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yeah ^^&  i got it and finished the game ( ? ) just one level, huh? :/

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also also, I just checked out mouse controls, and moving the mouse up makes the camera view go down, and vice versa. I literally cannot play this game. There's no way to set any options, either. This is a bummer, I don't mind supporting you, but this will be two games I can't play due to a messed up camera :/

The other game being Farblade, because that has no controller support, and you have to turn the camera with Q and E, which is unplayable. 

i tried plug and play, with both controllers. I also tried plugging it in after the game starts running ( also didn't work ). i re-synced the controllers as well, still nothing. That's why I tried DS4 windows to emulate a 360 controller, because ai do not own a 360 controller, only XBOXONE an d a Dualshock4.

I tried using DS4 Windows to emulate a 360 controller ( didn't work ) and I tried to use DS4 Windows with ( hide DS4 controller ) sdetting applied, that didn't work, either. The other culprit for this Automatic display scaling, which isn't enabled on my pc. ( display resolution is at 100%. ) nothing else I can think of on my end, just having a controller plugged in causes this issue, keyboard and mouse seem fine. 

I actually have an issue :( None of my controllers work properly. I have a DS4 and an XBOXONE controller. Both do the same thing, all the directional controls are inverted ( down moves forward, up moves ackwards ) and the camera is constantly spinning. 

okay now i own it :) thanks for adding standard card purchases, I despise using Paypal in any capacity :3

WELL! You know I have to buy this one, too! Excellent pixel work, as usual :)

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Just wanted to let you know I got a copyright claim for the music in your game on Youtube. For the music playing in the introduction training video. If this is an error, let me know. I appealed it anyways, as it's fair use - and therefore covered - but people abuse the system anyways. 

Cheers - 

very interesting! I hate horror games usually, they tend to be hollow and vapid. I dig this though, sent out a tweet and a community post on Youtube to let people know about it. 

Good luck with the future development! :)

Just checked out the demo, and I have some QOL suggestions for the final version.

I find I'm just sitting around most of the time, staring, and waiting to have to move. It takes a little while for the blocks to really start dropping, and make you be on semi-alert. Most of the time I die, it's because I lost interest in waiting for something to do. 

So - Here's some ideas I had to spice things up, and maybe fix this issue. 

1. Make the falling blocks always target near the player character, so they can't just sit around ( and risk getting bored ) You could also add a speed feature, maybe difficulty levels ala Tetris, where you could start at a higher difficulty, and therefore; the speed / aim of the falling blocks. 

2. Another thing I found myself doing while waiting to have to move, was trying to push the blocks. Idky, but it feels second nature to be able to push, or manipulate the blocks in some way.

Perhaps you could add different styles of blocks, allow us to push them around to maybe make a ledge to stand on, or make special ones that, when pushed together might provide a benefit to the player, maybe increased jumping, movement speed, maybe they can move more blocks - etc. I think if you did that, impose a rule where you can only push 1 block if it's by itself, and not when there's more blocks behind it. That way, they wouldn't be able to just push all the hazards away at any given time. 

3. Random powerups that fall instead of blocks and hazards. 

I think if you had random positive drops for you, that would give you more abilities ( maybe even score multipliers ) that would also spice things up. 

All in all, I like the concept - but I feel it takes too long for the game to actually pick up. Also, the widening/thinning of the player area is nice, but I don't feel like there's a " correct " size to play - too wide makes it very very slow and boring, while too thin provide little to no challenge as well, since you can easily climb things. 

thanks for the neat demo, looking forward to where the concept goes from here!

download this before it gets shutdown ._.

keep em comin! this is exactly the type of humour I enjoy.  guilty pleasure. 

can't wait for the sequel; ": UnderWhere? " and then the prequel " underWHY : 

and you made a game where you featured a video   on youtube called " bathe your own loli! " 

You should be on a watch list ^^b

Maybe not be such a prick to ppl that maybe support your " game " on Patreon. 

that's some sad defense there. It's a kid. NO SHE'S AN 8,000 YEAR OILD DRAGON SHES NOT EVEN HUMAN!

she looks human, it's a kid. shut the fuck up, lol. you sound like a pedo apologist, for fuck's sake.

you are allowed to c ritique anythign you want, dude. Nobody in their right mind would expect you to be proficient in the field of what you're critiquing, otrherwise NOBODY would be a critic, anywhere. 

video game reviewers don't make games.

film reviewers don't make movies.

you sir, are an unbridled moron.

yeah paypal is extremely annoying ( to me )

as for the general feedback, I really enjoyed the game, so I wanted to add my feedback on it and stuff ^^

mostly irritated with paypal because I was trying to buy the game a 2nd time as a gift, and paypal kept denying it because I " was making too many purchases in a short time period " = _= all 2 of them, lol. 

