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I hope she got home eventually. :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games.

nothing cooler than begging for subs on Itchio.

for crying out loud guy.

What's the problem with encouraging people to subscribe? It's advertising. 


true story - i have never in my life advertised my channel on anything other than my own channel.self advertising is pretty scummy, and looked down upon by pretty much everybody that sees it.

You've seen ppl on youtube commenting on other ppl'smore successful channels to get advertising for their shitty ones

make good content, and people will check out your stuff. Use twitter, put yourself out there - just don't put yourself in OTHER people's venues trying to get a slice of the people going there.



I don't understand what your issue really is. I have shared many, many videos on and not one creator every complained about me posting those videos or about my encouragement for subscribing. 

Self-advertising is not scummy, it's advertising. And nobody went to other people's Youtube channels so that example is mute. 

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It didn't take that long for people to start arguing in the comments. We really do appreciate that you made a video on the game, it's not much, but it is publicity, and it's kind of surreal to see someone else playing the game. But seriously, nobody is going to appreciate someone who self advertises on itchio. It kind of comes off as self-centered, and even though it didn't terribly bother me, it just isn't something you should do.

I didn't argue, I didn't start anything, nor did I use insults. This is the first time anyone expressed any problem with that one sentence. Hundreds of videos posted over the course of 18 months and not one complaint until today when another Youtuber had issues.

Of course if you SPLEETEAM don't agree with the one sentence and the video, since they are self-advertising, then please let me know and I'll delete them from the comments. 

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Sorry SPLEETEAM - I was just browsing, and hoping to see some information on the game - and all i found was an advertisement for a youtube channel 

doesn't help anyone at all if they were interested in your game.( which i was ) So i checked it out and I have one ( well, two ) issues with it.

The jumping height is one fixed height, so you always do max jump - which makes the arduous platforming later on with the small 4x4 blocks a chore, falling off of them constantly. My controller somewhat worked, I just couldnt click to talk to the statues, or shoot the gun.

which brings me to the only other issue I had - if you manage to shoot the gun in a spot that has fixed " reflective" properties ( the ones you bounce the lasar off of to hit the suns ) the shots never disappear, and I checked the recording - the sound they were making when they bounce of a wall never goes away, not until you complete that particular level. ( world 3 was where this happened ) 

Not a deal breaker, but worth looking into ( perhaps put a timer on how long a lasar shot can stay on screen for? ) 

Anyways, not a bad lil game. I'm putting the recording into a much larger video with several " vaporwave" inspired games. ( probably won't be uploading it anytime soon, editing and all that stuff ) 


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Thank you! We will look into these issues, with jump height as well as adding controller inputs for shooting and accepting dialogue (the game wasn't programmed with controllers in mind). With reflection, it does actually have a timer that kills the laser, however when it reflects it resets the timer, which causes the issue. Because we're relatively new to Unity, we couldn't figure this one out in time for the GameJam and we apologize.  We will do these fixes after the GameJam rating period has ended.

oh it's all good ^^ I love indie devs, and I enjoy new ideas and stuff.

Unity can be a bit of a bother, from what you have accomplished so far- you're doing pretty good :3 Especially for a Game Jam title.

Wow, okay. By someone playing a game for you, they're pretty much adverting for you. There's nothing wrong with encouraging people to subscribe  if they like your content. It isn't scummy either way as it's literally harming no one.  to be honest the only scummy people when it comes down to this situation are the people who act like someone's committing a crime and physically hurting someone when they do something as small as this. If this is wrong, you might as well tell everyone to stop posting their gameplay to  because technically it's all self-advertising. 

Really disappointing to see devs acting so unprofessional and irresponsible. Defuse the situation, don't encourage an opinion that'll easily cause arguments. Makes me not want to play the game at all. 

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I never made it out to be something that serious, we never did imply that this person is doing something terrible, I just said it comes off as self-centered even if the little offhand comment didn’t bother us that much. To be fair, you do have a point, and we probably shouldn’t have taken a side. But for YouTube videos,  we personally just feel the video should speak for itself. There’s many opportunities to ask for a subscription inside the video. That’s it. We weren’t even that bothered by it, really.  We also  weren’t agreeing with one specific person, just saying our thoughts on the situation. Sorry if our response didn’t come out the best, we’ve never really handled a situation like this before and our intention wasn’t to be rude.

Such UNFATHOMABLE ignorance. There is nothing wrong with advertising, nothing wrong with having a dream. You don't seem to have a lot of experience making videos. You need a lot more than good content to get out there. True, one can market on Twitter, IG, etc. But marketing on by playing games and GIVING them publicity while getting some in return is completely fine. In fact it is beautiful. 

Please, if you are struggling with your channel, think not to lash out at other creators who are still struggling. But instead feel their desire to achieve greatness. Anger and criticism will bring darkness to the caster and receiver. Instead bring positivity and appraisal to give others hope. Temmieneko, I believe in your greatness, I hope you believe in it as well.