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Bundle up for one hell of a fight.
Submitted by Johnny (@AnnoidJohnny) — 8 days, 14 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
BEST GAME (Host's Choice)#1n/an/a
BEST GAME (General)#23.5363.750
SCARIEST GAME#32.9463.125
BEST THEME (Best Use of Theme)#43.1823.375

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I did not expect to experience such a gem here. This was well polished, thought out and just felt nice to play.

I loved the different monster types. The monster with the long legs scared me the most.

I saw some monuments in the screenshots but I don't think I encountered them in the game. Was there supposed to be an emphasis on exploration? If so, maybe communicate that better to the player. I though you had to stay near the fireplace for most of the playtime.


Glad you enjoyed it!

The exploration element was unfortunately overlooked during development (was off to a late start due to personal issues, so I had to rush and pull a few all-nighters, sometimes a few in a row), though some discussion with one of my friends has sprung up and we may attempt to expand it into a proper game with a better focus on exploration.

Thanks for giving it a shot!


"Oh look, a cool little game where you play as a candle shooting cute little enemies!" said fia confidently. Everything was going smooth, especially considering how awful fia was at games like this. fia felt cool, confident, just in time for a four legged monstrosity to leap from the shadows and completely wreck the streak.

I'm going to be honest that I'm really awful at these games so I consider myself lucky to make it to wave 6 of 10. This was really quite excellent and not just for the idea. The actual controlling of the game felt very smooth. I'm not sure how to explain it but at no point did I feel I was moving too fast or too slow and everything really controlled how I was wanting it to. Sometimes with this style of game you can feel like the game screwed you over or you would have survived but x, y, or z got in the way. But really, with this game I always felt like it was completely within my control both successes or failures. To have that kind of feeling from a jam game ups the ante even more. Very great! I'm very impressed by this!


I honestly don't know what to say, this is probably one of the most meaningful comments I've ever gotten on a game before. I really appreciate the feedback!


Great dev! Moving in this game is really smooth, not really scary but stressful enough to get heart attack if you're fragile!


Glad you enjoyed the game! I put gameplay first, so the horror may not have been where I wanted it. I mostly hoped the Snow Prowler (the four-legged thing that lunges at the player) would be one of the more terrifying parts of the game, but I understand if it didn't hit you too well.


This is a polished and deviously tricky survival game! The idea of a decaying fire running cold runs into the theme well and acts as a good survival mechanic - I like how attacking and defeating monsters affects the wick in some way. I was going to say that the enemies were kinda cute and not that scary until I saw the four-legged crawler thing make a beeline for me, at which point I think my heart skipped a beat. It'd be interesting to see where this idea could go - perhaps the game could extend beyond surviving 'waves' but also exploring/collecting on top of protecting the fire? Great job!


I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's funny you mention exploration, I had originally wanted to expand the game so exploration was more encouraged (you can find a cave with a mysterious shrine surrounded by blood splats and a screaming artifact, not to mention an outhouse with a troubled user further out in the corner of the map), but as I got more desperate to finish the game on time I forgot about that. I told a friend recently that if I were to update this a good deal of additions including a better focus on exploration would be implemented. We'll just have to see!