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Hey there!

If you want to credit me, just link to my twitter account @FeverDevJohnny or my company website at

Thank you!

Sorry for the delay! The slope solver method I created was really old. Updated it, not sure how it'll behave with various player collider sizes, but the default works well so far. Update will be out shortly!

STRANGLE/HOLD is a strange top-down shooter where you guide a small biomachine on a conquest to defeat a plague.

The game's primary mechanic involves grappling weakened enemies to steal their weapons, though the weapons you steal have limited ammunition.

I've been working on this for a decent little bit, I would've loved to have finished this faster but my life's gotten more complicated over the past few months so things ended up being delayed.

I hope you enjoy the game if you choose to buy it!

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Problem solved! Took a single line of code to fix, looks like it was just a tiny oversight with how my slope detection works.

Download Glide again and you should be good to go now. Have a nice day!

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Sorry about that! The update where I purged broken demo assets as well as character controller support was fairly rushed, so I'm sure I bumbled around when I edited the section that controls jumping. I'll fix that right away!

Thank you so much man!

Sure thing!

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Unfortunately, it looks like the new blender update corrupted a lot of the model files so I'll have to redo a lot of things. I might not be able to get this update out anytime soon, so I strongly recommend either hooking up a custom model to the third person controller, or just using the FPS mode of Glide instead.

I apologize about this.

If you want to test out the demo scenes and don't care about being able to edit them, they've all been built as standalone and packaged on the page for quick use that way.

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I'm so sorry! It looks like this is an importer issue with the model packaged with the tool. I'll release a patched version that fixes this.

It does look like the code errors are gone now, but the majority of the environment and the player will be broken until I patch it.

If your game is using first person, you should be good to go, but with the demo assets and third person the models are stored as .blend and are imported through blender, though this was done a while ago when I wasn't aware that unity has to have a blender installation on the computer to import .blend files.

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I'm slightly perplexed, the first screenshot does show that this is Glide, but in the second it references PlayerFPSController, which was the designation given to Waltz, the older version of Glide.

A few questions:

1). Do you have both waltz and glide in the same project? If so, I recommend only keeping Glide.

2). Are you using HDRP or some other type of render pipeline? It might be causing conflicts with the system's built-in shaders, which aren't compatible with any other pipeline than the standard one.

If you are using HDRP, Glide should be fine if you don't import the demo assets with the kit.

Congratulations, you don't get why these games are enjoyable.


Hey there! I really like the randomizer a ton, but there are two things that would make it far easier to get some mileage out of it:

1). A dedicated key to move to the next random game. This doesn't seem too significant, but the next game button moves up and down depending on the length of the game's title and tags, which means that if you want to just keep pushing through the games until something catches your eye, you have to keep readjusting. It feels tedious. Alternatively, the next game button could be locked in a static position to solve this issue.

2). The ability to sort by tags. It's cool that you can filter by a handful of different options (jam games, non-jam games, paid games, etc.), but in my experience the prime way I sort through games to find cool new stuff is mostly with tags.

Thank you!

This was incredible. Keep up the phenomenal work folks!

Now we're talkin, now we're talkin,

real cake hours

smash that cake button

Cold Wick community · Created a new topic Cold Wick V1.1


  • Fixed bug where wick pickups would fly away at mach-7
  • Added new debug command to disable HUD (toggle display)
  • Added screenshot button (F12)

This update was mostly made because I decided to patch up the Cold Wick page itself and make it more presentable. It's not much, but at least that stupid wick bug has been eliminated (admittedly, it was a stupid problem. I forgot to disable physics interactions between individual pickups). 

Not much else to say. Here's some terrible concept art from when the game was just starting to be made.

I really appreciate it! Let me know if you need any help!

Thank you!

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Sorry I forgot to do that! I'll get some demo material out soon. Got so caught up in just getting V1 finished I forgot.

Glad you enjoyed it!

The exploration element was unfortunately overlooked during development (was off to a late start due to personal issues, so I had to rush and pull a few all-nighters, sometimes a few in a row), though some discussion with one of my friends has sprung up and we may attempt to expand it into a proper game with a better focus on exploration.

Thanks for giving it a shot!

Another excellent game from the creator of 21: The World, so I wasn't remotely surprised to see the really neat world designs and esoteric characters.

I like the direction this game is going with its gameplay, especially with the use of both arms for a combined total of six abilities.


- The statue the teleporter projectile places down will still stay if you switch weapons before the projectile hits the ground. You then have to switch back to the teleporter ability and away to remove it.

- The time slowing ability seems a bit choppy on use, I'd recommend moving the line of code that moves the player (whether it's just a rigidbody or character controller) to FixedUpdate() instead. If it isn't already, multiplying the player's motion by Time.deltaTime would be good too.

- It would be neat if you could right-click again while the teleporter projectile is out to make it go straight down. If it could also have a spotlight point out below it to show where it'll hit, that would be cool too.

- Bosses don't really telegraph their attacks, noticed this being a particular issue against the floating boss with the rings around it. The purple spiked balls would come out from behind me when I least expected it and would rip through my health really quickly.

Really neat game! Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Glad you enjoyed the game! I put gameplay first, so the horror may not have been where I wanted it. I mostly hoped the Snow Prowler (the four-legged thing that lunges at the player) would be one of the more terrifying parts of the game, but I understand if it didn't hit you too well.

I honestly don't know what to say, this is probably one of the most meaningful comments I've ever gotten on a game before. I really appreciate the feedback!

Cold Wick community · Created a new topic MID-JAM UI PATCH
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Updating the game just to patch a single issue with the wave clock. Forgot to set the origin correctly on it, so when using other resolutions the clock may become obscured by the edge of the screen.


I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's funny you mention exploration, I had originally wanted to expand the game so exploration was more encouraged (you can find a cave with a mysterious shrine surrounded by blood splats and a screaming artifact, not to mention an outhouse with a troubled user further out in the corner of the map), but as I got more desperate to finish the game on time I forgot about that. I told a friend recently that if I were to update this a good deal of additions including a better focus on exploration would be implemented. We'll just have to see!

Astonishingly well made.

Not a bad game at all! If expanded, this would belong on steam. Good work!

This was absolutely excellent. I'm honestly shocked this was made in the span of this jam, given how in-depth it feels. I'm also a huge sucker for games that emulate retro 3D (heavy use of billboarded sprites to represent characters, lower rendering resolution without anti-aliasing, simpler lighting tech), so this naturally appealed to me a lot.

Interesting narrative! It was a good choice to let the players fill in the blanks about what happened.

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Absolutely phenomenal. Lots of strong atmospheres in areas, has a ton of attention to detail here and there. There's a lot of strange and hidden tidbits behind doors that are slightly cracked open, and this game is probably at its best when you take the time to search thoroughly.  If you haven't played it, you'd better!

This was really neat! I'm excited to see what else you'll be adding to this as time goes on. There's a lot of interesting spots to take a look at, and it has a level of oddity that you really don't see too often. Quality stuff!

One of the most phenomenal 2D platformers I've played in ages. Stunned by how smooth and satisfying the gameplay was!

I make goofy stuff but have always had an interest in trying to dive into horror some more. This is the first time in a while that I've actually joined a jam, so I'm looking forward to seeing where it'll take me.