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A GameMaker Studio 2 project & tutorial sereis
Download all of Pedro's pixel art tutorials at once! We'll update the file as more tutorials come out
Extracurricular Activities is a furry visual novel where the player is trying to date members of his tennis team.
A tube-style map of Britain's ancient Roman road network
An artbook about bunny people looking cute and having fun.
Simulating Elon's Roadster and Starman in space!
Bonus audio short stories!
A template for Tabletop Wargaming Terrain
Windows Explorer Thumbnailer
A sprite-like plugin that casts shadows from other objects
a collection of rhys/vaughn art
Saving System for the Ultimate Survival asset in Unity
Fan of Seduce Me the Otome's Sam? Snuggle with him!
Learn how to create the BYTEPATH game from scratch using Lua/LÖVE
Fan Pack Dedicated to Seduce Me the Otome!
Fan Pack Dedicated to Seduce Me 2: The Demon War!
A template of how to connect Construct 2 with Facebook and Firebase
Roman roads map, transit-style
A dive into how the field of comics lies about its own work, and defends bigots, harassers, and more.
A Tutorial on Drawing Mandalas
Fractalicious Desktop Wallpapers
Do you remember everything you played in 2017? I sure do.
PRINT-AND-PLAY | No, seriously, it's not a game.
A incomplete, and uncomprehensive, and intermittenly personal look over the history of Furry since 1978.
A history of comics' many market problems, how they tie into our current comics situation, and how to, maybe, fix it.
an indie games and art party - paris, october 30th
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