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Is this game still getting updated?

Don't judge me

I have severe anxitey 24/7 my dude lol

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Anyone know what the new achievement is i cannot seem to figure out what it is, i have tried to find it for like 2 hours. Also what is new in this update because i don't really see anything different in this update. Especially in history

Mrdrnose plz at me to finders and completion board

This is sad, i love Riskrim he is a good youtuber, really sucks he wont even give it another chance because its apparently a "baldi fan game" smh

This is too good xD

What is your problem dude

I feel like calling him dumb is a bit far and mean. Yeah he is really slow and does have trouble with math, but i feel calling him dumb is kinda mean. It may not even be his fault. He could just be slow. And yeah he is trying his best which is all he can do of course

Doing gods work my man, great job!

Arrest this man at once!

Mrdrnose you forgot to add me to the completion board for language, you also forgot to put me on finders list for the secret i found

Oh, i was not sure if it was sarcasm or not. I apologize i guess if it was too rough

Dude seriously nobody wants to hear your shit if you don't like the game just leave, simple as that my guy

I know the feeling Absol, it is super fustrating. But don't give up, i know you can beat it

Hey Mrdrnose just wanted to let you know we all love you and your game and would do anything to see it suceed, please do not give up on the game, you have already put so much time and effort into it. This game has serious potential to be one of the best or even maybe the best horror game there is, at least in my opinion. Please do not give up and stay determined man, we all believe in you and know you can do it. Also i am willing to donate more money if that would help you make the game in any way.

Titan is right, this game is phenomenal

Sadly even though i love this game to pieces, i still am slowly losing interest in the game.

Im the same way Absol dont worry xD

Hey welcome to the community! The community here is amazing you will love it here.

Hey Mrdrnose question for you. I know it may be a dumb question but would it ever be possible to port AEWVS to console? I know stupid and crazy idea. I'm a console scrub and I like console more than pc, I know its a crime lol.

Like the new spooky Halloween page, looks cool

And also put me on the finders list for finding the secret first :)


I also struggling with the bear trap spamming e does not work for me

Notice any differences in 0094 Absol?

My version still says 0.0.9

Wow, strange. I wonder why he is doing this? Is he being cryptic and trying to tell us something again? Also the tag says this is not a fucking baldi fan game lol

Does anyone else see no description for the game now and only one picture? Also it says on hold again

Use a revive!

Glad to hear your still playing the game! And again welcome to the community and thank you for being a part of it! Excited to see next video! <3

Great job pluto congrats! I knew you could do it man! :)

This is too good xD

Ok, thank you devon :)

Holy sh*t man im so sorry to hear that! Luckily for me i never ran into him during the chase

So true Absol. Liek if u cri evrytiem

Who makes these vids and how are they not considered illegal?

Does anyone know where the new remote spawn location is? I have been searching for it for hours and i don know where to look?

He's just missing an axe then its Viktor xD

Love this. Spongebob memes are the best xD