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A 3D version of the XKCD comic 'Money' (
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A meditative web experience created in Unity.
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it's like windows media player but instead of the tardis protal thing you have dancing furniture
visual fun screen saver.
A small interactive tool to pan and zoom into the Mandelbrot and Julia Set fractals.
Visualise any sound playing from your computer!
Open Your Eyes to the Beauty of Music
Real-Time Visualiser
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Visualize knight jump distances on a chessboard.
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an interactive drawing about bodies and abuse
This is just a test! sorry if you were expecting more :/
Particle collision visualization
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The set of points equi-distant from two points (or not)
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Some thoughts on the shapes of game architecture
Combining boid particle systems and the evolution game 'Spore'
Little visualization on elements animated by the music.
Just a small visualizer made for a game jam.
xmas greeting displaying some trees, santa, a train and a snowmans
A non denominational meditation space created in Unity.
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A simple matrix factorization interactive visualisation
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