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what happened to the steam release?

looks pretty cute

If you mange to make this a single player experience, lemme know. not sure how fun this is as a 1 v 1 only game.

nah dude, I played this heap. Im, just as shocked as you that ppl like it. 

nice, a shitpost? ok.  maybe its fine.

Figured I'd drop my video here as well, thanks for the amazing game!

oof, still a  demo?

Saw it on STeam, this still isnt avaialble to download there yet, so i went over here ~

looks really good. 

yeah, we clearly needed more undertale fangames.

gonnas guess falling off the map into the void isn't the objective

Yeah.. this is 100% how I feel. And I know the rules, and remix culture ( as a vast majority of the things I make is remix culture, even my profile pics and stuff are repurposed edits ) 

I'm glad you explained all of this ( even though you didn't need to  ) There's a stark contrast between stealing and fair use, and your game is clearly not a replacement or carbon copy of the assets you have edited in your own way. 

What strikes me as odd, is I have this argument against literal asset flippers - liek on Steam; selling porn games and whatnot with literally stolen assets, art and so nobody bats an eye ( except for me ) 

And then, creative works such as your dev team's here.. this is the literal face of remix culture at it's finest, and I love every second of it.

Your world reminds me of Crypt Worlds, which also uses some remix culture of it's own. And then, let;s not forget memes exist, and are literally a mascot to represent remix culture, and it's overlal effect on media.

anywho xD thanks, and liek I said before ; can't wait to see this game get finished ^^

That is quite a majestic unicorn, wow 

So , instead of seeing the point of you being wrong, you have to backtrack, re-word your argument to make sure it still makes sense?

What kind of debate troglodyte are you ? " im wrong, so lemme rephrase this so Im not wrong anymore  " 

free is free. suggested is not by the devs, thats on Itchio's end. go find a game on Itchio that DOESNT have a suggested donation price, okay?

and stop backtracking your arguments with an eraser, lol. say what you say, and stick to it. My reasoning hasn't changed, And for the record- they did in fact work on this game. Did you think they just grabbed it out of a dumpster, slapped skaura on the cover, and called it a day? of course not, they put actuall effort into it, unlike you and your weak ass argument. 

just go away xD I', sick and tired of arguing about this to a know it all that just wants to argue until they are " right " 

the only right thing you aid was the title art is based off of the jp cardcaptor sakura game, that's it. but you werent happy with that, and have grabbed a pitchfork, lit your torch, and are about to lead a zombie army of  " metoos" into the mix, just to proove your point. 

there;s things that are far more important to complain about, wont you please mopve on to those? I get the feeling you spend you r time arguing with ppl day in and day out.  I do not. 


ill wait for the devs to see your ridiculous comments, and say the same thing I said to you.  have a nice day, and just stop bickering abotu this on my youtube channel. I could do with less complaining on my  comments, tyvm.

it is ENTIRELY FREE> that suggested price is from itchio. you can choose ot pay nothing. how many times do i need to show you this? i even screenshotted my laptop to show you the part where it says, this is not the price, you can pay what you want, including nothing.

but you refuse to acknowledge it.

what is your problem?

LIke I told you on my youtube video, the game is FREE> F-R-E-E , no money exchange, I didn't pay, you don't have to pay, nobody has to pay.

Itchio has this on every game here, you can CHOOSE to pay if yo0u want. there is no price tag, go ahead and try it yourself. 

A bit embarassing that you went through all the trouble t point out two imgae look simialr.

in case anyone reading this is confised, this is what ember is ( tirelessly ) complaining about

your game is fantastic. Cannot wait for the full thing!

Mmm, you can really taste the unoriginality in this one!

This is bloody awful, why are you trying to cash in on something you don't quite understand?

some guy on Steam stole your game and slightly reworked an asset or two. and is selling it.

Grammatical error in the description : you will only have to go three tests and then you will be forever one of us! you mean " you will only have to go on rthree tests

Here's my run of the demo 

lods of emone spells loads of money, probably.

demo is great btw. I think the timer is a bit too strict on the FPS segment, walking speed is a bti too slow on the Zelda part - and the FPS last part, the final gun doesnt seem to fire correctly. I had to go RIGHT up to enemies to kill em.


A singular of dice is die, so it works as both a pun and good wordplay in general. a good day to dice might make ppl think it's an entirely different game.

says rick and morty. pictures show a girl with hard nipples. what the fuck is your game, dude?

I know I already told you in email, but your game is Awesome :3 this is very well-done horror, the atmosphere is perfect, the look is great ( i like that you can disable the pixel filter, too ) the puzzle stuff is all good, it brings me back to the old days of stuff liek Clock tower, where you cant fight - you can only run and hide and hope you don;t die, haha. 

very good stuff. and this is coming from a person that scoffs at horror games.

3 Am is supposed to be " spooky" so why would you make a sequel and call it 6 am? whats so sppoky abotu 6 am? mom making you cornbeef hash, and you hate it? this is .. so sad lol. and of course, it'll be popular bc little kids have complete lack of taste. ( and free, that';s important, kiddies can;t play games that cost money )  good work on perpetuating the worst :" horror" game type since FNAF. 

I'm glad I checked for this today, thanks!

No, I'm old enough to not play stupid bait crap liek this lol. please , downvote every post I make, It really matters! :3

this just proves how young you all are, you think disliking a comment matters. go back to RoBLOX or Fortnite, lmao

creative means literally stealing the NON game jam idea of baldi's basics? are you all 5 in this forum? Because I'm starting to think I'm the only adult here.

oh wait wait, it;s not baldis BASICS, it's ADVANCED. yeah, SUPER subtle ripped-off idea. Game jams are meant to create new ideas, not throw an existing one in the rinse cycle, for crying out loud.

memix - innovates how? by looking slightly above Baldi's intentionally bad graphics? By using the same idea of a horror-themed MATH game? An educational game that has nothing to do with actual learning? GASP!

and for god's sake, don't call this a genre, unless that genre is trash.

couldnt be a more shameless Baldi ripoff lol.  And maybe check your description as it is filled with grammatical and spelling errors.

What a sad time where these terrible " horror" games are the most popular  on the site.

truly sad.

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Here's my gameplay ^^ 

oh one other thing, the game kept reverting to fullscreen every level, and it caused my capture software to record no visual :( i ended up using OBS, and every portal, i had to pause the game, and hit Y to get back out of fullscreen so i could record some footage. minor thing, just wanted to let you know :3

okay! this is pretty great :P one thing though, with jump mapped to A, you can't really jump and attack at the same time, it should be mapped to LB, and dash should be mapped to RB. other than that, freakin sweet ( pun intended ) 

ah xd well mine just crashed , so i thought it was a feature haha

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sounds silly enough for me to try - tried it, after a little time, the winning unicorn's planets start to reproduce, and swallow everythign on their own, until they engulf the screen and crash the game :)

you have controlled folder access turned on in windows defender.

turn it off.