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what if you  bought chapters 1 and 2? you still gotta buy all 3 again lol?

not one anyone with a brain would pay, but sure!

a price nonetheless

crt is cathode ray tube television. 

it used an RBG pattern to display colors ( we use pixels now ) 

and often produces chromatic aberration ( When the Red, green, and blue patterns get displaced, causing them to bleed. 

the game is a bit too dark in color, and I'd also add that the last message flashing green and white so rapidly warrants an epilepsy warning.

why is English supported here, and you can't buy - bt on steam you only support Chinese languag lol?

also, nice fake review from MOON GAMEandDONT AT 

Majora's Mask Dawn Of The Third Day Simulator

a lot of text to just say " it's a sonic 3 hack " 

lol. dude, you diudn't reinvent the wheel, you can't replicate sonic 3d blast in 2d - they are two totally diffeent styles of games ( for instance, you can barely jump in Sonic 3D blast, as it's an isometric puzzle game akin to captain toad, not speed, bopping enemies and bosses ) 

not bad but I have two issues, onew more important than the other.

first and foremost - your note charts aren't up to snuff. 

they're not on beat ( I only played leik 3 songs before giving up ) 

they are mostly on beat? but then they deteriorate into just pressing the buttons when they appear , and no longer to a rhythm or beat.

the second issue is more cosmetic - half the fun is seeing the funny dances - but you can't bc your eyes are glued ot th eleft half of the screen.

So much liek DDR, DJ MAX RESPECT and others ; I suggest you move the playing field to the center, and add opacity options for the bg of the track itself, or double up the visuals - keep your character dancing to your inpouts on the right, but add something to the left - maybe chainsaw man doin his thing - I feel he don't get enough love in this. 

I understand this is hardly even a full sort of game deal, but It's cute enough, and you put effort enough in so far, thes are just quality Of life things. 

But the note charts need some serious re-tooling

I feel like this was made intentionally to spite me. 

why would oyu put something like this on the internet?

for fun?

for laughs?

so it's just poor man's muse dash?

why not just get these hololive avatrs into muse dash

ahahaha. I love when ppl jump the gun on politcal games, only to have history play out differently. 

kinda liek when souith park was certian HIllary won, and made an episode ahead of time - then had to change it bc they were wrong/. 

gotta love games as a politcal platform

you give love, a bad name





( ̄y▽ ̄)╭ Ohohoho.....

so no reply on nonagon infinity eh?

guess I unfollow and blacklist milkbarlads. some transparency would be nice, I assume you got a cease and desist, but this doesn't change the fact you could've told ppl.

I still have ppl commenting on my old video for that game asking where it is, where to download, and why they can't find it. 

I'm not the devs, it's a bit unfair for me to field these questions.

Noticed my first post was nuked, so I can see you are just avoiding the subject.

True integrity.

oh nice ^^ I love game jams, makes ppl think outside of normal game conventions\

ill be sure to check it out!

intriguing! what's the game jam you're entering?

this is a compliment. 

:3 anytime! i love seeing these in my notifications :)

looks good, the kick with the long wind up seems a bit too over-exagerrated, maybe have the leg reach up behind her 45 degree angle max, and perhpas 45-70 degree angle for finsish, I just see it right now and think of charlie brown kickin that football, haha. 

looks great, i don't see artifacting, or junk pixels, very clean.

just seems herkick isa  bit too much .


delicious mini logs :3

Looking very sporty, the older sprites made her a bit.. Top heavy

this looks fantastic, sells her agility well.

i think you could work out a nice patreon, actually.

you could have tippers gain advanced access to updates, or beta material, whatever's on your plate that you need direct input on ( like these sprites, for instance ) 

you could have a regualr build here on itchio, and a " nightly " build for patroen users only, that's how the porn game devs do it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The sprites look fantastic!

SOrry about the financial stuff - Kickstarter might be a good path, if you don't feel comfortable with a monthly Patreon goal to reach.

I wish you luck whatever you decide!

why did you necro a 2 year old post