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Your SAD zines deserve 5 stars!!

As I said in my newsletter (danews on Substack) it's a truly cute collection of zines! I'm truly happy to have their printed version. It's cute and meditative and also it shows what can be solo games/rituals/experiences. Thanks for making these zines and publishing! Hope to see a 3rd edition :)

your assets packs are awesome, thanks for all of these, and to bundle them!

wow, 200 drawings!! that's impressive, beside behing beautiful art.

Well done!

wow you just released so many great art packs! thanks for sharing these with us

Not sure if that’s more a lyric game or a call for action, either way it shows us a great alternative territory. Thanks for this

great style, it’s beautiful ✨

<>Playing not the hacker but the hacker's tools is a great idea! Glad this game is part of the Scifi Bundle so I discovered it</>

Cute game!!! But sounds pretty difficult!

I'm glad I'm to be a noice little purple guy!

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Yeah it really needs to be played with someone you feel 300% comfortable with but it sounds like a great game to explore thoughts, intimacy patterns and toxic relationships. I'm pretty sure this could become an awesome game with a few tables/oracles/prompts for each setting

Beautiful! Can't wait to play this cute journaling game (and to discover your next TTRPG? :) )

i need goblins friends now

Beautiful pamphlet for a funny idea! A Forged in the Dark cyberpunk game, to play vampires who are also bikers, or bikers who are also vampires, whatever, sounds fun! Fuel your moto with blood!

Aori est un très bon jeu autant en solo qu'en duo.

J'ai eu l'occasion de tester ces deux modes de jeu dans cet ordre-là, dans deux ambiances totalement différentes, et je vous recommande de jouer d'abord en solo avant de passer Guide en duo, pour vous familiariser avec le jeu, ses oracles et son langage mais aussi découvrir le jeu et vivre votre petit moment à vous avant d'offrir cette expérience à quelqu'un d'autre !

La règle du Langage apportera quelque chose de très particulier et probablement poétique à votre partie en duo. :)

Poétique, introspectif, spatial, onirique ou dangereux, c’est à vous de choisir votre voyage, et surtout laissez-vous guider par votre duo pour voir où le voyage vous mène.

Dinosaur with a raygun, what else do you need? This cover is perfect! This "retro sci-fi" supplement sounds fun!

We can easily feel the Star Trek vibe and that's awesome!! 

Oracles/lists to create your city, characters and enemies and anything you need to set up a group game. Also great for solo play!

Looks like Dixit cards art!! That's beautiful!

cute icons, thanks for sharing!

truly funny but a bit too real!

Thanks for sharing parts of your life/memories with us in this pretty poetic way ✨

Bravo pour ce très beau projet !! Est-ce que ça a bien fonctionné sur le festival, le public trouvait ça cool ? 🌟

this story is awesome, i wish it was a complete game or at least a complete comic or short movie animation!

That's great! I'll make my ancestors happy!

I surely will! Ahah :)

Be the exemple is perfect, we should all play to it everyday ♥

The 8 other games are also great to play a daily basis!

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Hi Dan, 3 and 6 are my favörites!

Your collection of games is perfect even if I'm sad there's no link between 3 and 10.

I would love to learn how to fly!

This is what I was expecting and I'm glad I find it. :)

i'm fond of your drawing!

such cute art! looks like a funny game too

simple & perfect!

great idea and beautiful color & monsters :)

Such a cute folk game!

oops that's so cool

I truly love this drawing-journaling-meditation concept

Thanks for sharing, I love journaling games focused on drawing or doodling!

That's a place which can be used for this :)

I'm pretty underwater currently on this collection (a few weeks late on the latest games to add) but yours is now in! Thanks for your comment!

I'm too weak for this game/life 💀

Clever use of the business-card format and the fungus thematic :)

Gosh I suffer.