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free country doesn't give you an excuse to be an asshole but yeah have a good day <3

i understand you're sharing your thoughts but this criticism doesn't seem constructive in the least as these are things that effect you personally; the creator cannot help how her own artstyle looks and seems more to be your own personal preferences into play, a lot of the people did enjoy the artwork and Duliae was one of my favourite romance paths, if you didn't like the romantic paths and art that's fair enough but I don't see why you felt the need to criticise a game that a creator has spent so much time on giving to us to play for free, it's not as if you have spent any money on a product. 

Don't mean to start any arguments but the tone of the comment bothered me and seemed entitled and as someone has been waiting over a year and seeing how hard the creator was working I couldn't help but speak up.

I really did love this game and I couldn't help but feel a sorrow whatever ending I got because of how beautifully tragic it is. I really love the music for the main menu too and I'm wondering if you'd ever do a soundtrack download?

Thats fair enough! We're all very grateful for your hardwork. Take all the time you need :)

Do you have any set day on May yet? Love this game and thank you for all your hardwork :) <3