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Hey, no need to disparage the game - it's executed well! The atmosphere is great with the distorted electronic noise, the overlay of constant snow, and the endless wasteland of wilderness on either side of the house. This plays like a decent survival game with all the core mechanics implemented well and really this idea has a lot of potential if you wanted to polish it into a complete experience - I think it'd make a great game if expanded a little more.

One key feedback is on presentation of the game - it might be more intuitive to add control tips / tutorials to the game to make play more intuitive rather than picking up the details on the game page, but I got the hang of how things worked soon enough. Some ideas for implementation might be figuring out how to make the experience more varied - maybe there could be increasing difficulty making the survival mode more challenging, zombies 'attacking' the house, different types of enemies, or a more complex and quickly-depleted needs system. 

Great job!