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You need to calm down about the "sexual crap", calling the community cancer when we were obviously messing with you isn't going to convince anybody to play it (to some extent we were).  It is similar to inserting an unnecessary curse word or insult in an argument while the other person is starting to change to your side, it is deterring and doesn't help your case.  You can also just not mention it, but we haven't said anything sexual since you left.


Also, it was posted when I first got to school again lmao

I will be streaming the new update of AEwVS in 50 minutes!  I will post the link here when I start.  I hope I can see you there!

Yes!  I am super excited to stream this update when I get home!!!

He should probably remove the insult, though, it kind of deters me each time I see it.

I have gotten 216 before realizing that you can't get them all

wth lol

Good job!  I haven't experienced these issues yet, so I am glad you found these.

I am starting my Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski stream now!  Join me playing live at:

I will start streaming in 45 minutes, I will post the link to it here when I start.  I hope to see you there!

I will start streaming the new update in 5 hours and 30 minutes!  I am very excited to play it live.  I will post the stream here when I start.



Can you hold up on the update for a few more hours?  I have tennis after school today and I need won't be home for 5 more hours.  I would appreciate it greatly.

I saw this update in my feed and I thought it was the normal version.  Almost cried because I have 5 or 6 more hours of school.  Please wait for me!


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I don't think a strategic game like AEWVS should have a completely random level which could sometimes be impossible or too easy.  Also, Mrdrnose shouldn't focus on other levels until he finishes making the history level.  You should remind him when he starts working on it again.

When will you add support to edit the other characters' code?

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I beat the game in one sitting and got the what I presume to be the good ending.  I did end up enjoying the game a bit, however, I was very biased against it.  First person to beat it in a video!

Try to just turn up your display's brightness, that makes everything better.

Marzia is a boy, ya know


1,011 comment that is a record

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Link dat home boi

I am absolutely loving these ads recently, they left me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe at one point.  I hope there are more!



You know, mrdrnose has a real knack for making teachers that fit with the certain subject of a level.  Like honestly, Viktor, Marzia, and Alice all fit amazingly well as the teacher of their subjects.  Alice's appearance and voice seem like a history teacher and also work extremely well as a teacher for not having a mask on like Viktor or Marzia.  Viktor and Marzia also have amazing voices/looks that fit for math and language teachers.

Speaking of voices so much, a lot of the charm of this game comes from the text-to-speech voices, that is why voice acting would ruin the game a bit.  If there was voice acting for the game, considering the kind of game this, you would be dying and hearing their opening voice a ton of times over again.  The more you would hear the voice acting, the more mistakes/problems you would be hearing in the opening lines, becoming more and more apparent, as well as the more annoying, these things in the delivery become.

Imagine a minor voice crack or a stutter during Viktor's lines while doing brainiac mode, imagine listening and realizing this mistake after attempt 3, imagine then listening for it the next times that you die or restart, imagine it becoming more and more apparent every time you restart until it gets agerivating to listen to.  With text-to-speech, this problem was overcame, intentional or not.

This might be really random, but I kind of want to help you make the game a bit, Mrdrnose.  If you aren't Mrdrnose, I don't want a ton of other people to start volunteering to do this same thing now after I asked this, as it might ruin the experience for you or something.  Anyways, I have some experience making maps in Unreal Engine, and I want to maybe help you create the layout for level 3 with your guidance (not including teleports to secret areas or adding properties of objects) and the you add whatever properties, secrets, notebooks, teleports, or whatever you desire afterwards.  I could also just correct mistakes in the translations, if that is all you need.  I am not the best in making things, but if you are going to be busy all the time I might as well do something while you aren't making the game.

I haven't tried to look for the new achievement yet, but I think you should be a little bit more exact with your hint about getting it, as it seems a little bit too ambiguous.

I was going to stream AEWVS today, but I think I will wait 1 more update as I don't think there is enough new content quite yet.

Yeah, it was easy.  The only difficulty change is Phonty

The door behind spawn leads to a view just the hallway behind the start, aka the hallway that led to the "endless" corridor.  It's just void that you can't enter because the other hallway is too close to the door.

I just checked the update's completer's section and I realized I forgot to tell you about the two other wins that I have in language.  I have a brainiac mode (no math)  win and a second boi clear (no math).  Just so you know for your next update!

I feel like Mrdrnose should make an update every 2 or 3 days just to add a little bit more corridors/rooms to the History Level, as it could also help him get a better idea of what he wants to do with it, as it seems kind of straight-forward at the moment.  He seems a bit too focused on making multiple floors (specifically from the start to the floor above the library) that it has become a linear path that couldn't work with other paths.  He should focus on floor 1, then 2 (with how the library could work with the four separate paths), then any other floors that he would want to add.

I love how every update comes out 4-5 hours before I get home from school, it gives me such an advantage over people with later time zones xD.

That is why he is hiding in the unaccessible room xD, though he most likely will be grabbed through the wall by Mr Cleany.

You know, the gasmask is kind of useless otherwise, as it serves no other purpose.  It is only temporary and no one can keep staff away forever because sanity and  breath go down while you are in Tar.  I think I kind of like it to serve a purpose like that because it is great during the final chase if you forget/can't do the numbers.  Marzia can open the elevator doors, anyways.