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alrighty, thanks a lot for the help i appreciate it

I really wish this game would get made for consoles but i don't think it would ever happen. My pc is bad and im not a fan of playing on pc over console so i hope one day it gets a console port if possible

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this may be a dumb question but to get the black key is the only way and intended way to use the cleaning dude exploit type thing? It's been so long since i played i forgot a lot of stuff lol

What do items with a yellow name mean?

Welcome back, i had just come back too. There is so many new and crazy stuff from last time i played, mrdrnose has done a lot with the game its pretty crazy

ok thanks for the reply i appreciate it

yeah i am dumb sometimes lol, my bad

Ok so i just had a glitch happen idk if anyone has reported this yet but in the middle of talking to Mr.Mix the cleaning skeleton dude brushed him away and made talking to Mr.Mix impossible and softlocked me. Also i may be dumb but how do i use the belt thing again? It has been so long since i have done this lmao. Also what is the purpose of all the random buttons around the school? I have so many questions there is so much new stuff lmao

Hey Mrdrnose, its been a bit since i have been on here idk if you remember me or not but i used to be decently active on here and i actually just started playing the game again and i just want to say you have done an amazing job with the game, it has so many changes and cool additions from last time i played, it is really nice to see you are still working on the game hard and making it great. I personally love this game a lot and want to see it grow and get bigger, if i was to donate money again to the game where would i do that in or the other donation thing you have linked in the description? But yeah just wanted to say you are doing a great job with the game and keep up the good work!

Yes the game is very confusing right now lol, its so different its really crazy and cool. I am excited to get back into it more and be appart of the community again. I also do remember you too Noli it has been a while lol.

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Oh dang, i didn't even know lol. Thanks for the welcome back and i apologize i have been gone for so long and thanks for wondering and thinking about me and where i was lol. I didn't realize i was big enough in the community for people to even notice i was gone lmao

Also i do plan on hopefully donating to this game again somewhat soon when i get the money cause the game definitely deserves a lot of money imho

I used to be very active on this game and comments idk if anyone remembers me or not but i havent had played the game in a long time until just now and holy hell i feel like the game got completely reworked and it looks and feels amazing, big props to Mrdrnose for doing so well with updating the game and adding so much to it and giving the game so much care becuase this game is truly a masterpiece and deserves it! Keep up the great work Mrdrnose, this is personally one of my favorite games ever made so im excited to see where it goes

Hey Mix, been a bit since i last been here. Kinda got busy with a lot of stuff and the game wasn't really updating much and i came back hoping there would be more but sadly it seems there is not.

i got it to work, thank you for your help!

i cannot reach it tho cause of the zoom in, i cant even see the menu

game is way too zoomed in when i open it what do i do to make it fit screen properly?

Haven't really played this game in a while, has it had any really big updates to it recently?

Is this game still getting updated?

Don't judge me

I have severe anxitey 24/7 my dude lol

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Anyone know what the new achievement is i cannot seem to figure out what it is, i have tried to find it for like 2 hours. Also what is new in this update because i don't really see anything different in this update. Especially in history

Mrdrnose plz at me to finders and completion board

This is sad, i love Riskrim he is a good youtuber, really sucks he wont even give it another chance because its apparently a "baldi fan game" smh

This is too good xD

What is your problem dude

I feel like calling him dumb is a bit far and mean. Yeah he is really slow and does have trouble with math, but i feel calling him dumb is kinda mean. It may not even be his fault. He could just be slow. And yeah he is trying his best which is all he can do of course

Doing gods work my man, great job!

Arrest this man at once!

Mrdrnose you forgot to add me to the completion board for language, you also forgot to put me on finders list for the secret i found

Oh, i was not sure if it was sarcasm or not. I apologize i guess if it was too rough

Dude seriously nobody wants to hear your shit if you don't like the game just leave, simple as that my guy

I know the feeling Absol, it is super fustrating. But don't give up, i know you can beat it

Hey Mrdrnose just wanted to let you know we all love you and your game and would do anything to see it suceed, please do not give up on the game, you have already put so much time and effort into it. This game has serious potential to be one of the best or even maybe the best horror game there is, at least in my opinion. Please do not give up and stay determined man, we all believe in you and know you can do it. Also i am willing to donate more money if that would help you make the game in any way.

Titan is right, this game is phenomenal

Sadly even though i love this game to pieces, i still am slowly losing interest in the game.

Im the same way Absol dont worry xD

Hey welcome to the community! The community here is amazing you will love it here.

Hey Mrdrnose question for you. I know it may be a dumb question but would it ever be possible to port AEWVS to console? I know stupid and crazy idea. I'm a console scrub and I like console more than pc, I know its a crime lol.

Like the new spooky Halloween page, looks cool