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Yeah, didn't know you folks figured it out, I forgot I did that lol

Okay, nevermind, I made a new patch that should fix it. Thanks for reporting!

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It shouldn't be possible to trigger the teleporter unless you're a voidman or the dev skin, so I'm not 100% sure how you triggered it. Do you have any other details you could share, like which skin you had and all that? Just curious


Godspeed little buddy...

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never thought this game would get a lil fanfic lmao

There's nothing better than having 1000 guns stapled to your hands

This game still remains my indie GoTY for 2019, and I almost always recommend it to people regardless of what their tastes are. I especially recommend it to folks who are holding $6 in their sweaty little hands and timidly asking me what I think they should spend the money on.

It has such a powerful personality to it, the music is great, the visuals are lethally charming, and the writing, oh good heavens don't get me started on the writing. It's simultaneously super funny while being very earnest, a rare balance in this day and age where a lot of people believe being chronically ironic (ironically chronic???) is the solution to tickling people's funny bones.

Either way, if you haven't bought 10 Beautiful Postcards you're missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You get tons of rooms to explore, this hotel does truly expand beyond the farthest horizon as far as I am concerned.

A good hotel is worth a million words, as my English professor used to say.

This is so cool!!!!!!!!! I love this so much omg

I salute you Big Oil Larry, and I also fall to my knees to grovel for your forgiveness.

Maybe one day, Demon's Island will be nuked and your misery shall be forever cleansed from this earth.

So these two are really, really obscure achievements. You actually need [DEAD WORLD] to accomplish both of these, and since you have it this next tidbit of advice should be all you need to finally 100% the game.

Head to the temple (the one orange and yellow building on the island) and when you enter it, turn around and fly towards the skybox. Since you have the null spark, you should start seeing platforms fade into existence. That's about all you'll need to know, just realize that even though the skybox seems to end at some point, you need to fly through it to follow the platforms.

Familiar 1: You need to have discovered every room in the game to get this one.

Familiar 20: Obtained by 100% the game's achievements.

Which achievements are you missing (like, which other achievements are around them)? It sounds like you're on the cusp.

This was so cool!

Web games are notorious for this, I'd recommend getting the download copy

The text on the wall is a steam key for a game, but I think it very well might have been claimed. Feel free to try it though

Caught me off guard, love it!

The bryce room.

It's a comedy game, if I wanted to include a virus I would've called it "CALL OF DUTY FREE DOWNLOAD!!! CLICK HERE!!"

It's Photon! Same networking platform that Rust and a buncha other games use,

I think familiar 7 is either the bubbling or ghosting u one, either way here are the two solutions:

1). For Ghosting U, you need to grapple the green, spectral grappling point on the island for 10 seconds or so, maybe a bit longer. It's near the temple.

2).  For bubbling, you need to go to the fatum room (accessed with the beast on top of the temple) and sit in the pond for a full minute. The unlock condition for this one is annoying, so that's why most people don't end up getting this familiar. 

might need to try a different browser, sorry

NOTE: If you're having issues getting into multiplayer, please reload your page and try again. I just pushed an update to expand the servers to 100 player slots.

Sometimes WebGL can take a while to load, sorry!

Press C

Indefinite hiatus mode is only for the best of gamers... Not for you! "ItsGamerSeb Gaming?" more like "ItsLamerSeb Laming!!!"

I'll try to look into this sometime soon, sorry!

Great work finding all these secrets!! Did you know that if you hold boner and zoom in for about 10 seconds you can enter first-person mode?

You need to extract the game to somewhere in your desktop before playing, otherwise you'll experience crashes like this because it's trying to run inside of 7zip

Yop yop!

What a masterpiece! Truly a fishing game for the ages. The mixture of pre-rendered clay and PSX elements really create a unique visual style I haven't seen a whole lot before. The fishing is fun and responsive, and you can really take your time to explore the lakeside. It's also got plenty of fun secrets to hunt for if that's your sort of thing!

Never before have I been able to catch endangered species and eat them except that one time I stayed with my weird uncle Peter on his ranch.


Ah crap, the files seem broken for me, can't extract from .zip!

Glad you've enjoyed it!

Go to the pumpkin room and go to the top of the castle you spawn by

"P" activates Do-Re-Mi, which gives you a little chart so you can gauge what pitch your character will scream at when looking up and down. As for the keycard, you need to head over to the swamplands with the church and learn more about the wonders of money ;)


Wonderful feedback, thanks for playing! Yeah, the environment was definitely a bit chaotically connected! Maybe next time I'll get it figured out!

Congratulations! You found a secret menu variant that has a 1/100 chance of showing up! It's entirely RNG, but if you hold down the zoom button and don't move for a while there's another way to guarantee the glitched main menu...

More interesting notes, in the save files there are various little sentence fragments that can be assembled to form the sentence "Before The Storm The Time Was Good And Fair?" I have no idea what this information could be useful for but I reckon it'd be appropriate to share.