I'm so happy to see you're finally getting a release on Steam!Feels like ages ago when you were just launching the first demo = 3= 

Do you have a price for the game? 

Thanks, and good luck!

Deleted my previous post ( it was a PayPal rant, lol )
Played a bit, and wanted to give some feedback.

The orbs ( options ) are neat, they reminded me of Cho Aniki. My one question ( and suggestion ) is why you aren't able to control them manually? Maybe move their position with the R-stick ( or arrow keys, WASD for lefties ) ?

Either that, or preset formations you can switch to on the fly, ala Silver Surfer for NES ( the other game this reminds me of ) I think either of those would be a lot more fun than cementing a single formation at the start.

The difficulty felt fine, the dynamic difficulty is good as well. Felt rewarding, and never too easy ( sub bosses were usually a joke, while main bosses provided a good challenge ) 

The different weapon types are neat, although I feel they arent varied enough to make them worth it. Also, they power up to max too fast. I'm going by Tatsujin rules ( ala タツジン ) or Truxton. 

In that game, you collect powerups of up to 9 levels, separating each tier of power for every 3 powerups you collect without dying. When you die, you lose one powerup. And there was three types of bullet attacks ( that you choose by waiting for the P powerups to change color, identical to this game ) 

But, with the loss of some power for each death; it made getting a final stage 9, tier 3 bullet more rewarding - it made you perfect your skills up until then.

Overall the game is pretty good, The art in some areas and some animations aren't as good as they could be, but that's not even a real issue. Everything else is very solid, it's pretty fun and surprisingly polished for a beta game. 

this is one of the few legit games in the agdg jam.

wow, you are extraordinarily creepy and sad at the same time. Not sure how to feel aside of that with you hunting me down on a totally different site to be a  lil troll and pathetic excuse for a human being.

oh more of the super random and bad so it's funny and good things.

lemme guess, random words are spelled wrong, and that's funny, it'll make me XD for sure

don't you mean, day 45 ( and floor 2 constructed ) ? 


oh i never uploaded it, I just found out afterwards about it, felt like sharing it with ppl just so they know ahead of time to mute the audio or replace it for the ending

you're playing an outdated version of the game :/ the most up to date demo is on Gamejolt, the dev stopped updating here, for some reason.

The game is also on Steam in Early Access as well.

scoot the birbs?

put me back! put me back!@

okay I played this, and I haven't laughed this hard at anything in awhile. the bugs add so much charm to this, lol. I almost don't want you to fix it. 

but I have a suggestion anyways - allow us to control how close or far the camera is from birb- it would make the game a lot better, imo. 

also - SCREM

i don't get the reference. 

Like I said on Steam, you need to balance this game A LOT. The boss fight is nearly impossible, you don't deal enough damage, the boss deals way too much, your magic chargesup too slowly, most of his attacks you can't dodge, and when you get hit, and he spams more attacks on you as you can't move? none of that is good. 

I started off loving this, and now I hate it with a passion.

#1 on your list is to fix the balancing issues, the game is sad to play like this. 

good pun, quality

Absolutely adorable, can I take her home? = 3= 

ah =p

Not sure where the " kawaii " part comes into play, looks like a stock-standard arena fps to me.

he's too edgy for me x3

I usually stick with girl chars in games anyways, even if they're weaker. 

ah, I see. all in all,m you can cheese most fights with archer girl by ducking close, firing shots, and rolling to the other side of the enemy ^^

I kinda figured these were just entry level bosses, but wanted to let you know anyhow.

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You can totally cheese the slime boss with the archer girl by ducking and firing regular shots. Never got hit even once ( playing on nightmare, too ) \

\Oh, and the cutscenes are way too slow. An option to skip em entirely would be appreciated, even speeding them up was boring

it's a joke, on the movie " jerry Macguire " 

he gives a long speach, and she says " you had me at hello " 

you had me at " meat "