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Rogue/Wolf 3D Mashup
Submitted by never_k (@_never_k) — 1 hour, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Neat 3D use of text. Would have benefited from some audio feedback so I knew when I was hitting enemies. Also, some indicator of their health level maybe would have prompted me to be more strategic as oppose to mashing buttons until everything dies.


I really like the look and love that you went for a 3D environment. The UI was very unclear and I wasn't sure if I getting hurt or hurting at many points. I was able to clear the main room but would die (game freeze) pretty quickly when engaging the Ds lol (I assume dragon). Again the look and feel is great, with some music/sfx and more clarity this could be really fun. 


Interesting 3D environment! Was a bit confusing though. So many items, and I didn't understand what each element in the UI meant... I suppose the @ was my character's avatar, 19 was my health, $ was money and the line next to it meant I have no money? The right side was each weapons ammo or...? I also wasn't sure when I was damaging my enemies. Also took me a while to realize I could walk through the turquoise 'O's, but they do look like portals in retrospect. The game froze when a big D came at me. It might have been because it killed me in one hit, or because of a bug, I'm not sure. Still, there is potential here! The 3D ASCII thing works. Just needs a bit more clarity for the player.


Ok, that's overwhelming at the start. Lots of options, lots of unknown UI elements. I think I sort of know what I'm doing. But not 100% sure.

I think it just hangs when you die? At least, It suddenly seems to hang at some point... a bit confusing.

But overall, it's not bad at all. Might have focused a bit more on explaining a few things and less on the many different items that you can use.

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, looks like there's a few bugs.

Re. being overwhelmed, I was going for an in-media-res kind of thing. There's maybe ~5-10 minutes of gameplay total. Might as well jump right in.