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Manufacturing MayhemView game page

Setup manufacturing lines, with simple shapes.
Submitted by daid — 21 hours, 31 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 2 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Type YES to agree that every member of your team is 13 years of age or older at the time of submission.

How many people were on your team?

What assets did you NOT create (including code)?
Music. Bunch of code libraries, check the credits.

What assets did you create BEFORE the jam STARTED (including code)?
Game engine. And the main menu.

What engine/technology/language did you use to create the prototype?
C++, lua, insanity.

What can we do to improve the next jamming experience?
No idea.

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Damn, the reveal blew my mind! Such a love letter to factorio. I might want to art this one :)

How do I contact you if I wanna take this one for part 2? I wanna take it only if I'm the first one that wants to, though. :)


I'm on discord at the 8 Bits to Infinity thingy (whatever a server/group/channel is called in discord)

I'm also on steam and can be reached by email via

But you can pick this up without my approval or anything. The windows download contains all assets exposed.  Also don't worry about multiple people doing the same game.

Proobably wont have time for this jam but this game blew me away for something done in a week. If you ever need art for a game like this ping me! Im decentlt proficient at pixel art :)


Thanks. I managed to surprise myself as well with the amount of work done in a week. I did work really hard on it, and pulled a lot of shortcuts to get it to work. 

But I am planning an update on this game post-jam, just fixing and adding a few things that I didn't get done in the week or that reviews noticed. I however, have no talent for art, so nothing not much I will do there.

Also thanks for your offer. I can also turn it around, if you ever have art that you want to be turned into a game, but not capable/willing of programming it yourself, let me know. Just as long as you remember that this is a hobby for me, so I have time when I have time.

Im in the same place. I can both art and program, but Im always looking for projects where I can collab and do only one of the two, cause Im also pretty busy. If you plan on making a postjam version of this one ill try to pixel a bit for it :) Add me on Discord: Raindrinker#2532


Really fun. As I said in the discord, that reveal the first time is amazing. I agree with TaftPunk that a couple quality of life changes would have been really nice (seeing item names and an align key would be great). Certain angles could make it hard/impossible to grab an item but I didn't find this too problematic. I had a lot of fun and played way longer than I realized. Great work!


I love Factorio so this was really cool to see.  I wish I could see the names of things in my inventory and the crafting menu, and that there was something I could hit to make the cube align itself after I turn to a new face.  But the cube was a cool idea, and everything felt fairly easy to interact with, which I think is impressive for something like this. Good job.


Really cool game, really nice subversion of expectations. Controls and UI could use a little more polish but that's really a nitpick for a gamejam game.