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This is a free country with a freedom of speech so I will criticize whatever project I want, if I want to do so. I didn't ask either for your opinion or for your criticism of my opinion but here you are. I think the sprites in this game look a bit messy(believe me, if artists try harder, their art can look better) and the faces of some guys look strange. If the creator's intent was to make Dulie look bizarre - she did a great job. I know that this game is for free but I was expecting that at least the romance would be more interesting. I sincerely hope that if the creator continues to work in this field, her next games will be better. And I anyway wish this project to be successful.
And yeah, I couldn't care less whether my tone is bothering you or no. Have a good day <3

Please, everyone, let's not start a comment war here. I think all that had to be said has been said, and the author has read it. Let's leave it at that and move on (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

free country doesn't give you an excuse to be an asshole but yeah have a good day <3

I see that you got butthurt by my comments but next time try not to stoop to name-calling and personal insults. It will help you to look less vulnerable and insulted ;)

I guess thats what happens when you live in a free country. People get to have opinions of your opinion, whether you ask for it or not. They don't need your permission.

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"if artists try harder, their art can look better"

If a human tries harder, their grammar could be better, yet you still chose to type this garbage comment and grammar. Free speech does not mean freedom of consequences. Art is art, there's no better or worse. You prefer a different art style than what is portrayed here, but the art is by no means bad. I love this art style over the typical Japanese visual novel style. The proportions are accurate, anything past that is subjective. You clearly don't know anything about art if you can't grasp that simple concept, and clearly shouldn't be judging anyone else with such lack of knowledge. Based on your choice of words, you're clearly under the age of 18 and lack maturity. Learn to understand the difference between personal preference and bad quality. I hope someone tears down something you worked hard on as well. Perhaps someone already did if you have to make rude comments online to maintain any sort of sense of control and power in your life. You're clearly not getting enough of it in your own day-to-day, pubescent life. Grow up.

P.S: You're the only POS who didn't enjoy the art. You're alone with your false and sh*tty "criticism."