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Hell Yeah Poetry Jam is a jam meant to encourage people to write, post, share, read, and discuss poetic works. It’s coming from within the indie analog RPG community’s understanding of jams as a brave space to share vulnerable work. Anyone and everyone who finds this jam is enthusiastically welcome to join.


  • Write a poem. This is the most important rule; everything else, even posting what you’ve written, is secondary. You’ll still “win” this jam as long as you open yourself to a sincere effort.
    • But consider more: write several poems; submit them in a chapbook or a zine. Read them aloud and submit the recording. Draw a comic to go alongside your poem and submit that. Share your work on Twitter using the #HellYeahPoetryJam hashtag, and interact with other poets in the tag.
    • The poem(s) may be any length, any meter/form/etc, and on any topic. We strongly encourage the use of content notices to indicate the presence of potentially difficult topics.
  • If at all possible, include a plain-text version of your poem(s) alongside any PDF, image, or audio submissions. This is for reasons of accessibility.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed and encouraged. The more the merrier!
  • Do not include any poems written before the jam begins. (If you started with the barest skeleton of a thing, then heavily revise and refine it, that’s probably fine—just use your best judgment.)
  • Your poem really, really can be anything. Original poetry? Fan-poetry? Pastiche? Ekphrasis? Acrostic? Villanelle? Poem that’s also a game? Poem that’s also a recipe? Poem written from an in-character perspective? Poem in your mother tongue or poem in a conlang you’ve invented? Go for it!
  • Don’t be a bigot or use your poems, the jam, or the community around the jam as a space for hate.

Hell Yeah Poetry Jam is co-hosted by Gray @waveechocave, Blake @fencedforest, and Jared @infinite_mao. Feel free to reach us with any questions or concerns!

The photo used as the jam cover is from andreas160578 on Pixabay and all use and modification is in accordance with Pixabay’s license.


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a play-by-poem roleplaying game
a poem in motion; its own kind of "game"
today we are God and we create from our own image.
it's like yoko ono's grapefruit
A game/poem about light.
A poetry-making game with made-up words, and some accompanying poems.
Sometimes people ask me how to design games.
These are poems. There is no game here.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Poetry or whatever
This is not a game. Or perhaps it is. You decide, for you are the poemlord.
A short series of poems that reflect a mood from options given
Run in browser
A short, poetry driven adventure
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A Generative Poetry Collection
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
please share yourself with me, an interactive poem
Interactive Fiction
Short poems with photos about my extended family.
some bad poems. not games. not related to games.