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a pdf to visually enrich your understanding of the book of paths
five bytebeat compositions generated in real-time by your computer
Orbital transfer timetables for commuters in the TRAPPIST-1 star system
A mesmerizing Sierpinski simluation!
Interactive mathematical analysis of a solitaire card game [SoME2]
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EBOB ile EKOK Hesaplama aracı.
It real time simulates a Mandelbrot fractal, a mathematical phenomena.
A small interactive tool to pan and zoom into the Mandelbrot and Julia Set fractals.
Create cool-ish meshes and networks really fast
Dictate the variables of your system and see it react. PID Controller of the common ball on a hinged platform system.
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Real Time Cellular Automata
Math Apocalypse is a mathematical game with a simple story.
Theta Function
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Cuestionario, de diferentes temáticas: arte, matemáticas, literatura y biología. Tienes 3 vidas.
Zen math with plants
Sierpinski triangle and other multidimensional figures.
10 soruluk kısa test yapma aracı
A Galton Board app for a Looking Glass Portrait holographic display
PICO-8 cosine and sine
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Scale visualizing equations and/or negative numbers.
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Yet Another Mandelbrot Viewer
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The set of points equi-distant from two points (or not)
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This tutorial on solving Chemistry problems is a FREE Window's program.
A Pascal's Triangle program for the ZX Spectrum Next
Randomly generated image
Dragon curve online
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Bezier curves. Quadratic and cubic visualization.
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A thing to make cool-ish networks and meshes really fast
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Un simulador sobre la ecuacion de la parabola.
Simulate boxes and count collisions to calculate the digits of π.
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