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Sadly even though i love this game to pieces, i still am slowly losing interest in the game.


me too


...wait wut mrdrnose?


OH MY GOd JESUS, GET BACK INTO IT! I WILL GIVE YOU MONEY IN 5 years when I will probably get a bank account or something. Also might be risky.

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Update will come tomorrow, don't worry. Just alpha 0.0.11 can came out after a long time. And money can't help in game progress a lot.

(My 900-th comment😏)

Is it because if we had to pay for anything for your game (other than donation) it would get taken down from multiple copyright claims?


?!? 😢


A bit sad, but I can see why.


I'm sad too, nobody just don't want to know more, and chooses game with small amount, and created in few days, instead game, that developes for 4 mounths. That's not funny, i got a headache.


We (or at least I) will do my best to help you out! I'm going to write e-mails to some bigger YouTubers, since writing under their latest videos doesn't seem to work.


mrdrnose stay D E T E R M I N E D

Don't lose hope 

Drink some water.

I do it when I have a headache because Mum or someone told me it would work.