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I'm glad I checked for this today, thanks!

No, I'm old enough to not play stupid bait crap liek this lol. please , downvote every post I make, It really matters! :3

this just proves how young you all are, you think disliking a comment matters. go back to RoBLOX or Fortnite, lmao

creative means literally stealing the NON game jam idea of baldi's basics? are you all 5 in this forum? Because I'm starting to think I'm the only adult here.

oh wait wait, it;s not baldis BASICS, it's ADVANCED. yeah, SUPER subtle ripped-off idea. Game jams are meant to create new ideas, not throw an existing one in the rinse cycle, for crying out loud.

memix - innovates how? by looking slightly above Baldi's intentionally bad graphics? By using the same idea of a horror-themed MATH game? An educational game that has nothing to do with actual learning? GASP!

and for god's sake, don't call this a genre, unless that genre is trash.

couldnt be a more shameless Baldi ripoff lol.  And maybe check your description as it is filled with grammatical and spelling errors.

What a sad time where these terrible " horror" games are the most popular  on the site.

truly sad.

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Here's my gameplay ^^ 

oh one other thing, the game kept reverting to fullscreen every level, and it caused my capture software to record no visual :( i ended up using OBS, and every portal, i had to pause the game, and hit Y to get back out of fullscreen so i could record some footage. minor thing, just wanted to let you know :3

okay! this is pretty great :P one thing though, with jump mapped to A, you can't really jump and attack at the same time, it should be mapped to LB, and dash should be mapped to RB. other than that, freakin sweet ( pun intended ) 

ah xd well mine just crashed , so i thought it was a feature haha

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sounds silly enough for me to try - tried it, after a little time, the winning unicorn's planets start to reproduce, and swallow everythign on their own, until they engulf the screen and crash the game :)

are you allowed to use the Black Mage sprite from Final Fantasy 1?

you have controlled folder access turned on in windows defender.

turn it off.


hey, Pewds played your game. expect to blow up now.

all you need to do really is just talke the image- there's no animations I saw for the " jumpscares" when you get cuaght.

all you'd really need to do is add the sound effect, if there is one. maybe i can rip the files and do it for you . 

latia, thanks - But that doesnt help me while im playing it :)

te coding in the game specifically makes you fail.  do you make games, lol? ask the dev , he will assure you that is intentional. and i data mined and found nothing but a script that makes you fail intentionally.

if the question has an answer, then the game never starts. Baldli has to get upset for this to even be a game.

it's a very simple concept to grasp.

I might have a unique issue, or perhaps I just set it up wrong, but I couldn't get my gamepad to work correctly. I use a DS4, and i emulate an xbox 360 controller with program DS4 Windows. After I stopped trying to use it, and went with mouse and kb - it was very nice ^^

But I'm fairly sure it's due to my ds4 controller - I've had issues in the past, despite it using an xbox 360 wrapper via the emulator. 

Created a new topic Vertical slice of quality ^^!

I wanted to set your page off with something positive, this is amazing for such a small "slice"!

wish you the best in your game :) this is pretty damn good :)

fresh hell. lol.

i was thikning if you made it dual stick setup, or perhaps left pad is for movement ( or stick ) and face buttons for directions, and hold RB or LB to activate the weapon? 

i think that would be ideal, youd be able to move with left stick, direct attacks with face buttons and also be able to use the attack bc the shoulder buttons are easy to press even when both your hands are busy on the gamepad :3

Hey  this isn't half bad! my only suggesiton is make it easier to move while attacking, most of the boss fights I just stood there soaking damage

just gonna block ya. good luck with your minecraft lets plays, im sure you and all 10 of your friends love your channel

is this the same as nintendo nightmare?


here's some advice , make content worth looking for, and ppl will sub.

pathetic and shameless attempt at scoring subs .


looks tasty. 

only it wasn't the first rock.  Sure, i got trapped under that plank of wood as well- I;'m talking about clipping through the entire world mp - the mark of a poorly made game

( in multiple places. ) 

Posted in Bowler comments

Is there a reason the floating guy is nearly impossible to win against?

I was all for this strange idea until that thing just kept winning bc it FLOATS.

is that supposed to be a road block?

I have one suggestion, my dood.


That's all I really need. I'm deaf so this was kinda hard for me to figure out what i was supposed to do in the start. ( i watched a streamer playing it, and that's how i figured it out )

not a bad game, but pleeease! subtitles :33 

thanks duder

There is no answer, it's a setup to start the game off - because if you never got one wrong, baldi would never leave the entrance.

Spoiler alert, the answer isnt 42.

i tried.

oh it's all good ^^ I love indie devs, and I enjoy new ideas and stuff.

Unity can be a bit of a bother, from what you have accomplished so far- you're doing pretty good :3 Especially for a Game Jam title.

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Sorry SPLEETEAM - I was just browsing, and hoping to see some information on the game - and all i found was an advertisement for a youtube channel 

doesn't help anyone at all if they were interested in your game.( which i was ) So i checked it out and I have one ( well, two ) issues with it.

The jumping height is one fixed height, so you always do max jump - which makes the arduous platforming later on with the small 4x4 blocks a chore, falling off of them constantly. My controller somewhat worked, I just couldnt click to talk to the statues, or shoot the gun.

which brings me to the only other issue I had - if you manage to shoot the gun in a spot that has fixed " reflective" properties ( the ones you bounce the lasar off of to hit the suns ) the shots never disappear, and I checked the recording - the sound they were making when they bounce of a wall never goes away, not until you complete that particular level. ( world 3 was where this happened ) 

Not a deal breaker, but worth looking into ( perhaps put a timer on how long a lasar shot can stay on screen for? ) 

Anyways, not a bad lil game. I'm putting the recording into a much larger video with several " vaporwave" inspired games. ( probably won't be uploading it anytime soon, editing and all that stuff ) 


true story - i have never in my life advertised my channel on anything other than my own channel.self advertising is pretty scummy, and looked down upon by pretty much everybody that sees it.

You've seen ppl on youtube commenting on other ppl'smore successful channels to get advertising for their shitty ones

make good content, and people will check out your stuff. Use twitter, put yourself out there - just don't put yourself in OTHER people's venues trying to get a slice of the people going there.


nothing cooler than begging for subs on Itchio.

for crying out loud guy.

does twice the confusion mean im going to fall below twice as many maps as before?

and get stuick in twice as many walls? bc the collision detection was absolute rubbish in fish out of water ( 1 ) ? 

This looks simply breath-taking.

Sure, I'll bite.