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Hello! I'm Maria and they say you need to work to put your dream come true.

So as per the law that jams talked about need to exists  this is the Jammi JamJam where we hack Jammi's AKA's games

Some themes hosts do recommend:

1. A Ritual/Game/LARP For Healing 

Eg. SOLO Tea w/ Demons - talk to your demons, The Mermaid Spell - summon wrath of mermaids to swallow an old version of you into the sea, Six Sided Memory - enchant a dice with a memory of loss. etc. 

Eg. NON-SOLO is interim  

2. Emotions take the Lead

eg. My Shadowed Heart - giving away your memories to an old flame, Become One - Emotions of a Mech try to find each other, Take My Revolution - Emotional Sword Fighting in Purgatory

3. Local Myths and/or DecOloNizAtIiOn~

eg. Their Love Destroyed This Land - archetypal story of how lovers destroy something larger with good intentions , Stories of Love in Manila - playbooks that reinterpret the soul of local filipino myths, We Forest Three - a dark souls semi-hard to finish filipino-inspired horror story. (submit this with #hilagyojam if you're pinoy while you're at it!) This is actually surprisingly easier than it seems. Each myth that has survived has morphed and changed with the histories of the times (eg: ah local religions bad must burn brujas now) has overtones of imperial rules and ofcourse how to re-interpret, and re-imagine it is always, Always a practice of decolonization/repossession.

Other (more!) mechanics to inspire you:

1. Use tarot/an oracle deck/ a randomizer deck like Spindlewheel or similiar to encourage players to intuitively weave a story. OR use playing cards and assign themes (such as passion, emotion, pragmatism, insight) to each card suit loosely based on fire/water/earth/air or wands/cups/earth/swords tarot terminology

2. INVOLVE MEMORY mechanics, where a memory is revised, put together, sacrificed or built

3. Hack you Favorite Anime Plot & Genre like Revolutionary Girl Utena, Demonic Children, Ghosts Stories and Magical Girl Genre etc.

Any one of the above fulfilled in the game already qualifies you in the jam. Used memory - uhuh. Used a deck - uhuh. Used suits for questions - uhuh. Used ritual - yupp. and so on and so on. The Jammi has a wide variety of work so this jam can get as jammiful as you want. As micro-, macro-, systems-agnostic, crunchy, freeform, emotional, cat-worthy, deck wish fulfilling, ghost endearing as you ever want. 


1. At the least, mention Safety Mechanics - we're dealing with heavy topics here

2. Be mindful of LGBTQIA and POC. If you're not sure how to do this, tag the hosts and consult people. If you're gaming imperialism check yourself then have others check you, it's only smart and logical to do this. 

3. Have a Share-a-like License in the spirit of helping the community and each other out!

"I want to involve this in other jams and make sure I get as Jamjamjammy as i can get..."


1. Mention "Jam" in the Game

2. Include poetry:

3, Include free license art from the MET

4. Check what the theme is on weekly game jam

5. Charge for your game (*you may include community copies of your games and offer in the desc free copies of games to particular groups of marginalized people for the JammiJamJam)

PS: has good free license pictures. A Majority of Jammi's games follow #sworddream which champions inclusivity and the spirit of kindness. Personally I feel it questions tropes that exclude things subliminally and practicing ways to subvert that and provide more space for more people and their narratives. 

Things like queer experiences, non-violence, emotional arcs and vulnerability, art, language, being a mess of a human & being non-judgemental about it, space holding, irl Justice, etc.

If you want to collab/yell/ask questions please do, Maria's on twitter as @mariamison

Other hosts are @temporalhiccup @kazumiochin @babblegamsam @fencedforrest

Very excited to see and play your submissions!

I personally have a lot of games that are hacks or are directly inspired and motivated from Jammi's games. I hope this inspires you too.

<3 Maria

PSS: Examples is a hack of & & the recent Cure Light Wounds Jam are examples of REALLY DANG AWESOME small rituals  excellently portray cultures as they evolve through power and generations. Folklore Jam has examples of retelling local myths. 


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