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stars are never aligned... maybe we just need to stop time ? (or stop needing to have a work and a family)

oh ok!! thanks for the reply ! :)

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that's poetic. I played as my ttrpg character Thomas, and also as myself...

The easiest to see is Thomas' ease in listening. He's most sensitive to open minded people. Librarians are those who refreshe his magic. And Thomas share his magic by sharing the knowledge of the ancestors.

The easiest to see about me is the respect I have for all living beings. I'm more sensitive to the willingness to do. What refreshes my magic are cats. And I share my magic thanks to open mind.

That's a pretty cool and cozy short game. Thanks! And I really like your sentence about naming my magic equal to make it real.

hi! i really like this game. i think i won't have to opportunity to play it but I'll recommend it to people who want to play with children!
should it be possible later to have a printer friendly version of the game?

I just played your game as part of a solo journaling game campaign: after being in bed for several days, my character has just decided to go outside, and thanks to nice dice rolls he has more or less managed to get dressed and not he's not going back to bed.

Thanks for this game, it was perfect in my game context

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Hi, i played your game while playing a solo ttrpg campaing. Yellow Wood helped me to write about the decision my character Thomas made by choosing not to send a letter to his best friend Andrew (context: 1920, my character lives in a small village and he should have been in the big city the day he's writing, but he's currently home because he's tired and sick)

decision: not writing to Andrew the best friend
intention: to not worry Andrew
outcome Thomas is thinking: Andrew is worrying the train had an accident (2 travel day from village in Arizona to Los Angeles in California)

I think i'll play again to Yellow Wood, but next time should be with a personal decision. Thanks for this game ☺

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That's a creative way to add gamification to a cleaning afternoon

i cleaned my room and then answer some of the questions. A lot of objects didn't fit with your list, but I adapted. I used your game as a tool in my solo ttrpg campaign, and now I know that my character's closest friend is a librarian, and this friend see my character as someone he can trust ; and he's currently pretty nostalgic :)

it's pretty poetic and close to a meditation on oneself

Roar! I guess i don't get it
What's a "fomo monster" ?

I used it for my current game, thank you! it's great to complete an idea of a character when you already have his name and occupation

it's already over?

will the next jury phases be longer? i wasn't at home yesterday and today.. :(

curiously, the ones that are cyan are cuter than the others

that's a funny game, i find it impressive to make a cool game (in addition to make it functional) in such a short time. I'm not fond of the subject (fishing) of the game but it's treated in a funny way and pixel art + music choice are great


the best part is the end screen; i didn't expect there to be an ending screen !

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I really appreciate the way you respond;

I guess the empathy concept is really vast and can be developed in different ways according to each person.

In french, we use the word "empathie" (empathy/sympathy) but we also have my fav word "bienveillance" (an automatic translator tranlates it into "benevolence" or "indulgence" but I'm not sure it really fits...). "Bienveillance" is more or less something like "an empathetic behaviour with relationships based on being supportive of others and encourage cooperation". Bienveillance includes empathy, and Mathieu Ricard -a french molecular biologist turned Buddhist monk and writor- said that empathy is something we can learn: it's not inborn, we can develop it by increasing our oxytocins moleculs. And I guess making and playing "empathetic games" is a way to develop it ☺

your answer reminds me another website (I promise, after this one I have no other link to send), with "tool kits" about empathy in game design. I find the documents really clear and it's a nice introduction into "bienveillance" in games.

I think I understand when you say "game development as meditation" ; i'm pretty sure there's a real impact on the mind ; maybe when you make games you produce more molecules of a certain type... that's an interesting subject and i hope to find informations about that (accessible to everybody and not in a complex scientist langage ahah), if you know anything about that, I'm hear to read you
(thanks for reading me)

thank you for this interactive fiction
it's a great way to deal with the theme of (lost+renewed) friendship

a really funny rythm game with a brilliant music!

beautiful, easy to play and funny ☺

hi! by curiosity, do you have a text document with the all 9 endings?


Here is a solo writing ttrpg, supplement for Quill.

You're an alien, a tourist on Earth, but things go wrong...


