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resources & references

A topic by angela-quidam created Nov 04, 2019 Views: 104 Replies: 1
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here is a place to leave your references, your recommended games to look at, your favorites tools and mechanics, your questions... ☺ Please share what you want below, complete this list of resources

resources & references

on Solo RPG resources (see first "Getting Started With Solo Role-Playing" if you're new)

on the SGAM website:

on reddit: r/Solo_Roleplaying : Resources

on The Hermit Club: a list of all solo ttrpg and larp on 

for ideas and inspiration

other ttrpg challenges with which you can make a double participation: Correspondence Jam (epistolary), Ad Astra Jam (space & feelings), Jammi Jam Jam (healing, feel-good, decolonization), Hell Yeah Poetry Jam (poetic works)

regular mechanics: writing (daily) diary, tables, questions or prompts, choices, drawing cards (standard/tarot...), rolling story cubes or drawing illustrated cards

need some more inspiration? you can use a generator tool or do a writing exercise maybe


Discord: Lone Wolf Roleplaying

Reddit: r/Solo_Roleplaying


Hmm, is a wonderful rabbit hole of fun stuff.

Here's the MeWe link for LoneWolf if you prefer a more G+/group environment.