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yeah!! 🤘 hop you'll share them on your itchio page!! :)

Great! Will you write games? 😀

wow thank's for writing this!

oh gosh how could I pack my accordion to school. Can't imagine if it was piano uhuh.

and sorry not sorry but (non-judgmental) tabletop enthusiasts are cool to my eyes, don't mind polo shirt club people -- but that's true: it's cool too to spend time with "alternative kids" :)

"It's obvious he'd rather have you teach him than pay attention in class." is such a cute sentence!! I wish I had some Lavan in my life!



yeah, no words. that's a great bitsy one. take care

oh ok! yeah 1000 words is not a lot!

nevermind, I'm pretty sure I got all the ends. My 2 fav are when he talks about bees & when he quits by screaming

(Congrats for this cool game!)

pretty sad I discovered this game jam too late. pretty glad I discovered it, therefore I saw this game and now I truly want to play it. Studying humans with alien point of vue is one of my fav thematic. need to test this game some day.

Not sure if it will be great for 2 players, but sounds awesome for 3?

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is the "pls" dude the end of the game? i want to talk about Halo, or halos, whatever

(it would be great to be able to answer to them, by writing ourself anything even if they continue to write pls)

love the 2000s' aesthetic

hell yeah let's dance flashy tecktonik!

Yeah! I found the portal to return to the starting point!

wow that's great. Less flashing stuff :)

It's maybe my computer which bug and make zoom out!

Anyway that didn't stop me from finding all the snakes and learning a lot :)

What a cool way to learn about snakes!! Thanks!

I'm fond of these illustrations, the simple way the character takes us there and tells us what to do, and the fact there is an "end" once we found the 3 species.

Here's points I thought about to make this educational game even better (in my opinion)

  • Once the viewpoints are read, it would be less disturbing if they stopped flashing (for example it grays out and stops moving)
  • It would be great if, when you leave the snake description page, the map didn't unzoom.
  • The goat started to bleat when I clicked on it and then it didn't stop during the whole game, it was a bit annoying as a sound
  • It could be interesting to add dimensional markers, like on the maps ("10KM" / "1KM" / "200M" when zooming in etc.) or otherwise in some of the descriptions, for example those of the rock formation or the natural bridge because I'm curious to have this info to realize the global size of the island

Thanks again for your game and other interactive content about snake, that's awesome

Sparky flashing background made it difficult to focus on the text but I'm glad I succeed on reading it. It's sweet and I'm now also nostalgic of some old simple webpages games I can't totally remember from the 2000s' Internet. What a weird and funny time for online browser games! Thanks for this interactive essay

Your essay is great!

Plus, thanks to you I discovered this sweet interactive fiction

A cute slice-of-life story.

Thank you for making this IF and for chosing this end. That's a perfect end

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items are pretty funny! a "printer test", a paper clip box, a torn paper, blank paper, lipstick, a loupe…

That's a funny game to understand that social roles are totally absurd & there foregender should not exist. But I would have found this game perfect with an ending (or a few messages that add narrative, if the "endless" aspect is intended)

a cool experimental zine for a cool poem

love the comparison between detective & intruder

I love being of the murder mystery gender

My goal now is to be either "Null" or "All of them!"

(would love to see the list of all the results you wrote for this test!)

That's SO cool!! Left-click color didn't work but that's still a big wow!!

oh wow that's so cool with thin grey lines! Thanks for the tip (and thanks for all your projects) :)

how beautiful!

love the "paper mode". Beautiful with gradients and without outlines!! Can be used in so many ways then!

Also love the colored gradient no-outlined mode!


thanks for this story ♥

How cute!!! Thanks for sharing! Would love to see the monster journal if your kids did it!

truly love this short IF! It takes a few minutes to play and that's pretty great. I played many times to read all dialogues. Pretty cool!

Also love this funny pink-dino even if they always ends up going away. Would be glad to be their friends. We could have been dino-friends!

oh I remember this magic 8 ball! wow


your table is a cool idea with a pretty great name

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Thanks for your comment! Just added a bunch of copies :)  & Hope this guide will be useful to you! Cheers

my best score is 57 (out of 58, argh). I always miss doors!!

But, that's a pretty small funny game! Love it! 

beautiful and mysterious first chapter! impressive!

great as your other stock art! thanks for sharing it here on itchio :)

That's great! Unfortunately it bugged when I tried to use a the bigger pencil possible but here's my freezed screenshot! Pretty good time trying this tool, thanks for this!

nostalgic and touching,

i see your text as a visually cool way to say "be tolerant and kind with your past-self"

and that's a great decision

100% agree!

(1 edit)

That's a pretty funny game!

I played to the jam version. It's repetitive so I stopped at 20minutes but my game bugged since 8minutes ("zoom into the map", which was inconvenient but didn't prevent me from playing. I just wasn't able to use some spots). This jam version sounds too easy since I had 6 "maps" ahead of Baryo and would have continued to easily build castles on the last spots, just behind mushrooms.

Other bugs to mention: loading bars on ruins + numbers on two lines sometimes (screenshot below)

5 stars for the What we do in the shadows show!

(The others sounds cool too, I'll check if they're available with subtitles – except Chucky) Thanks for this cool zine with short texts and quotes, it's pretty cool to read

The creature and twiggy arts are great!

(and to be a free fish who have succeed on escaping!) 🐟