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Your work has value! This jam's purpose is to reinforce that notion by encouraging people to charge money for their games.

There are two criteria for submitting a game to this jam:

1) The game must be a tabletop RPG. It does not have to be a full game, it could be a supplement or companion piece, but it has to be related to RPGs.
2) The game must be sold for at least $3. Free games will be removed.

There's no mandatory theme or any other major restrictions. However, there are a few extra rules:

  • No hateful content. Respectfully exploring difficult topics is fine, but keep it respectful.
  • Nothing illegal. I'm not a lawyer, but I know you don't have a license to sell a Marvel Comics RPG.

Feel free to work as a team or alone.

For an added challenge, there's an optional theme: DERIVATIVE WORKS. Make something based on something else! Your work is still valuable even if it's not 100% original!

This jam is created and organized by Zargo Games, and co-hosted by Jay Dragon and Swords and Flowers. If you have any questions about the jam, please @ or DM me on Twitter @sorryjzargo or ask in the questions section on the community tab

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