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It felt raw, real, very online.

I'm excited to see where this goes! This is very up my alley, it just feels a little lonely right now.

I was so excited to play, I just went at it right away!

So here's what I've got for my interpretation (spoilers):
First of all, the streets are all named the same as Silent Hill, which itself is references to influential sci-fi and horror writers from the west that played a big part in Silent Hill's story.

As for the story of the game itself: The area you start in actually represents the "other world" of your own guilty creation. You awaken in the bathtub in this personal hell, and have to "descend upwards" back into reality. This climbing of the stairs up into the upside down world (which is actually the real world) is representing your character diving back into his memory and trying to remember what lead them to being trapped here. Upon traveling up to the room where it all happened, the protagonist discovers his briefcase. He was a businessman, set to go on a trip to Chicago. However, he gets to the airport and finds his flight is cancelled. All the better, I guess, he has more time to spend with his significant other. She's pregnant, you know? He can take some time away from his busy work schedule to spend with her, dote on her. When he walks in, though, he finds her in bed with another man. At this point, he loses control. He's blind with rage. He kills them both, ruthlessly, in the very bed he shared with her. He goes to the bathroom, instinctively washing off the blood from the scene. He sees the pregnancy test, reminded both of his future with her, his future child, but also how he's taken it all away. He's killed all of them. He's washed over with guilt and decides to take his own life. He overdoses on the pills, hoping to fall asleep forever. Gets into the bath, marks his arms with two lines with a razor, bleeding out into the warm water. As he drifts away into the release of death, he wakes up in his own guilty prison of his own design. Unable to run from his own knowledge about becoming a murderer, he's doomed to relive his mistake over and over. Repeating to himself, "you know you deserve this."

A great start, I would love to see where it goes in a more fully-realized setting!

Shared my thoughts here, great game! Thanks for doing the Scream Jam!

I have a story planned (mostly just to make sure things thematically fit with each other), but I'm holding off to see how the response is. I tried to add a subtle glow to text when there's more to click, but I think I've made it too subtle, so definitely something to work on. Thanks for the kind words and checking it out!

I included my thoughts on the game here, thanks for submitting to the SCREAMCITY jam!

Hey, I was just wondering since this is a UE4 game, if you'd be willing or able to post a linux version. 

A strong start in the SCREAMCITY submissions! Thanks so much for all the effort you've put in this!

Thanks so much! I had so much to do outside the writing and planning that I feel like I may have scoped it a bit too small.

Gave this game a playthrough, and had someone special show up!

This is by far my favorite thing that you've made.

I did a play-through of this and shared some thoughts.

I missed the second ending as well, but I'll have to try again sometime.

Alright. You're free to do what you'd like and I'm certainly not looking to give you any kind of anxiety. Keep up the good work!

I gave this story a read through and shared some of my thoughts on it.

Hey, I gave this game a play and left feeling a little confused. Hopefully that was the intention.

It's really fun to play through earlier games of yours.

I did a read-through of this and shared some thoughts I had on it, I had a good time with it.

I wanted to give this a read even if I couldn't pull together a group for it.

Will ZROC be back to sell me a delicious breakfast cereal?

I put the DYING back in Dying Light! This game was really amazing even with how little I'm able to see.

Justice for Marko!

I liked the humor, but unfortunately couldn't get it to work! I think it's on my end.

I gave it my best shot!


A fine addition to my future embarrassing stories! I was really bad at this game but I gave it my best shot.

I really enjoyed the experience, I was left wishing for more.

I did look and I'm gonna go ahead and wait for the next one. Hah.

Very impressed with this game! Keep up the excellent quality!

Here's my playthrough and thoughts on SATURN

Very cool game, actually brought me back to when I used to play RM2k games!

I'm really sorry that I couldn't do this game the justice it deserved! I'm so sorry!