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It's been a few days but I have enough new stuff to now present to the class :P

I spent some time trying out a few UIs, some inspired by Fallout 3, some by Fallout 4. I ended up liking the one that was the least "fallout-ey", but takes up the least amount of space on each screen edge.

I set up an AP system for when the player moves, attacks, or shoots. Melee combat also does a little damage to the enemy body parts (Which when destroyed completely will cause status effects). I applied the smooth camera to the player movement, but it looks pretty bad in gif form. I swear it looks nice in game!

Next up is the inventory and ranged weapon attacks.


Neat :)
Have you tried smooth character movement? Some kind of tweening? I wonder how it would look.

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Good idea, there are so many types of tweening to choose from.

I dug up a cool gif I saw on Twitter last month. Maybe others will find this helpful.


Yeah I thought you could try sth like 3rd in bottom row.
I've also seen this a few days ago.

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Okay, so I tried a few, but tweening between 16 pixels in a pixel perfect way is pretty challenging.

I ended up setting up an array for the values to move by. So in the case of Easy Ease, the distance moved per frame is this: [ 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4] While Easy Ease Out is more like: [1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 2, 1]

I guess best to have him slow down at the end of movement so controls feel responsive.
Great work, are you planning to add some story?

Yeah, I have a plan for one scene with some dialog, but it would be minimal.


I like Easy Ease, because it brings a sort of impact to each step that I think works well in your genre.


Really really helpful reference gif for arty types and code monkeys alike.