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Okay I NEED to address this, because it is a SERIOUS issue. Whenever I try to complete the math level, and I have 9/10 noteboos, the 10th one sometimes doesn't even spawn! I search everywhere for it. In every room, the VCR room and others, then I eventually die to Mr.Mix because I'm too pre-occupied on finding the 10th notebook to deal with him! Mrdrnose, if you see this by chance, please make the notebooks have a more "obvious" spawn location.

It isnt that hard to find all of them. you just need to know the locatations and have a strategy of which rooms to check first and whatnot. Also albert helps if you cant find a notebook

10 -th notebook must spawn, i don't touched math level.

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Mushroom if you need help look at devon's post a couple of posts ago. He made a really well made map for the first level that could help you a good amount. :)


One of the notebooks in math level sometimes spawns in the locked room with the TV inside. You need the blue key to open it.


I think he said he checked the vcr room which i assume is the room your talking about Absol


Oh, I overread that 😅 Alright, that's weird. That never happened before... 🤔

I've overlooked notebook spawns before, two actually... One in that staff only room with a blue key, other one in the TV room. Remember to check those places along others.


LOL that's funny, but this isn't Baldi's Basics here...

I tried EVERY location......and I'm not kidding. Albert ain't much of a guide either because sometimes he just stands there looking at me. I also viewed the map devon made, searched all of the rooms in that map that CONTAINED notebooks, and yet its always the 10th one I have to be lucky to find. But, maybe I'm just being an idiot and didn't see the nootbook in one of the rooms


theres 2 rooms on the side of the square hallway with the vcr room on the sides. sometimes it spawns on the floor way to the side. i missed the 10th notebook there so many times.