  • free solitary tabletop roleplaying game
  • "epistolary" game
  • about being an alien
  • 3 pages to read, 1 letter to write
  • 15 to 30 min.
  • following scenarios to come


it was a scenario I wrote last year, and I am now motivated to write the sequel. It'll be like an evolving solo gamebook

awesome house generator, the 3D models are really cool (I like the "Russian snowy style")! and the "floor plan (P)" tool is a great idea. thanks!

i guess i'll let some notes on trains and bus, and library when I'll go there; in the hope that it will entertain someone ☺ it's frustrating to not knowing what happens after the paper is laid outside, but it reminds us of the principle of book sharing

Hi, I just played it and it was a pretty nice and quick world building game-tool, focused on the impact of your character in the world events. It may be too general when the card doesn't evoke anything for us, but it's perfect when an idea comes directly in your mind

Below is my game, which took between 30 minutes and 1 hour.


This is the story of a person named Tykha. Only time will tell if their legacy endures.  

1/ The invention changes the communal goal.  / INVOLVEMENT INDIRECT - DETAIL TINY

 Tykha created something. In fact, it was not an invention but more a discovery: the discovery of a small old book... one of his friends was obsessed with re-creating these lost objects. The new common goal of some scientists was to find out what it had been used for human beings in the past  

2/ The revolution changes how peple relax  / INDIRECT - TINY

 This scientific research leads to the re-invention of the production of ink and paper… But at that time, the printing press process was still forgotten, so this re-invention was a tiny unremarked news outside the scientific community.  

3/ The corruption changes what food people can get / INDIRECT – IMPRECISE  

For this one, I really had no idea other than the movie Soylent Green

Meanwhile, Tykha was in the wrong place at the wrong time (or maybe right place and right moment?). Tykha was out at night, at a forbidden time of day and heard people in the streets… without having heard the discussion specifically, it seemed terrifying.  

4/ The leader change the thing nobody talks about / DIRECT - RUSHED

Tykha decided to write in ink on huge sheets of paper, to ask the people not to keep quiet any longer. Throughout the whole City, we can read these messages: “can we talk about strange power cuts, at a fixed time?” ; “aren't you tired of having to follow the life imposed by the high-ranking people?” ; “what do you think about in the morning?” ; “do you want to get up and do the same thing as yesterday?” ; “what are these noises you hear at night and why are some streets closed at night?”; “did you know that there were once free thinkers?”; “what is the job the chief has assigned you? would you like to do something else?”; “Who are these people you can see if you go out when the streets are supposed to be empty and people are supposed to sleep?” ; “Who are you?”… and a lot of other questions, written in different sizes, in ink with hand as a brush.

The leader of the city decided to get all these posters removed then tried to find out who was behind these messages. But Tykha was operating in one night and the posters seemed to reappear every time more numerous… Actually, more and more people followed the posters idea.  

5/ The outsider changes who could make art / INDIRECT - ELABORATE

According to the skills of each person, new form of art are developing: digital support are mixed to paper and ink. And the revolt of the walls began. From the smallest poem written on a wall to the most gigantic video projection, walls will no longer be silenced and the people rise up in the shadows.


Result: a rather logical game about the beginning of a revolution, in a future or alternative world. Thanks for this world-building game! It's a great way to find inspiration ☺

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i really like the idea: write a "love-note" (for example a post-it note) beginning by "Dear X" and then let the not somewhere in the real world... No loser, no winner, just a small paper to say "hey, nobody's alone". It will add some fantasy in the life of the one who finds the paper, maybe.

thanks for sharing your game

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an "out of competition" submission because it's not a video game
you can use/modify illustrations if you want, or maybe it can inspire you
anyway, tell me
I hope it can be useful☺

ok! thanks for your quick reply ☺

DiveJam 2 community · Created a new topic submission format


is this Jam only for video games or is it open to other formats? Ideas examples: tabletop rpg, cardgames, art/illustration, essays, zines?

kind regards,

it reminds me some (norvegian) "role playing poems". i like your "ivy witching" and "herbologer’s grimoire" ideas

i'm not into colouring books but i stay tuned for your updates on rituals :)

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here is my short (but longer than expected) adventure. I didn't put 6 tasks to complete, only 3 but it was sufficient to create a short storytelling... that turns out to be close to a tale, perhaps?

I enjoyed writing this text, following your rule: 10 action points, each action decided by a 2D6 roll with a success on 7+ and a problem/lose on a double. Maybe your game could be improved by giving examples of gameplay, ideas of tasks/encounters or alternatively some visual inspirations


I’m with my friend the wolf-dog. We’re trapped into a magical forest. We don’t know how we came here. A tree talked to us: “hey, you have to find my children if you want to get out of here”. But who’s his/her children? Well, he didn’t talk anymore, we just have to find by ourselves.

