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I thought this was a great start to a cool game!

Everything felt intuitive for me (although I did read the entire description before starting) and here are some things I would offer:

  • Adding a few more frames of the walking animation would make it feel less jumpy. I'm not sure if this would mess with the timing too much, but just a little would go a long way. The art was nice though, overall. Very readable and let my imagination fill in the gaps.
  • Change the sound of reloading to a more click-y kind of sound. This one is minor, but I think it would add to that feeling of really loading in the few spare bullets you have into your gun.
  • Speaking of sound, it might be neat to have a calm-ish, cozy "home theme." It's another minor difference, but it would make the house feel like more of a central feature and more the player's own.
  • The visual cue of getting too cold is good, but an audio cue as well would be cool.
  • Maybe have the ability to hold "w" to holster your gun for a faster running speed (at the cost of having to unholster it if you encounter something and increased hunger cost).
  • The zombies attacking the house would be cool, but only so long as you can actually shoot from the balconies.
  • If you did go the zombie attack route, maybe have the ability to chop down trees to reinforce the doors. This is obviously a lot more complicated.

Overall, I really enjoyed the concept. This reminds me of my favorite games from Newgrounds that I would just play over and over again. It has so much potential that I very earnestly hope you keep at it to make it a complete experience.