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Make sure to unplug any controllers that may be hooked in, as those can introduce issues with the camera. Hope this helps.

Sure, I'll consider it for the full game

The puzzle was updated a bit ago, this is the solution now

In updates beyond the initial release of the demodisk version of Peeb Adventures, the spinner puzzle was updated to make more sense because streamers and others were having difficulty understanding it. The solution is below. Judging on the statement that you're "doing the right thing," you probably watched a streamer play one of the older builds of Peeb Adventures. Hopefully this helps you.

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Did you flip it around?

Thank you!!!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, the lives counter was a novelty feature and doesn't serve a purpose in gameplay, it's just there to let the player know how many times they've died while playing. I'm not sure it's going to be staying in the full game, but we'll see!

This is a demo for the full game. I don't have an ETA on the release of the full game, but just know that it will be happening at some point!

Thank you!! And yeah, I'll try to get that y invert feature in the full game lol

Thank you for playing!

Nah, I'm referring to two specific secret worlds, which might be difficult to get to. I can tell you about them if you want, just DM me on Discord (Fever Dream Johnny#6554)

There are two more, don't want to spoil how you find them though!

Thank u... I respect the fear!!

Glad you like them! The good news is, there'll be plenty more to come! Might even make a launcher for the collection, that way they can all be organized in one place.

Yeah, I make sick games

Awesome series!!

Incredible, great work

Ah, that's not uncommon with games that are infrequently downloaded. I'd say just let windows go through with it, then scan with proper anti-malware software to double check if that makes you more comfortable.


It's one thing to critique a developer, it's another to insult their work and then get upset when people point out that you're being rude


Thank u master bog... I am honored to be in your presence, oh grand Bogdanoff brother...

This looks awesome!

STRANGLE/HOLD is a strange top-down shooter where you guide a small biomachine on a conquest to defeat a plague.

The game's primary mechanic involves grappling weakened enemies to steal their weapons, though the weapons you steal have limited ammunition.

I've been working on this for a decent little bit, I would've loved to have finished this faster but my life's gotten more complicated over the past few months so things ended up being delayed.

I hope you enjoy the game if you choose to buy it!

Congratulations, you don't get why these games are enjoyable.


Hey there! I really like the randomizer a ton, but there are two things that would make it far easier to get some mileage out of it:

1). A dedicated key to move to the next random game. This doesn't seem too significant, but the next game button moves up and down depending on the length of the game's title and tags, which means that if you want to just keep pushing through the games until something catches your eye, you have to keep readjusting. It feels tedious. Alternatively, the next game button could be locked in a static position to solve this issue.

2). The ability to sort by tags. It's cool that you can filter by a handful of different options (jam games, non-jam games, paid games, etc.), but in my experience the prime way I sort through games to find cool new stuff is mostly with tags.

Thank you!

This was incredible. Keep up the phenomenal work folks!