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No Moar Snow!View game page

Submitted by Run Hanako — 1 day, 5 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
BEST GAME (General)#122.5202.857
SCARIEST GAME#131.6381.857
BEST THEME (Best Use of Theme)#132.6463.000

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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From your description I thought this would be a trash experience. But no, it clearly isn't. This is a great basis for a game!

Some feedback if you want to continue working on this: 

- Try to explain the game inside the game. When I originally started the game I didn't even know that you could pick up stuff. Needing to read the downloadpage is never a good sign.

- Please don't close the game if you die. Just open a startscreen so I can get back into it again.

- Implement some kind of healthbar. I didn't know at first if the zombies even hit me or not

And finally, if you want to expand on this, maybe implement some kind of score / an online leaderboard.

Again, I had a great time playing this, so don't discourage yourself :)


I thought this was a great start to a cool game!

Everything felt intuitive for me (although I did read the entire description before starting) and here are some things I would offer:

  • Adding a few more frames of the walking animation would make it feel less jumpy. I'm not sure if this would mess with the timing too much, but just a little would go a long way. The art was nice though, overall. Very readable and let my imagination fill in the gaps.
  • Change the sound of reloading to a more click-y kind of sound. This one is minor, but I think it would add to that feeling of really loading in the few spare bullets you have into your gun.
  • Speaking of sound, it might be neat to have a calm-ish, cozy "home theme." It's another minor difference, but it would make the house feel like more of a central feature and more the player's own.
  • The visual cue of getting too cold is good, but an audio cue as well would be cool.
  • Maybe have the ability to hold "w" to holster your gun for a faster running speed (at the cost of having to unholster it if you encounter something and increased hunger cost).
  • The zombies attacking the house would be cool, but only so long as you can actually shoot from the balconies.
  • If you did go the zombie attack route, maybe have the ability to chop down trees to reinforce the doors. This is obviously a lot more complicated.

Overall, I really enjoyed the concept. This reminds me of my favorite games from Newgrounds that I would just play over and over again. It has so much potential that I very earnestly hope you keep at it to make it a complete experience.

HostSubmitted (2 edits)

Hey, no need to disparage the game - it's executed well! The atmosphere is great with the distorted electronic noise, the overlay of constant snow, and the endless wasteland of wilderness on either side of the house. This plays like a decent survival game with all the core mechanics implemented well and really this idea has a lot of potential if you wanted to polish it into a complete experience - I think it'd make a great game if expanded a little more.

One key feedback is on presentation of the game - it might be more intuitive to add control tips / tutorials to the game to make play more intuitive rather than picking up the details on the game page, but I got the hang of how things worked soon enough. Some ideas for implementation might be figuring out how to make the experience more varied - maybe there could be increasing difficulty making the survival mode more challenging, zombies 'attacking' the house, different types of enemies, or a more complex and quickly-depleted needs system. 

Great job!


Not a bad game at all! If expanded, this would belong on steam. Good work!