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(and frogs are weirdly cutes)

Love the sounds you used, clicking on Space make us space DJs and I like it

brillant, both for this great list of recommandations than this use of Twine

I played some but didn't know all of them. Need to look if these books are available in my langage. Thanks!


yet another great zine from you, thanks for sharing this with us

That's perfect, Aftershocks & Airs is the best (generated) game ever! You should generate your own game too and so you'll be free!!

This is a great poem, both in its content and in its form

This is the Expert mode of this game!

Or it could also be a way the game tell me "what you wanted to write is empty, just seal a thought. A thought can't be written."


Je m'amusais comme un super… ew DJ… Mais j'ai entendu un "Mew" dans le lot. 

I'm sad I couldn't write, it could be an issue with my keyboard? anyway I truly like the idea of this game

great!! we need more zines like this one!

thanks, I knew nothing about Boston video games until your zine! :)


I can't remember a game in which I or my friends used money or buy stuff but the day it'll happen I'll think about your system (and use it even if it will be distorted by my memories, which will only make it more fuzzy and fun)

great to see more and more HTML TTRPG content on itchio! thanks


That's a beautiful experience. I just played it and loved it!

Hope there will be other episodes

thanks a lot! that's great and will use it or at least share it for sure with people! ♥

there's a dragon and a tentacle one in it = that's perfect

De très bonnes idées ! :)

That's great to have the option to buy physical copies of small cool itchio games, thanks! I'm glad to now own this one! Thanks Moss ☆

That's an invite to go outside and look at your environment, I tuly like it


BUT KOBOLDS ARE BRAVE! This one was trying to save the lost one... but that's too late! I'm sorry

thanks! :)

Well, one needs to investigate (and it won't be me). Good luck!

Perfect style for a dark setting!

I'm curious: does their names means something?

(PS: Beware of French words in your files name if you're addressing to English speaking people ahah)

what a huge sheet, if I had thick paper I could print a big A3 dice. Should I..? :)

(btw, that's beautiful, I love the small blue touches and big yellow eye, that's so beautifully painted)

we always need more cute lizards in our games! ♥

they're so cute

I love the second taller one, with the circle and the spikes, it makes me want to play this character!

Birdfolk is cool!

(1 edit)

That's pretty cool and will be awesome once "gif export" will be added as announced!

Also, do you think possible to have more like "two faces", for example a loop with 4 designs but the same shape. It may not be interesting in the context of usual figurines of various characters, but maybe some creators will create figurines with the same format but with different clothes / colors?

they're so expressive and cute! 

that's funny I did a creature with "dragon-inspired" legs and... red. Looks like one of your kobolds just get infected and got lost in my miniature sheet ahah

as usual your art is blowing!

is it a plague doctor chasing pirates? or a plague doctor leading a pirate crew? that sounds like a funny story :)

crocodilians are the best! 

I didn't read these specific books but I love the art of both Moebius and Caza! thanks for the nice words!

(I guess my direct influences for these paper minis came from monsters drawn by Midam in his comics and the "explosive" monster from the 1st and 2nd Halo video games)


i'm fond of the cute cat!

(I'm afraid to understand that your town is full of Hell Door on every corner)

but what if there are two pharmacies in town but Hell Door is in the bakery