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This was super cool! Love the aesthetic a lot! I've always felt that a weed whacker could translate to a cool videogame weapon.

fixed lol

What an incredible review!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

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Of course, but at the moment I'm finishing up a a smaller game in order to raise some funds to continue working on Nowhere, MI. Hopefully I'll be able to resume development in August, assuming everything works out with the smaller project.

I'm afraid the patreon release is not the full game. There are two different releases on there:  a pre-alpha (for the oldest version of peeb back when it was a simple player controller and a route through one level of the castle) and v0.05 (which is like the release, but it has a ton of better QoL features).

I'd recommend holding off on joining the Patreon if you're solely interested in Peeb, since it's been temporarily shelved while I work on more viable projects in the short term

no need to use external software for the audio clues, suffocation has a built-in spectrometer you can use

Let's Go Baby Suffocation is now permanently free since this game's networking has gone offline.

You can get to Suffocation from the top of the page. Hope you enjoy.

- J

Alright, the networking issue has been resolved. Please make sure you and your friend each download a new copy of the game, and try again.

Alright, I've looked into it and the issue should be resolved for Suffocation. Please download a new copy and try again.

I'll see what I can find out about this error

Make sure that you are using the same version as your friend: suffocation and let's go baby: friend's world do not support cross-play.

As for why your game hasn't changed to suffocation, you have to beat the base-game to unlock it.

This was a phenomenal exploration of hostile design! It's amazing how far designers have gone to try and mask their intent by working some sense of "aesthetic" into their benches.

With how uncomfortable they are to even SIT on, it's reached a point where you have to wonder why they'd bother installing them in the first place. Is it just a formality now? Are the benches just there to create the vague sensation of a public space without actually contributing to it? The most mind boggling design has got to be those spherical benches. I can't even believe those are meant to be sat/leaned on.

I appreciate the small details around the museum that mesh in with the theme, like the sealed fire door that doesn't have a proper knob, the museum-wide warnings not to touch the walls, and most notably the game's viewport being set in an aspect ratio that crops the viewer's perspective into a small gap to peer through.

I also admire the work you put in to painstakingly re-create all of those benches. The final presentation is super crisp, and I am genuinely amazed.

Sure, as long as I'm credited as the owner of Peeb then we're good to go

I'll make it free for the next week to celebrate 100k on the original game. Hope this helps, kid.

That was incredible! Good god this might be one of the best games in the madvent collection, great job folks!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Incredible! The flow between spear and unarmed combat is super smooth, and I like the little variations in the movesets that keep the pace up (like how the forward midair for unarmed launches you down at an angle and does enough damage to dislodge the spear from anyone it's stuck in, allowing you to quickly close the distance).

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The full version will totally have more enemies to fight (along with other unlockable weapons), and I've been contemplating how to make the inventory screen transition better without diminishing the gravitas of it, I think I might make it so that after you've opened it once, it opens 5x faster or something.

Thanks for the info, I removed the sound

Thanks! The music is public domain, don't know the origins unfortunately

I think I like, subconsiously made Concord resemble Genie, I played Gingiva a while ago (that was the first game I saw Genie in I think?) and I guess the design snuck into my mind when I least expected it!

Glad you enjoyed the game.

Quest isn't in yet

There is, but it's hard to find

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Since you didn't take the hint from "lol, lmao" that I don't respect how you conducted your critique, I'll just be straight forward. 

You could've been a lot more polite, for starters. I think opening with "I'm a humble artist" and then spending the next two paragraphs deploying a condescending lecture about artistic cohesion comes across as inconsiderate, unnecessary and hypocritical. 

If it helps you, the reason the NPCs are stock images is because Nowhere, MI is a homage to Crypt Worlds, which has the same style for its characters. Nowhere is a collage-style game. The dissonance in its style reflects the chaotic nature of the town you're exploring. That's the point. You're welcome to dislike an artistic choice, but you aren't the authority on whether or not that choice was a valid one.

If you were expecting me to listen to you and agree on your stance, you should've been courteous and at bare minimum spoken as though we were equals. Remember that I didn't ask for your opinion, you provided one unprompted. When you spend 2 paragraphs telling me how well Hylics and Yume Nikki manage their aesthetics and how poorly I constructed mine, it comes across like you're really insecure and need something to punch down on. I hope going forward you'll be more polite when talking to your fellow artists.

That quest isn't in the game yet I'm afraid. Stay tuned for the full version down the road!

lol, lmao

A character from a previous demo of mine, Peeb Adventures. I include him in a lot of my current work so people don't assume the game's cancelled (getting Nowhere out first in like, 2023 to generate cash, then working on Peeb afterward with the funding)

Yeah, something like that. Like with a lil genetics system and all that

Thanks for playing! I'm hoping the full one really gives a varied experience, I'm intending to have some more fun side-games you can experience, like gardening and raising little creatures in specific rooms.

Absolutely stellar!

Track list:


Katapulto - Danse Macabre [MODIFIED TO REMOVE INTRO]

Maybe I'm a bit conceited - Monplaisir

Did you jump or were you dropped? - Patrick Kilpatrick

Bugs! - Patrick Kilpatrick

Cantate Domino - Anonymous Choir

Deep Inside The Flesh - Monplaisir

Strange Town - Patrick Kilpatrick [MODIFIED TO REMOVE INTRO]

Fowl and Fruit - Patrick Kilpatrick

Land Without Bread Pt. 1 - Patrick Kilpatrick

To Lose - Monplaisir

Staring At the Void Between Me And The Wall - Monplaisir

Nexus - Monplaisir

YMIY - Demoiselle D

Aimer, c'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau - Monplaisir

Calamity Kick - Monplaisir

Delicate - Monplaisir

This is Not a Joke - Monplaisir

The music is public domain so I'm afraid there isn't an organized OST, the in-game credits should have a lsit of the tracks and their authors if that helps. I'll try to get you a text list of the track names when I get the chance

I'm afraid not, there was a big change in save architecture between versions

this is intended behavior

Nowhere, MI is a heartfelt story about two brothers filtered through a myriad of weird characters and horrible body-mangling powers. Jump into James' shoes and track down your missing brother, Alex, in the strange town of Nowhere! Talk to monkeys! Feed a wizard a chocolate bar and cause him to have a stroke! Discover the dark secrets of Nowhere and save your brother! Now!!!

Nowhere, MI is a metroidvania-like where you must augment your body with supernatural entities known as "surrogates" on your quest to delve into the mysterious town of Nowhere, MI, home to a reactor detonation that's scarred the planet with supernatural properties.

Hope you enjoy my work!


This was exceptionally cool! Wish there was more to play! I quite like the idea of sorta painting the world to navigate it.

This gave me an intense flight or fight response, so I'll say that you've created an effective piece of art. Kudos to you! 


Nope, Discord's gone