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A complete guide, with a lot of information, wow! Bravo!

OK! I'll update it with your itchio link.

Would be greateful if this guide could be useful to you

another video game removed from the jam. It seems to be an usual thing to submit small video games to many unrelated jams?

invente sa version accélérée en 4 minutes ! :)

Hi, I used the light version in the ebook express (, a guide to easily and quickly create ebooks. Also submitted to the TTRPG Resource Jam. I mentioned you also created a dark version so people could come on your website!

I used your fontstruct link but tell me if you should prefer a link to your page:

Thank you that's really cool for someone whose native language is not English but who has  still picked up all these bad habits!

I began the small ebook "step by step: text file to epub file" two weeks ago, I have to get back into it and translate it

& I was too ambitious about a "graphic design basics/history zine", I'll do it (making it a little briefer than expected) but it will probably be after the end of the jam!

281 hand-drawn tiles! that's impressive


I'll probably continue to play a few games, maybe from the point of view of another member of the same superhero team :)

5-Min-Heroes! community · Created a new topic FILES
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hi, I'm not used to itchio forums, rather comments, so I hope it's ok if I create a topic here! This is a pretty cool game! Thank you. I really like the prompts we can get by rolling dice.

I was Icey, and I did a bad thing that shouldn't happen in comics or popular movies:

I'm The Icey, newcomer in this town, but already famous. Mr S is still running the world. Selling poisonous stuff to all countries. But this time, I won. I guess.
I freezed him. And he brocked. Part by part. First it was his arm... Wow I never saw such an amount of blood flowing outof ice. My ice. But I didn't have a choice. It was him or me. Fortunately I'm younger and faster, so I could quickly freeze his leg, then all his body. And... I'm glad nobody saw me. I don't want people to know I killed someone. Even such an evil guy. I cleaned ice and water from the place. If they still find some ice stuff, I'll tell them someone stole my suit. I need to find an evil guy to accuse. I don't want problems with Justice... I'm Justice, I can't have problems with it! That would be weird. And I know nothing ese than being The Icey...
And my team... They're waiting for me in our sanctum. They'll ask were was I...

Un thème intéressant ! C'est le prélude à ton futur jeu ? 😁

Je ne sais pas si j'ai bien compris le contexte car j'ai écrit sur l'évènement lui-même (comme si j'incarnais un journaliste) plutôt que penser à sauver un proche, mais je finis avec une histoire plutôt sympa ! Qui pourrait être la base de l'article en question

En résumé: Un meurtre. La voisine du mort a vu un homme courir et elle l'a vu parler à Berny, collègue du narrateur : il a souvent des problèmes d'argent... et aujourd'hui il ne veut pas parler. Quand Berny sera vu dans le journal, la réputation/carrière du narrateur sera fichue.

Ça me crée une base pour un autre texte ! :)

Génial ! 😀

D'un océan sans rivage est né un être constitué de rivage.

 De cet être microscopique fut façonné le monde, suivant les seules normes en vigueur: celles imposées par sa naissance. Tout être lui doit la vie... mais tout être lui doit également la mort. 
Au fil des époques il fatigua et devint las de ce lieu. Cherchant à créer lui-même un autre monde (au lieu de ce qu'il savait faire: la création d'atomes à l'échelle migroscopique), il en vint à créer la mort. 
Premier à naître, il fut le premier à donner la mort. Errant dans la Création, il touche les êtres dont il est lui-même à l'origine et les corrompt.
Priez pour le sommeil éternel.

3 people just submitted video games, i'm sorry i had to remove them because it was not at all related to 5-min-games and also i saw they submitted these games to a lot of jams, i guess people sometimes submits to jams without reading the jam presentation page

step 8 is the best advice someone could tell you

5-min-games Jam community · Created a new topic Hi!

Hi! Thanks to everyone who joined this jam, and big thanks to those who already published their game! If you need more time to create your game, just tell us so the duration of the jam will be extended, or games will be accepted even after the jam is over.

Also: if you had an idea and now you don't want anymore to develop it, you can share it here so maybe it would inspire someone else. Or maybe you want to see a specific thematic created by someone else?

We could also help you to translate your game if you want to do so! (I can translate from English into French, but maybe someone else can do it into other languages?)


[FR] Salut! Merci à toutes celles et ceux qui ont rejoint la jam et un grand merci à celleux qui ont déjà publié leur jeu ! Si vous avez de plus de temps pour créer votre jeu, dites-le nous et on rallongera la durée de la jam, ou bien on acceptera les jeux bien après la date de fin de la jam.

Aussi : si vous aviez une idée que vous ne voulez plus développer, vous pouvez la partager ici, comme ça quelqu'un d'autre pourrait s'en saisir ou s'en inspirer. Peut-être voulez voir quelqu'un créer un jeu sur un thème spécifique? Dites-le :) On peut aussi peut-être vous aider à traduire votre jeu si vous le souhaitez ! (je peux traduire du français à l'anglais, et peut-être que quelqu'un pourrait vous aider pour d'autres langues ?)

