himself and hear more of Alice's voice clips from the version of the hisory level that is completable.  Nice theory, btw!

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You need to change the recipe for the nuclear pidgeon, people not from my livestream found it out through comments on the homepage.  You might also want to delete parts of the comments that say what to do to get it.

You just need to close and reopen the game.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I am good with the current profile picture I have now.

How did you get the priest achievement?  I've tried everything and just couldn't get it for the life of me.

"Impalement by iron rod"

I think it is just supposed to be creepy how the head teacher says that, as when she kills yo u it is pure anger, even using the f-word and screaming "die in agony".

Welcome to the community, FireyDeath4.  Sadly, you weren't the first one to find this secret, as it is also in level 2, but the fact that you found that secret so fast without help most likely means that you have a lot of potential in this community!  A lot of being a part of this game means beating the level 2 (because that is insanely difficult for a lot of people) and finding all of the secrets hidden away in the game, which there are a lot of.  The fact that you managed to find that (if it wasn't a fluke) means something good.  I wish you luck with beating this game!  If you need any help with the game, just ask, as all of us here are very helpful.

No problem!  I will make sure to try out "Sketchbook X", though I usually use my pc to draw when I'm bored.  Though I do use phone to draw a lot, too, so I will try out the app!

That is a very good drawing!  I have noticed that you are able to draw in multiple art styles, which I find impressive.  Whenever I draw fanart or draw things in general, I generally stick to one art style, but I usually use a different artstyle depending on what I'm drawing ;) (though usually the other art styles I use look very similar).  I find it impressive that your art styles vary in looks so much!

(Sorry I didn't respond to this art for so long, btw, I was live streaming)

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That is actually very nice looking pixel art!  If I had a complaint, it might be that the undershirt doesn't have the same pattern the Viktor actually has, but I think that pattern might be too complicated for pixel art, anyway, so I don't mind that :P (it is more of a nitpick than a complaint).  Good job!

I think just temporarily stop him would be good enough.