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Two edited AI-generated Skins for Monsterhearts 2
The Worm AI - Machine Learning
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Watch 2 AI battle it out for control over a procedurally generated solar system.
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A basic AI companion
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Intelligence artificielle qui saura vous porter compagnie
Neural network flappy bird
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FREE! Premium AI-generated Car Wallpapers & Posters.
Two AIs fight to hack eachother.
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An experimental AI Toy that simulates a game of Werewolf in a quaint village
A* vs. ANN pathfinding
How OpenAI should manage chatGPT-6 responsibly and ensure technological advancement
Download page for Z Vocal Project Dunder
A short zine about AI and the Toilet.
Small pack of wallpapers generated with artificial intelligence
An AI Simulation showing off a GOAP and A* Pathfinding system!
a very powerful limitless ai, use with care
AI Waypoint Following of Balls with Different Speeds
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Demonstration of an AI genetic algorithm
Little office terrarium with AI (Not interactive)
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AI project for school. You cant play, just watch
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For when you're super bored and just wanna see some bots say any old thing.
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Solver algorithm
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Reto: Advanced AI - Flee/Cover Challenge: C++/Blueprints
The dumbest chatbot known to man.
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New Beginnings Set of Avatar Korra Backgrounds
3 player RPG about the fractured mind of an AI
A convolutional neural network that classifies images into 10 categories
Work and Rest Timer with Voice Assistant
First rock-based social media in Australia
Little office terrarium with AI (Not interactive)
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