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I see that you got butthurt by my comments but next time try not to stoop to name-calling and personal insults. It will help you to look less vulnerable and insulted ;)

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This is a free country with a freedom of speech so I will criticize whatever project I want, if I want to do so. I didn't ask either for your opinion or for your criticism of my opinion but here you are. I think the sprites in this game look a bit messy(believe me, if artists try harder, their art can look better) and the faces of some guys look strange. If the creator's intent was to make Dulie look bizarre - she did a great job. I know that this game is for free but I was expecting that at least the romance would be more interesting. I sincerely hope that if the creator continues to work in this field, her next games will be better. And I anyway wish this project to be successful.
And yeah, I couldn't care less whether my tone is bothering you or no. Have a good day <3

I'm sorry if I sounded a bit too hursh. I hope that your project will anyway have success. 

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The game doesn't look bad but the sprites were drawn a bit carelessly - most of the characters look strange. Especially Dulie - he looks like a freak or a victim of bad plastic surgery.

I also was a bit disappointed with the romance in the game - it didn't stir up almost any feelings in me.

I undestand that this game is free to play but the creator could work a bit more on the quality of sprites and the romantic part of the game.

When will you finish this game? I haven't seen updates for a very long time...