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Explore the Cyber Morgue and uncover the truth behind mysterious deaths and disappearances
Submitted by Brennan Richie — 50 minutes, 54 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
BEST GAME#163.5363.750
SCARIEST GAME#203.0643.250

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Delightful character art and nice scene art as well. I liked the UI (nice red outlines), the graphic design, and the memory card collecting. The overall mood was thoroughly unnerving and the audio served the atmosphere well. The story was very tense and had me questioning everyone's perception of morals and reality. 

There were a few questionable things that came up. I was confused about who the character player is in the scene, are we the remaining surgeon? I also couldn't help but wonder if the ending scene was part of the 'memory' or not. 

Very creative submission and interesting direction. Nice work!


If we finish our intended full version of this game, it will become more clear who the player character is. He has a bit of a story to his name as well :) And yeah, there is the slight "error" of Dante being able to "remember" stuff from when he was sedated, but I'm not really gonna bother fixing that. I can make it more clear that it's still part of the same cutscene in another way.

Jam Host(+1)

Other than having a killer name, CYBER MORGUE (!) is a really interesting VN that explores the trappings of fame, plastic surgery, vanity, and a little medical malpractice to boot as well. It's an interesting concept that had a plot that slowly came together as I played it.  I think this game manages to fit quite a lot into its story for a game developed in a week, which is quite a feat! 

I think my favourite thing about this story is the environmental storytelling during the introduction to the game in its point-and-click phase. Whilst players might be a bit uncertain about not having a formal introduction, I do like how the objects in that part of the game really told a story in themselves. It's a great way to get a player hooked into knowing what happened beforehand. 

There are a lot of creative VN storytelling devices here that illustrate you have a lot of talent and know how to break out of the cookie-cutter VN mold. I really like the use of the social media element and calendar to tell part of the story and also break up the face-to-face parts of dialogue too. This also made a lot of sense as it reflected the vanity and the self-consuming nature of Dante.

I think there's a lot to be proud of here and I hope that you are or will work towards a longer-form VN because you certainly have the storytelling skills and game mechanics to pull something compelling off! 

Thanks for submitting CYBER MORGUE (I still can't get over the name) to the SCREAM MACHINE jam!



This was a fun, I'm a sucker for multimedia storytelling. Also appreciated the mixed 2d/3d stuff in the point n click scene, it's a neat effect.


That was super creepy! The artwork was fantastic, and the narrative was very reminiscent of a Black Mirror episode, which is always a plus. I would've liked a bit more on the gameplay side, but definitely getting five stars nonetheless. Also Dante sucks


I am so glad you enjoyed! Yeah, we had better plans for the gameplay, but you know how jams go. For some reason we thought we could finish 4 stories plus a whole gameplay system, lol.


Urgh, that was creepy. Really good use of sound, enough gore to be creepy but not unplayable and a really, really good creepy enviroment. I also really enjoyed some of the visual novel story effects, like the phone and the calander. It was a really smartly told story.