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I condensed and simplified from a couple of tarot books.  I wanted a quick and easy look up  to inspire.  It's more for the GM emulator roll rather than as a divination tool.

Amber (the books) itself is rather vague on the meanings of the trumps.  I'm actually more of a fan of the Cosmic Power tarot when I play Amber Diceless (it's super 70's big hair cool.)  By the way, on my home page ( you can find Four Houses in Amber which is tuned more towards running an Amber game.

It installed peacefully the first time.  But hey, the anti-virus software is always updating itself, so it might be a new rule or something.  If nobody else is seeing this, I'll chalk it up as a false positive.

My anti-virus software freaked out on the file PlayBTW_v1_11_base_windows.exe.  Is anyone else seeing that?

Okie dokie, thanks for the info.

Is there a Discord or Reddit community for OMitV?

Oh, I wasn't thinking of game mechanics.  Just using that as a theme for OSR contributions.  Taverns noted for the bard competitions, singing monsters, a big bad that can only be dispelled via poem or song, music related spells and magical items.

To riff on that, extend poem to sonnets and stanzas, make it about monsters, magic, and places that are tied to the lyrical.

Congrats on a great jam, 34 entries for a first showing is pretty good.

For the fall, I think a horror/monster theme would be a great fit for October.  If it wasn't back to back, I'd like to see comedy/silliness as an April theme.  Summer, would make a good theme; deserts, storms, heat waves, weather related stuff.. 

Ditto!  Had so much fun that I did it twice.  :-D

Huh, I don't get that vibe from him.  He does poke merciless fun at some game communities, so I'm sure that ruffles some feathers.

I included a blurb and link at the beginning of mine and also ran it by the author to make sure I didn't step on any toes.  Color me cautious/paranoid.  :-)

Also, including it for the NaGaDeMon game jam since they're both November game creation jams.

One submitted and working on a second one.  :-)

Heh, I got motived, perhaps maniacally so.  Rather pleased with my Wretched and Alone hack.

Having seen that, I can suggest visiting when you find many like minded people.

Okay, I think I actually have an idea that I can stick with this year.  With the survival theme, it also hits my belated interest in The Wretched and the Wretched and Alone SRD/Wretch Gam Jam.  Yes, I'm a little late to the party.  But, I got a good roll on Zero Dice that has me inspired and I'm already several pages into it.

Is it possible to get a list of the prompts and such for those of us that want to play face to face or on other chat platforms?

Ah, I forgot that marking it as mature puts an age check in place. Here's a direct link:

Just for fun, here is my actual play of a solo run of The Anomaly. I had a blast with this game.

I clicked modern and rolled three and this is what I got.  I so can't get Austin Powers out of my head,  :-)

Well, November turned out to be a brutal month for writing.  So, I did not make the submission cut off, but I'm pressing on since I think the idea has potential.  It will probably show up as a PWYW on DTRPG or something next year.

Here's how my game idea is shaping up...

Dear [Insert Name Here]

DINH is a hybrid of the hex crawl and letter writing/ journal game genres with a dash of steampunk. It’s about surviving the wilderness, wild animals, trackless wastes, fending off fierce tribes, and writing home to your estranged love about it.

Hmm, is a wonderful rabbit hole of fun stuff.

Here's the MeWe link for LoneWolf if you prefer a more G+/group environment.


Just for fun, here's my #SHOCtober actual play of plot Armor.  Of course, I took a few liberties with the rules such as time and scale, but I'm happy with the results.
The Flesh Within

My DA gallery of other other solo play stuff

Technically, their names were stripped and replaced with numbers on purpose. [It makes it easier to reference with a RNG and it allows the viewer to decide what the icons mean.]  :-)

Zero Dice results [I checked the Include Modern option.]

Bowie Knife, Trilobite, Broken Heart, Gate/Portal, Health/Love Potion,  and the nib of a fountain pen.

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Wow, how did I miss that?  Thanks for posting. Working on my own play-thru for Shocktober.  :-)

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As a member of the Lonewolf solo RPG group on MeWe and r/Solo_Roleplaying on Reddit, sharing a solo play-thru happens more than you think.  Gotta love technology.  :-)

Has anyone posted an actual play of this game?

I had a blast playing this.  If you are curious, I posted it on my DA page.
The Rain has Fallen

I also enjoyed the game and love listening to Ray gush about it on Insert Quest Here. Please please tell that the file name prologue means that you do on doing more of these and creating a journalling game about our fan girl and the war.
Insert Quest Here - Podcast