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Took me almost thirty minutes to beat it, but it was pretty enjoyable. The building totally reminded me of fortnite, whether or not that was intentional. I was kind of hyping it'd be as aesthetic as the icon suggested, but the simple stylized graphics were kind of nice. I did enjoy the ambiance too although it didn't loop too well.

Very cool game! The graphics were amazing and had me thinking by the end! Good job.

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I never made it out to be something that serious, we never did imply that this person is doing something terrible, I just said it comes off as self-centered even if the little offhand comment didn’t bother us that much. To be fair, you do have a point, and we probably shouldn’t have taken a side. But for YouTube videos,  we personally just feel the video should speak for itself. There’s many opportunities to ask for a subscription inside the video. That’s it. We weren’t even that bothered by it, really.  We also  weren’t agreeing with one specific person, just saying our thoughts on the situation. Sorry if our response didn’t come out the best, we’ve never really handled a situation like this before and our intention wasn’t to be rude.

It would be nice if there was a way to reset a puzzle. If a block falls off the map, the only thing you can do is restart the game.

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Thank you! We will look into these issues, with jump height as well as adding controller inputs for shooting and accepting dialogue (the game wasn't programmed with controllers in mind). With reflection, it does actually have a timer that kills the laser, however when it reflects it resets the timer, which causes the issue. Because we're relatively new to Unity, we couldn't figure this one out in time for the GameJam and we apologize.  We will do these fixes after the GameJam rating period has ended.

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You can also use the arrow keys! If that's not your style, in the Config menu before starting the game, you can change the game's inputs! So really, the feature is already there.