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on that note, I'd like to add a number of games show up with incorrect tags,  like when you search erotic - plenty of the games there aren't NSFW in any way shape or form. This goes hand-in-hand with what I was saying earlier. There's a " system " but the devs are solely responsible for it, I don't see any enforcing on the moderation side of things.  

Maybe this is just me, but I'm kinda sick of seeing the top 40% + of all featured games being either Horror, or a Porn game. And on the porn game subject, most of these are essentially clickbaiting people into clicking by throwing a naked anime girl on the thumbnail.

There's no regulation, as far as I can see. Why is there a bunch of porn and eroge/hentai/erotic games/visual novels mixed in with real games? Is anyone at Itchio concerned little kids might see this crap, lol? I really think porn games should be sectored off into their own area, and NOT featured on the dang front page. Itchio is full of little kids, as evidenced by the alarming amount of terrible " horror " games infesting the featured lineup.

probably got shut down for failure to comply with their regulations. 

your 4th level is a bit ridiculous, you don't get enough time to even see what the pattern is - you instantly lose. Adding to the fact the previous 3 were slow and simple baby style rhythm... eh. kinda of a weird " balance " 

Oh.. one of " these " games. The pixel art looks alright, but I gotta level with you dude - the " switch dimensions " etc, mechanic is as worn out as my 3 year old sneakers. 

hey Sunscale, neat concept! I'll keep an eye on it while you further develop it, feels a bit empty as-is, and I understand this is just a proof of concept. Keep up the good work!

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reading your " Game journalist style " review "  made me cringe so hard, my eyes sucked into my SKULL, and popped out the back of my head.

why don't you self-advertising people ever talk liek REAL PEOPLE? eh?

" this game is neat, I liked the art and it's a cool concept " 

nah, let's cram in a bunch of ham-fisted craptastical puns to show how " cool " I am ! please.

Also I'd liek to add this is not a darn thing like COTN, unless you use the very basic qualifying factor of " you kill stuff to music beats " 

= _= ; 

I detest PayPal, especially since I am still dealing with a fraudulent credit account somebody put in my name like 7 years ago, and I literally have never used their service. Their customer service is pig-headed to a T, so I just ignore em now. They suck lol x3

but yeah i'll grab this on the weekend for sure, I love pixel art in 3D, pixel art is a dying form lol

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my post was negative how? I said your installer does nothing but freeze the location it's in.  I waited for 5 minutes, this is a PC that runs Metal Gear Rising at max settings 1080p 60 fps no problem. You're going to tell me your game has no issues?

I think it's more like - this person said a bad thing about my game, I better delete it instantly.

the regular person viewing this page isn't going to see the email I send you saying the same thing. If it ain't a huge issue, then why do you delete my post? haha.

it's almost like you're trying to hide something.

mind you I tried this on my gaming laptop in addition to my desktop. same result. just pretend I emailed this to you, instead of deleting it from public eye ^^b

I really don't want you to have my email address, I'm already sketched out by this " installer " 


wish there were easier ways to buy games here, lol.

So, because you started working on it and it took you 7 years to publish an RPG maker game ( kek ) that it's fine? x3

What if I told you the devs to Broken reality started working on their game about then? And it's not an RPG maker game, either.

I'm sure you're okay with the name, you might get a few people accidentally finding your game instead of the good one.

I'm not so sure the devs to that would be happy knowing your game shows up in search results, when they have a legit product they're trying to sell for their hard work, and you have... an RPG maker game.


an asset flipper with no coding skills whatsoever.

oh , you meant in-game. yeah, nobody would do that unless they had no skill in making games, so they just re-packaged the same assets and coding with different paint over and over again, that's worth 50 grand + , right?

DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME EITHER! It's... It's somehow worse than before.

I agree. It was pretty awful to begin with, nice Patreon buffer though.

wish I could make money for just existing, too ^^

you know, there's more than ONE andrew in the entire world, holy crap kid. 

and you're onew to talk, youre modding a crappy game that was already made, and whining somebody is " copying YOU!?" 

holy shit. this takes the cake. stick to fortnite and pokemon go.

this is a garbage rpg maker asset flip fest, change your game name. 

This is just a place for the alpha, buy it on steam if you want the full game + support =p

I still expect your yearly Youtube upload, though~

well, found what im gonna play for april fool's haha. 

good stuff.

why does the guy in the thumbnail look like Ted Cruz?

Ah okay, just wanted to let you knwo about it, in case there was an error on Steam's side

Your demo page on Steam doesn't exist, it says Little Witch Nobeta demoDemo and the page never loads up, sends you back to the steam store home page

I found you :) 

you cheeky so-and-so ;)

I love your games :3 was an instant play for me when it popped up in my feed ^^v

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somebody likes MSDOS aesthetic ;'3

its okay, i do too

hmm, is there no way past the day 5 " something is here " ?

looksmore to be animal crossing if you ask me.

well, you got my support.  Or, I would say that - but your kickstarter is already closed up. shame

Just wanted to point out a few issues 1. you can still move during loading screens, doing this during a boiss battle can allow you to leave the fight,m the door reamins open, and if you hide in the doorway, the boss can glitch through the walls and be lost forever.

2. The Destroyer weapon is TOO SLOW and doesn't deal nearly enough damage to warrant the terrible firing rate, in addition to iut DEALING DAMAGE TO YOU.  It's literally the worst weapon. 

3. The coins required to enter a slot door need to be lowered, 5 coins a pull is too much considering you can do it upwards of 5 times, and sometimes you just get a chest with nothing in it. Not cool.

4. There's far too many objects you auto pickup,  and some require you to hit RB to pick them up. Why not have EVERY item pickup with RB? Sometimes I wanna see what the items are before I decide. 

5. Other than these issue, game is pretty good. Work on the loading screens, you cvan see your character in the previous area when moving to a new level, and during a boss fight this can cause a softlock issue.

6. " Press A to quit to desktop ( with controller ) WHY!? A is the ACCEPT button for MANY games, liek 5 times I've hit A to enter the game, and it closes. Please change that to something less likely to be hit? IOt's also B in the main pause screen, imagine getting to the end, and hittin B to exit the pause menu ( as most games do ) and it quits you to desktop.

7. retry in the option - needed.


yes. all of this.

Someday Oney and Zach will play this

lemme know when you can use a gamepad, and i'll bite

P.uniT.y was DMCA'd by Konami

Sounds like you never knew it existed till I said something.

And it was complete, right up to the ending cutscene.


Enjoy the demo of a game that will never exist.

and P.uniT.y was a full recreation of PT, that's exactly why it got shut down.


stop replying.

you're not familiar with the term - hyperbole - in which, a person uses an over-exaggerated analogy to drive a point home.

have a nice day.

^ got shut down by Konami.

anyways, you get the picture.

by remake, im including every single unoriginal person that too PT and tried to REMAKE IT.

do you not understand what REMAKE means?

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if by not like the other 40 remakes, you mean it's not an exact clone ( or as close to ) the playable teaser on the ps store...then what is it?

bc that's what every single other person did.

PT but in UNITY


PT recreated in VR

PT recreated as faithfully as possible!

^ this is literally what every single one of these clones tries to do, of what you're saying is THIS game is somehow NOT a copy of P.T, then why does it exist?

insta buy ;3