(remaining action points in parentheses) [dice results in brackets]

Wolfodog decides to sniff the smell of the tree. Does he find a way to follow? (9) [dice 4+4: problem, something is lost] He loses his sense of smell. That’s pretty bad… And we have no way to follow. We just can walk randomly.

I decide to call fairies: “Fairies, are you here?” (8) [1+1] I lose my voice. It starts very badly. We are deprived of the sense of smell and the ability to speak.

We're going to look for a clue on the ground, we don’t really know but maybe when we’ll see it, it will be a guide for us. (7) [4+5] We believed in ourselves and it was a nice thing: a strange mushroom is gleaming. We approach it, and we see more of it. We follow this path for more than an hour and we start to doubt: will it lead us somewhere? Should we continue to walk following these mushrooms? (6) [2+2] Mushrooms just stopped shining. It seems we must not doubt. We try to keep going straight, even if we have no more gleaming clues. I try to remember the path that shone a few minutes ago.

The night is starting to fall, are we close to our goal? (5) [4+5] Yes. I see a constellation shine brighter than the others: I've never seen it before. I look at Wolfodog, and see in his eyes that we must walk in the direction indicated by this constellation: north. We walk, and the wind whispers "I'll help you, but you have to feed me first". Feeding the wind? Hum…

We decide to make a fire, it can create hot air movements, if we succeed. (4) [3+5] A great fire is born. It’s dancing in the wind. The wind whispers « thank you… you’ll find the children of trees inside of yourself ». If it’s inside of ourselves, where were we walking then? “You were walking towards my future home” said a voice. “You have created me. Thank you. I will warm you up. Please, absorb my heat then kill the dying coals and come back to the tree that spoke to you. Is it a request made by the fire?

Can we do this successfully? (3) [5+1] We failed. We can't absorb its heat, we're freezing. But I got an idea: I'll take the fire with me, we'll absorb its heat on the way. I put the fire on a stick –a torch–, then I put out the embers.

As we start to walk, a question comes up : will we find our way back to the tree soon enough? (2) [1+3] We wander until the morning… (1) [2+1] and the fire unfortunately died during the journey. We reach the tree, without sense of smell, without voice, without fire… and we have understood on the way that heat could feed the universal child of the tree that everyone has within them.

“Forest, we know you can hear our thoughts... have we understood? is that enough to let us go?” (0) [2+5] A voice responded in our mind: “My dear childrens… you weren’t trapped. You complained about losing sense of smell and voice, but actually you were just blind: look at the tree you talked to…” It seemed to be the combined voice of tree, wind, fire and many other elements. In front of us, instead of the tree that was there two seconds before, we saw a path, with the morning sun rising and lighting the way out of there. It was a long journey. We stopped following our follow-the-tracking and smooth-talking instincts, and we learned to listen to what is around us. Listening opens the eyes.

poetic and spiritual

great to know this novena if you are in mourning or you just need/want to remember of your family. thank you

great 1 page game which can be really poetic or even a bit liberating if we play with a very personal touch

I was playing a forest surrounding a lake, with a teetrop adventure human park inside. I burned down during 8 game turns, I saved only one thing: ants (insect that I don't like too much). And I burned two secrets (first one was a metaphor, the second one was a child memory). When everything was in ashes, i saw a surviving plant. A small one that seems to have been there for a long time but has never grown because of the shade of others plants and trees. I only collect the seed: it is a small stone in the shape of an ant. Ants will regrow the forest

Thanks for this short and interesting game

great ! Thanks!

The next update should come in a few days. It will include the illustrations explaining why this game is still part of the "Forest" theme... even if it doesn't look like it!

The following updates will be more functional; i'll try to publish an "almost final" version within one to two weeks

I finished the game (Peter died) with the 2.0 version, but I'll look at the 2.1 version to see your improvements !

  • icons: you can use the ALT + 3 to ALT + 6 icons. You should have ♥♦♣♠ typographic icons that you can enlarge to put at the size you want. Or look at websites like publicdomainvectorsor freepik; maybe you'll find what you want.
  • great for news about links and character sheet! ☺
  • other games: I guess Après l'Accident exists only in french at the moment, and its author Nicolas Gulix is currently on others projects so I don't know if it will be translated. But A quiet year is for sure in english; and I have no doubt that many other inspiring games exist in English!