Génialement sombre

Après une première partie dans la peau d'une sorcière qui s'ennuie mais honore tout de même sa parole d'aller délivrer le dernier message (ennuyeux) d'un fantôme

me voici maintenant à imaginer un gardien de cimetière qui doit supporter Jean Luc le squelette blagueur (qui n'est pas très drôle et fait peur aux familles endeuillées).

J'adore la thématique et les histoires générées grâce à ce jeu! :)

i guess i would like to see kind of a short essay on "why do people spend time to create (TRPGs or whatever), even under difficult social & financial conditions"

Want to understand, bc even after doing art/design school, short sociology training, and working on some art stuff.. i never understood please help me ahah

  • Simple
  • Concise
  • Efficient
  • Thank you!

pretty good advices! 

I never saw tshirts as a cool thing so I don't get this point. Most others seems logical advices but good to remind or to learn

Thank you for this document

thank you for your kind words!

hope these illustrations will be useful to you, don't hesitate to show me what you do with them

Great!!! Thank you ☆☆☆☆☆

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thank you for telling "don't do these things" on your "4 things everybody does" article. Because people should just stop doing it. Thats's pretty sad it became common things to do.. :(

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hi, just submitted my template for the one page game 5-min-e (game by yenofven) bc it's for a current jam but can be useful for people who got affinity or indesign.

I'm preparing my two projects specifics to this ressource jam: "making a simple functional ebook" and "brief history of (western) graphic design #1".

Feel free to comment on this topic to announce your submission or planned projects :)

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Primary Effect: Euphoric feelings

Ok please give me some Pregavastatin.

Thank you for this generator! I had seen your Elder Gods generator but I had never seen this one!

Could become a pretty serious game if you want to play it this way. I don't have the knowledge to write a proper historical text so I focused on what I like: empathetic comportment and absurdity of war. So I played being a troubled person facing a defenseless "enemy" and thinking about their own family to see this "enemy" just as a human being who possibly didn't ask for the launching of this war/conflict.

Thank you for this game!

To people reading this comment: play this game! Particulary if you know historical facts about Cold War. You only need a die, 5minutes and writing materials! :)

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Excellent ♡

"Leur message est confus. Ils devraient plutôt me suivre moi. (...) Mais je les aime bien. Ils donnent des gâteaux à tout le monde." Voilà comment je peux te résumer mon texte... :)

Bon par contre mon perso s'est enfui en comprenant que c'étaient des gâteaux à la tomate.

Cette secte n'était pas si intéressante que ça..!

Sounds pretty cool!!!

you can submit it on the English page of the For the Drama website so people could play it on their phones

thank you!!

wow stop doing cool inspiring things, no one can be fast enough to create games inspired by all the great things you do! :)

thank you!

awesome as usual! thank you watabou

I will try to make at least a short preamble. :) or i could come up with a "step-by-step ebook (for those who don't know how to code and have never made an ebook before)", i guess it's also an important thing

Also thinking on a simple "to-do-list" for accessibility, because we can find a lot of resources out there but information is often dispersed or hidden in long texts. If someone wants to do it, or collaborate, go!

Since several months, I've been thinking of making short documents summarizing some movements in the history of graphic design, plus giving some tips to be inspired by them. This jam could be the time to do so, if i succeed in taking the necessary time before the deadline

this is a really great idea!

have you already planned an approximate length of time? and if it's short, do you think you could make a written transcript of it? (that would be really cool)

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Sounds pretty cool! please could you provide a printer-friendly version (white backgrounds)?

thank you

it will be a long questioning process but useful and necessary

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Mince, mon texte n'a rien d'absurde et je finis avec quelque chose de totalement logique: Zap a passé les 2 premières minutes à se demander pourquoi certains client réguliers traînaient encore alors qu'il avait annoncé la fermeture, puis ses pensées ont dérivé pendant 6 minutes sur son ancienne vie de marin galactique. Puis ce fut l'heure de vraiment fermer et de mettre dehors les clients récalcitrants. 

Mes deux petites pages d'histoire sont finalement plutôt sympa mais un peu trop normales. Il va falloir que Zap écrive encore une ou deux fois dans son petit carnet pour qu'il se passe des choses un peu plus fun; ou peut-être un client/collègue trouvera son carnet et s'amusera à écrire dedans :)

Merci pour ce micro-jdr !

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A really cool game, with a great concept! My Dave just did strange movements and dances while waiting for the cultist-people to think the vengeful spirit was gone (he was summoned to defeat an assumed ghost, even if Dave doesn't believe in ghosts). It was pretty fast and Dave was quickly able to go home to watch his favorite TV show.

ça tombe bien, la jam est lancée !

Tu vas faire une version Star Trek? :)