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The Hermit Club: list of all solo ttrpg and larp on

List of all solo tabletop roleplaying games on, and also some game poems and larps or semi-larps. Please tell me if you want to collaborate on this collection, to complete it together! Join the hermit club! ☺


+ List of solo Game Jam:


Roll and write game for one or more players set in the universe of our intrepid explorer and treasure hunter Sadie Cat.
a single player game to play when your rpg character retires
Call out, to an uncaring god, in the hopes that they will answer. They won't.
A tabletop roleplaying map game for 1-5 players about drowning empires and imagining utopias.
a single-move, single-sheet, setting-agnostic PbtA microgame
what memories can you recall about this person in your life? A small game about reflection.
Play this game to create, discover, and name a place that is your own-- the Field.
the greatest fantasy adventure of all - owning a home and settling down
a map-making game about reclaiming your history for Mapemounde 2019
A short game of brewing potions and flower gathering
Surviving WWI using bad poetry
A "roll-and-write" where you explore and traverse a Metroid-style maze, complete with items to help.

<read devlogs for the solo mode>

Single player world making game
A solitaire survival horror game.
A Deck Based Character Creation Game

use a standard deck of cards to create your character, by answering questions

A solo RPG of hubris and overcommitment
A game about learning to love yourself
The award-winning solo writing game

write real letters, use words from the Ink Pot.  Quill is a reference of letter-writing games, with a lot of official + homebrew scenarios

A self indulgent, introspective, solo RPG about loneliness
18+ solo LARP about intimate experiences with the shadow figures at the end of your bed
An introspective, one-player, ttrpg, about neurodivergence
A short single player larp about the inevitability of gun violence in America.
A contemplative game for one
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