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2,233 results

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Fan of Seduce Me the Otome's Erik? Snuggle with him!
EDG Theme for Aseprite
Do you remember everything you played in 2017? I sure do.
a collection of rhys/vaughn art
A collection of art, doodles, sketches, concept work, and more!
45 experimental Pico-8 tiny programs
A little program, or toy, that creates spooky headshots of you using your webcam.
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I was playing around with quartz composer and made this (OS X) screensaver.
Help me! My name is Igor and I am trapped in this itch page!! Oh god! Can anyone hear me? HELP, please!
A small random character generator made in a day.
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altgames and digital garbage zine
This is my Character Design heart & passion. Pay it forward. Please share the the itch.io link! ❤
It's mostly old!
PICO-8 in 140 characters or less
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Generate little colourful planets and their dedicated proverbs
Not a game. Actually a real time machine.
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A Visual Instrument
an indie games and art party - paris, october 30th
A book for beginners.
A template for Tabletop Wargaming Terrain
A(n unofficial) tutorial on how to use LayeredImages
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