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Mostly been writing dialogue trees lately, but today I did get in some animation time to make a tiny (glitchy) version of our logo and get our player moving in the 4 cardinal directions we all know and love:

The glitching might not fit with the aesthetic of this particular game, but I think it's cool so whatevs. The running animation needs... somehing. I don't know. I really don't want to make it bigger and make traversal feel claustrophobic, but I can't get the smoothness I want with so few pixels.

And here's a quick quick slide-through of all the characters, breaking pixels and gettin' dizzy!

I think it's only the left and right animations that are weird. The up and down are really good looking, certainly better than what I could do at such a tiny scale.

The problem might just be the legs imo

I agree with Baku, I suggest trying some brighter or more distinct pixels on the feet to get complexity in the animation without adding more pixels. Was reading this article just yesterday, if it helps.

i'm loving all the portraits! :>