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cute and customisable lineart
22 Major Arcana-inspired artworks
Illustrations, sketches, pixel art, concept art, windows icons, and promotional art collected over development.
A Tutorial on Drawing Mandalas
Take a look! Ashworks.co Sketchbook for 2016
025GERU Sketchbook ♥ 61 pages full of traditional art.
An artbook of Inktober pieces from October 2015.
Colouring pages created from the game.
Collection of sketches and paintings from Jan-Apr 2017
Pack of phone wallpapers featuring cover art for Morph Club Cast episodes 1-24!
Stencyl project files to create a Simon Says minigame
Nine (9) fancy designs to print and color!
cute and customisable lineart
A collection of assets, projects and tools to celebrate a road to better times.
A comprehensive body of games worked on by the author, regardless of state, with narration
Bonus Content for Date (Almost) Anything Sim
A one-page apocalyptic RPG with ABDL and transformation themes
The trope-y, gay romcom where you need to score yourself a fake girlfriend in 2 days!
The soothing audiovisual rain simulator is back!
Play 112 sounds from over 50 different animals.
Eggware.XYZ-themed Valentine's Day e-cards.
The Best way to store your movies
Slender Cookie
Miasma Sky Pill is a PDF booklet filled with 22 drawings I did while in an altered state (read: edibles)
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