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Noice 10/10

Also there is too much RNG involved imo, there is no skill or planning because anything can happen and f you up

I cant reach it either but you can still interact with it at a certain angle

I give up, its too fucking hard. There is so much rng and i always get so close i spend 15 or so minutes getting to the last notebook then i die to something stupid. Mr cleny clen pushing me into marzia. Mariza just charging at me in a milisecond down a long ass hallway. Marzia glitching and killing me when she was not near me during the chase. I can go on and on but i will not simply cause i am too tired to do so. I cannot beat this level. I cant do it. I give up.

I died to literally fucking nothing. I was doing the final chase and marzia was in running away mode cause i flashed her before last notebook and then out of nowhere i die she was not even anywhere near me she was running away from me. Im actually tempted to just give up. I cant fucking do it

You can see inside of the new secret room through the new corridors windows. New corridor is between the acid room and the endless hallway room fyi

Also can you please add me to the finders board for the secret i found please?

I think there is a new secret room. im pretty sure there is a new door in the acid door room. Idk how to get to it or open it though. I tried the black, red, blue keys. And the one key from the rust area.

Mrdrnose please make marzia louder and more noticable i cannot count how many times i died to her sneaking up on me or door camping

No problem

Press the ~ button :)

This is amazing Absol. I really want a kick starter for this game, i think it deserves it

100% agree Absol, people have not given this game enough of a chance imo

Ok, thank you Absol

Is the update out yet? I dont see it?

Sensitivity is way too high for me in this game. Can you please adjust the sensitivity or atleast give us a setting to change it please.

Thank you!!

Very good idea devon. Im not a fan of the lockpick system right now. Getting albert can be super annoying when the lockpicks wont cooperate

Hey mrdrnose will you add me to finders list for the secret i found or was it not a big enough secret for the board?

I think he said he checked the vcr room which i assume is the room your talking about Absol

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Mushroom if you need help look at devon's post a couple of posts ago. He made a really well made map for the first level that could help you a good amount. :)

It isnt that hard to find all of them. you just need to know the locatations and have a strategy of which rooms to check first and whatnot. Also albert helps if you cant find a notebook

I was asking when the next update was

Very true xD

Hey Mrdrnose have any idea of when you can release the difficultys for language level. I know me and a couple of other people are struggling with the level and would love to have a difficulty setting

Great choice of pic Absol, that one is my second favorite

It's a cool secret just wish it had more to it. Still was very excited to find it and be first though.

My favorite painting is actually the same one xD

Put them next to tv my man :)

Same here. Language is not even a option for me in the new test menu. I even tried beating math using the new test level to select math and still no language lil puss

Yes I did! Thank you for crediting me Pluto. The secret doesnt have a whole lot though.

Same here bud. I have been stuck on language forever and i cant beat it.

I personally do not like the new green menu thing. It just doesn't fit with the style of the game

Ikr its annoying me so much. For the love of god people please stop with spamming or annoying shit. Please. I am trying to be Nice about it. :)

Ok thank you for confermation

Is there anything  to actually do in the area?

Thank you!  :)

Got it!! Cant find anything to do though 

You mean the bunker? I checked the bunker alot, i checked alot of rooms, im running out of ideas

Can whoever is doing that stupid text that is taking up the screen please stop and remove it, it is annoying me, please and thank you :)