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added it to the game page! also:

!!yo!! thnx for playin', glad you came around on the controls :P ! sry the game's a bit buggy atm, we're workin' on a post-jam update that should fix som of that stuff right up

Looking forward to seeing the new version!!

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And I'll go ahead and start with the first day's work on our team's project- actually a DEmake of our first game (made all the way back in high school). kinda funny to be doing a remake that's actually lower resolution and fewer colours, but it's added fun to work with some extra limitations, and (hopefully) it'll be a more solid gameplay experience!

Here's what the original game looked like:

And here's the early version of how the remake's gonna look (Zelda HUD is placeholder :P) and a few iterations of the player sprite:

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else creates!

Hey, just figured I'd start a thread for people who want to post updates or screenshots of their projects as the jam progresses. This is gonna be a fun and nostalgic week!! Good luck everybody!

this is stunning!

Thanks!! Took a while to get it nice and crunchy, but since the game primarily revolves around getting and giving gifts, we needed it to be satisfying.

Didn't have a lot of time today, but I made a couple UI things: the whole startup sequence and an animation for when you get a reward for completing a quest. Plus, we finally have a name!! Taṇhā is a Buddhist term for thirst, craving, or desire- perfect for a game about monks breaking their sacred vows to get with each other!! :P

Looks gorgeous!! To what extent is it non-interactive though? More on the Tamagotchi side of things, or more along the lines of Mountain?

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Still can't give gameplay screenshots (I promise we have a programmer working hard, the game's just not in a functionally sharable state at the moment), but here's a sample of what the map is lookin' like. I think I may be spending way too much time on this project, but meh. WHO NEEDS TO STUDY FOR FINALS?? Not me!

And I promise this is the last time I'll upload these character portraits, but I've done some additional shading and colour correction and made the outlines coloured instead of solid black and they're completely finished now so yay! (The stripes on some of the characters looks weird in .png form, but they a lot better in-game.)

The game's looking great, but do you think there might be a few too many stars? It comes off a little cluttered imho

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Mostly been writing dialogue trees lately, but today I did get in some animation time to make a tiny (glitchy) version of our logo and get our player moving in the 4 cardinal directions we all know and love:

The glitching might not fit with the aesthetic of this particular game, but I think it's cool so whatevs. The running animation needs... somehing. I don't know. I really don't want to make it bigger and make traversal feel claustrophobic, but I can't get the smoothness I want with so few pixels.

And here's a quick quick slide-through of all the characters, breaking pixels and gettin' dizzy!

I was doing similar animations today, but yours look super smooth! I'm impressed! Big improvement (and I, for one, like the intense shadow)

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not a screenshot, but character art is coming along

EDIT: Fixed the green skin and added more characters

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Haven't created an entry yet as we're still coming up with a title, but here's a couple preliminary mock-ups of what will become an exploration-based monk dating sim.

p.s. The white border looks a little funny recurring and against white background but eh

This looks awesome! Can't wait to see how it develops!!