Yes I had fun with your game! I really like to see stories being build little by little according to luck (with cards and tables)

played the second year with the version 2.0 too.

Well... I told you on the game-jam page that the first year was pretty quiet. That was different in the second year: my character Peter died in fall, after 3 raining seasons, a ill-chosen berry, and two bad encouters (a dangerous sentient fungus + a poisonous mutated wolf group). I guess three seasons of being sick wasn't a cool experience. As well astwo encounters needing to use strength (his -1 stat skill)

Thanks for this game! Cool game, but deadly game: Peter was dreaming about escaping the forest... but didn't know how to. Maybe there's no way out anyway.

New Day+++

Maybe the character should just look at another activity. Maybe reading a book? It's time to pick one.

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Hi! I played with your Version 2.0. Thanks again for the plain version


  • maybe you can use icons ♥♦♣♠ to replace the terms ? Or at least use them once, it could become a more "visual" game, easy to read. At the beginning, I made a mistake because I misunderstood how to progress in the year (played late at night and I was thinking each cards stack was an full year. Thankfully, your season's tables are clear and I understood the game system with these tables :) )
  • spring table: links go to jon reviews website ; but with the title chart on the pdf, it was easy to find Season charts
  • the character sheet is a good idea. I didn't print it but I copied itwith a pencil and  helped me to understand all the necessary elements to put in the sheet (it's more easy to understand with a picture than with just text)
  • I played first in silence and then with  Faun songs : music gave an ambiance perfect to imagine my character in a mystical forest
  • While reading your game, I saw two close games that you may know or you might love: A Quiet Year (writing season after season), and Après l'Accident (a french diary writing game about being alone in an unknown place after an accident). Your game has the specificity to be played in a place the character already know, but with new events; as if he saw the forest becoming more dangerous and change in front of his eyes, and that's pretty cool

first year in the life of Peter

I wrote my diary in French, so I'm writing here an English summary

character: I got Strong + Fey expert traits. The second one made me thing of Peter Pan (I saw again the recent movie yesterday so yeah that's a classic inspiration). I was thinking about a character named Peter (without last name), which grew up in the forest, near to faeries without knowing it. He's not totaly human but he doesn't know this fact. And he's strong because he likes climbing trees, but he's undernourished (to justify the -1 strength stat)

spring: [clean weather + fairy queen] Peter was walking around, he saw a wolf walking; he waited until the wolf was far away and then heard crying. He met the fairy queen.

summer: [clean + standard wolf + stealth] Peter often returns to the places where he saw the fairy. One day, he met with the wolf. He almost died, but the fairy came back to save him [Fairy Favor used].

fall: [rain + illness] Peter got sick. He sees his food stock decrease and it frightens him.

winter: [cold + quiet night] Peter rested. He's no longer sick and he is in better health. He has hope for next year.

stats at the end: 8/10 health / 2 foods. Health increase to MAX 11, then it decreases to MAX 10. That was a pretty quiet and "normal" year. Maybe newt year he will meet monsters ! :)

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Cool and beautiful game. I really like the music!!!!

i'm a dinosaur and i don't understand the concept of "gender"

if i got a soul, i can send you. how can we know if we have a soul?

then, i'm not at home, but i can ask you Who the hell are you?

hello, good night

thanks, i'll look at your game :)

wow, there's apparently a lot of pages :) it's a survival game with "daily-journal writing" ?

should it be possible to have a PDF version with a blank background please? it should be easier to read for me

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hi, I'm angela. I like short games (like: 1 page to read, 30 min to play) and epistolary games (Quill is my inspiration). I also like dinosaurs, questionning social issues and empathy oriented things.

apparently, you extended the game jam until the 9th so I may be able to participate. Not sure yet. Maybe some people want to make a game in group? (create in group, play in solo, eheh). anyway, even if I don't participate, I'll look at your submissions. I probably won't play to each but I'll leave my humble opinion. ☺ I always try to be constructive without talking meanly  

if I say: let's create together a small solo game, who follows me?

[edit] if i write a game by my side, it should be a game in the Quill style, but with a twist: the letter has a real receiver (me or yourself) and the goal is to  explain what makes you want to play your game... while you're in fact inventing the game you're talking (you're inventing based on images and dice rolls/tables + your inspiration and mood of the day). The goal shouldn't be to really create a playable game, but just express clearly an idea that is still evolving. And I already have a draft of this idea, but it's currently nor playable nor showable yet... still evolving also !