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Something out of the ordinary, or peculiar. Often far beyond one's imagination.

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8 DOMES; 100 MONSTERS; 1 BOOK: a Pixel Monster spotter's guide
An article about a fake player of a fake sport
All games are a means to a punchline🍋
An abstract 5D infinite digital painting
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My cover art was "Cycle", so i made something about a part of a cycle.
A counterfunctional game essay
Alien Plant Generator
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A digital poem about hibernating during the winter.
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Generative art gameloop
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Communicating the difficulty in comunicating. Nonsense generator.
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Just a small fish particle
A meaningless theological essay on Super Hexagon (2012)
Espace virtuel visitable
Interactive Strange Art
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Folder II out now!
Possibly cursed. I dunno.
Send messages to spirit board on mobile device through your PC!
a somewhat disorienting experience