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looks tasty. 

only it wasn't the first rock.  Sure, i got trapped under that plank of wood as well- I;'m talking about clipping through the entire world mp - the mark of a poorly made game

( in multiple places. ) 

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Is there a reason the floating guy is nearly impossible to win against?

I was all for this strange idea until that thing just kept winning bc it FLOATS.

is that supposed to be a road block?

I have one suggestion, my dood.


That's all I really need. I'm deaf so this was kinda hard for me to figure out what i was supposed to do in the start. ( i watched a streamer playing it, and that's how i figured it out )

not a bad game, but pleeease! subtitles :33 

thanks duder

There is no answer, it's a setup to start the game off - because if you never got one wrong, baldi would never leave the entrance.

Spoiler alert, the answer isnt 42.

i tried.

oh it's all good ^^ I love indie devs, and I enjoy new ideas and stuff.

Unity can be a bit of a bother, from what you have accomplished so far- you're doing pretty good :3 Especially for a Game Jam title.

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Sorry SPLEETEAM - I was just browsing, and hoping to see some information on the game - and all i found was an advertisement for a youtube channel 

doesn't help anyone at all if they were interested in your game.( which i was ) So i checked it out and I have one ( well, two ) issues with it.

The jumping height is one fixed height, so you always do max jump - which makes the arduous platforming later on with the small 4x4 blocks a chore, falling off of them constantly. My controller somewhat worked, I just couldnt click to talk to the statues, or shoot the gun.

which brings me to the only other issue I had - if you manage to shoot the gun in a spot that has fixed " reflective" properties ( the ones you bounce the lasar off of to hit the suns ) the shots never disappear, and I checked the recording - the sound they were making when they bounce of a wall never goes away, not until you complete that particular level. ( world 3 was where this happened ) 

Not a deal breaker, but worth looking into ( perhaps put a timer on how long a lasar shot can stay on screen for? ) 

Anyways, not a bad lil game. I'm putting the recording into a much larger video with several " vaporwave" inspired games. ( probably won't be uploading it anytime soon, editing and all that stuff ) 


true story - i have never in my life advertised my channel on anything other than my own channel.self advertising is pretty scummy, and looked down upon by pretty much everybody that sees it.

You've seen ppl on youtube commenting on other ppl'smore successful channels to get advertising for their shitty ones

make good content, and people will check out your stuff. Use twitter, put yourself out there - just don't put yourself in OTHER people's venues trying to get a slice of the people going there.


nothing cooler than begging for subs on Itchio.

for crying out loud guy.

does twice the confusion mean im going to fall below twice as many maps as before?

and get stuick in twice as many walls? bc the collision detection was absolute rubbish in fish out of water ( 1 ) ? 

This looks simply breath-taking.

Sure, I'll bite.


So I fell through the map.

han I did it again.

and again,'

and again

\and again

..... not a feature, I'm sure.

if your game worked properly, perhaps I could actually play it, but after 10 minutes of getting up hill #1, and then sinking through the map into nothingness... yeah.

please fix your game's collision detection.

I'll be more than happy to provide video to show you .

Vinesauce is playing your game right now ^^

I actually used Joy2key so I could play with a controller. And I edited out the huge chunks of repeated failures.

loved it though, good style to it.


Here ya go ^^

were you able to complete it?

Good game, I have two major issues 

1) controller support native

2) checkpoints are either too close together, with no challenge between, or staggeringly far apart, like the next-to-last obstacle set. that one gauntlet leading into the boss room took me 45 minutes to complete ( with a smoke break in between to calm my nerves ) 

other than that, I like this. 

and even though this isn't representative of the final product ( i understand each level will be a different game genre) 

I am very familiar with " rage platformers " and for this to work, you're gonna need to also adjust oneminor thing - the timing

some obstacles are ridiculously set on a very very specific timing, that ; if you don't reach the area at EXACTLy the moment you need, the whole thing falls apart, or makes you wait for longer than you should.

also, why a timer, the more time you have makes the final boss harder. I don't undersand that final room, it's like you're punished for reaching the final room faster.

remove the timer aspect, and be more forgiving with checkpoints

 ( perhaps make each new room a checkpoint instead of those awkward flags? that would be perfect. ) 

editing this out wasa nightmare bc of the strange checkpoint system. ( for my youtube upload ) 

so yeah, quality of life improvement right there.

kinda complicated.

You'd first have to extract the .exe itself, and then use a method of extracting the data.win file, and repacking it sans-music.

I have trouble jumping over an enemy and than pressing attack and down, it always results in me just falling to the ground without doing anything.

The flashing thing is a helpful tip. I was going to suggest some sort of visual beat timer ( Ala Crypt of the Necrodancer ) 

Mainly because I'm deaf, so it's difficult for me to " get into the groove" once I lose my place ( the reason I figured out I was taking damage on seemingly nothing ) 

I can play COTN, ( albeit; not the best) So i figured this was something i could mess with as well.

I'll look for that flashing, that would help immensely.

I already watched your youtube video to see it in action, as well ^^b

Thanks for the reply!

Best off replacing the music. Even if the creator of the music is fine with you using it, the right's holders usually don't bother - and you'll get automatically content ID's on Youtube, or VOD muted on Twitch,

i have no idea the way this is supposed to be done correctly.

I read the page, tried it out a few times, but it seems random that I take "damage" when there;s nothing but lines and dots. Nothing else, so it seemed fine,

I assumed you use shield for those things that shoot at you, and the other move "attack" 

i dunno. A tutorial is sorely needed. 

XD hey as long as you don't mind ^^

I just saw all the things kinda seem like they were stolen ( like the bullets lol) 

your game is obviously better,lol ^^

Oh, take your time ^^ I love this game idea, i'll be happy to wait and help you find bugs and stuff too lol :3

Alrighty, i tired the new build, there is a major problem! Enemies respawn super-super fast, and the debris from them seems to be multiplied by 10! can't even progress past the tutorial to get past the red flying robots , as soon as I destroy one, it gets repleced immediately by another flying bot, and the debris is so numerous, it bogs the game down to about 4 fps in a matter of seconds @ _ @

oh, id love to check it out ^^ this game is fantastic^^

One other thing I noticed, at least on my lower-end pc : the breaking of blocks, and defeating of enemies leaves debirs behind, and the more you break/ kill, the slower the game runs. It is unplayable in the levels with water - the slowdown is so intense! 

This might just be bc i have a low end pc, but it is something worth looking into - maybe the debris shouldnt stay on screen? thanks

Created a new topic Clipping bugs ! lots!

Mostly this is when she is spinning like sonic, when coming off  a loop-de-loop, or when doing the lock on attack, or when coming off of a grind. she clips right through to the bottom of the screen,and you are perma locked under the map. 

it's happened already three times, and it's infuriating to keep falling through the level when spinning. 

other than that, it's pretty decent.

I feel like it wasn't playtested lol. I know it's alpha but I mean.. come on, your game is suggested to be purchased for money !

This looks way too much like Gonner,

like, infringement levels of similarity.

Created a new topic This game is amazing

Love it ^^ I made a small video for it -