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Submitted by whitevault (@white_vault) — 12 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#1762.9403.143

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
Collect friends while voyaging in and out of the lake.

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You worked alone

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We have answered all submission questions honestly and completely

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Clearly I should stick to the day job, as I’m no good at fishing :D. Great little game, love the art style and aesthetic to no surprise.

Did get a bit buggy after a few fishing trips where it would start telling me about a catch the moment I fished instead of at the end (possibly showing for the fish before since I had one that didn’t seem to trigger). But besides that it worked great. I even tried to fish up the mimes and cowboys but they were having non of it XD

Nice job Vault.


I wanted to play this game really bad. I did. I can't get this to work. I even tried downloading the visual studio stuff and couldn't get it to work. It would pop up with the pixel studio logo and then immediately crash. I'm attaching my video just so you can see what it looks like and maybe help with a solution? I'm so sad, I think I would have loved this game.


That is so weird? Ok. Thank you for being this to my attention I’m hoping to port this over to c3. Darn, no idea why this has happened. 


Really like this little game! Amazing art, nice and calm music. Overall fun and relaxing game.

Found all fishies!


Awww yeah!!! Did you find the 10 ;) and enjoy the good ending 


I did! :)


Fun game. Didn't quite understand what the bathers were doing, but their color changes sometimes made ir hard to identify if bombs were about to explode or not. I almost got all nine! Cute creature designs and art. Well done.

Please check out my game if you feel like it!


Thank you so much for take the time to try my game :)


Fun game. It was nice fishing. But I didn't find the 9th spices :( . I might try another time.
Well done.


Aye, The lake is a twisted mistress.  Keeping Mystery 10th  creature from most. 

lol that said! Thank you for trying my game!


Love the game! I have an entire new collection of boots :)


the only was to get new boots!!!