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The sprites look fantastic!

SOrry about the financial stuff - Kickstarter might be a good path, if you don't feel comfortable with a monthly Patreon goal to reach.

I wish you luck whatever you decide!

why did you necro a 2 year old post

All seems pretty good, the highlighting might be helpful to players as an option ( maybe default it to on ) I remember hwo many people got stuck with the very first powerup :3

did I just stumble onto this while looking for the original " e3 leak " ?

ARNF controls pretty much liek super metroid on SNES. right down to the stiffness in moving and juming.

your game is a pleasure to control ;D

no joke, i loved it. I told a ton of people to watch this game based on the time i spent with the demo. It is actually a pretty amazing thing you have here, the graphical presentaiton is impressive, it stands out more than just pixels would, reminds me of MegaSphere on Steam.

just keep onkeepin on ^^ 

I read every one of these :)

what sets you apart is you care ^^ 

care enough to check the small stuff, to add that QoL that makes a game worth it.

and your controls were fine months ago =p ever played A arobot named fight? THAt has janky controls, and I love it as well.

game in 2020 with your standard Robotron control scheme, and they didn't add mouse control ;3

Stuff like that? >w < 

you are more devoted with even small changes, quality of life, and balancing, etc - than I see most devs with games already released on Steam for money.

another week of considerable work! Keep it up :)

I see a lot of organic enemies, and a lot of electrical hazards. Maybe it would be neat to have lifeforms that are part of each? Kinda like the chimeras in Mother 3

I commented on Steam as well ( i was sent a key ) I bought the game on itchio before then, though.

anywaysd, the resolution is all messed up, most of the screen is cutoff, and I can't adjust it

I've seen this happen more and more, but it's not a bad thing.

You learn as a developer by workin on passion projects - even if the game never finishes, or comes out - that's not the point. The point is you flexed your muscle, tried out new ideas, and learned from it. When it stops being enjoyable to work on, there's no reason to trudge on - nobody will like the end product; especially not the creator.

What I liek to do when I'm feeling burn out, is just take a short siesta, and then come back to th stuff I was working on with a fresh slate, clean brain - no clutter.

Sometimes, the new perspective sheds light on things I took for granted.

sorry for the text wall, hope you got what you needed out of th game creation phase! Good luck in your future endeavors

cheers ~

i read every report ^^b it's interesting

man I keep seeing these updates, buy I just wanna get lost in your game x3

lookin good, keep being a dork - it works for you

when is all that content you've been showing on tumblr going to make it here? I keep thinkin gthe game is abandoned since our last update was 7 months ago 

the reason you find the helmet is bc you need to breathe when you leave ^^b Also, it serves as your HUD. 

I'll answer your question as soon as you answer mine : 

whatever happened to Robot Jones? 


It's amazing seeing this on popular releases, this game is like 5 years old at least

why is this on Itchio? Are you asking Big Daddy Nintendo to shut this down? You know how it's gonna end, dude. 

You should keep stuff like this OFF OFF popularized sites.

I'll get your tombstone ready for the inevitable, godspeed.

( I'll download it now before nintendo drops the nukes ) 

(1 edit)

having to make a diagram to explain port and starboard,  aft and fore is hilarious. also lol FAPS. 

good stuff, gonna enjoy this later on :)

Absolutely adorable ╰(˵ヘωヘ✿)╯

alright, this game is utterly fantastic. Keep up the good work!

I hate RPGS normally. You have captured my eye. trying this out rn.

een waiting for the newer demo, now I can enjoy this masterpizza


your game looks fine, but I have a question.

When has there ever been an RPG that wasn't " story-driven"?

I wish you didn't lie about ripping the sprites, you absolutewly 100% ripped these sprites. If you made them yourself, there'd be more than a single enemy. Sure, you edited in sex scenes, but the rest are 1:1 with the in game sprites, I know bc i checked it. literally the same shit. 

don't be dishonest, jeez

dude, not trying to get techincal here. it's a commodore styled game. that's fine. 

hey, was wondering why you censored your screenshot, but the background image to your game on the webpage isntt? lol

psychic master?

so the creator is insane? cool.

you could omit spaces! but then it would be harder to read.

nice game, btw ^ - ^

i don't think your title is long enough

it says it right there, dude. You're in SPACE.

what do i win

methinks somebody played the grey garden

couldnt get anyone to buy your third version of this asset flip on steam, eh?

ah^^ okay :) Well, I wanted ot let you know Imma scoop up both of em for the suggested price. C64 games that are quality is rare, and I dig what you're doing. 

why is this free when pet rescue is not? Just curious.

Pet rescue looks great, so I figured I'd give it a whirl.