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Fan of Seduce Me the Otome's Erik? Snuggle with him!
A Tutorial on Drawing Mandalas
View your desktop through a CRT sim!
A simple digital instrument comprised of five tunable strings.
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A(n unofficial) tutorial on how to use LayeredImages
A procedural character generator...
A cute town and a cute bunny boy, leaveing behind his calm life for something more.
I was playing around with quartz composer and made this (OS X) screensaver.
10 manifestos for groups of no people
A small random character generator made in a day.
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Do you remember everything you played in 2017? I sure do.
Requires the Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
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Windows Explorer Thumbnailer
Pack of phone wallpapers featuring cover art for Morph Club Cast episodes 1-24!
This piece of software runs a Swiss Tournament for up to 20 people
exciting themes for custom CSS enabled profile pages
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A collection of art, doodles, sketches, concept work, and more!
3D fractals exploration game
A pixel commute visualiser (also known as a screensaver)
Two condensed novels telling parallel stories of language and remembrance
PICO-8 in 140 characters or less
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Interview Simulation Software for MOLOCH Corporation
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