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Show your stuff! (if you want)

A topic by tdelarosa723 created Sep 28, 2017 Views: 540 Replies: 34
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Day 01 - Brainstorming, Concept Art, Outline

My amazing concept art in Paint. You play as Bear, the Dragonbear in a side scroller where you adventure through floating structures and avoid running into dangerous obstacles.


I decided to write small roguelike (well, as usual) about small kitten that is lost in the woods and needs to escape fire (for me, topic image looks like burning trees on the floating island). Current prototype is (still) very simple, but it works:

it does look like fire, for a while I thought of candles and flames but decided to go some other direction. So far things look really good but like you said need to balance things out 


Hi, thanks :) For me, that fire is too pink instead of yellow-orange-red. But for now, I'm ok with that.


Making a 3/4ths view game with inspiration from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I'm quite happy with how it's turning out so far :D

And sweet roguelike Vedor! I always love a good roguelike every once in a while.

looks lovely so far, how does the image relate to your idea?


I thought of the picture as islands floating in the sky, and wanted to make a game based around that concept, I'm thinking of making it so you have to solve a puzzle in each level related to gravity in some way.

And thank you for the compliment :D


Thanks, HappySlapp. What software / language are you using?


Great work so far guys!


I'm using Game maker Studio 2. I'm not very fond of having to build renderers or other such things, so I feel content in using ready made game engines.

What language or software are you using? 

And thanks tdelarosa :D I still have to implement pretty much everything xD. But hey, I still got about 3 days.


Working on 3D assets. I am going for a log cabin/nature reserve look.


Those look really great! Wish I had half the skill to model something like that xD

Can't wait to play your guys' games, this is actually only my second game jam. But I really like the weekly theme idea.

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@tdelarosa723 creating 3d assets from scratch for 7 day game jam? Sounds risky.

@HappySlapp I wanted to try GMS, but necessity of internet connection is a big no-no for me. So, I'm going to learn Gideros... sometime. For this project, I use Go with BearLibTerminal.

Btw, Fleeing the fire is open source. Sources will be shipped alongside binary release, but if anyone is interested, it's possible to track development via bitbucket repo, with open issue tracker.


@Vedor. It is very risky indeed. Look out guys I am living dangerously over here haha!

 I should be finished modeling/texturing all my environmental assets before the weekend. Just finished coding a prototype for my endless side-scroller. It was easier than expected. Now I can generate random chunks that connect with each other with zero overlap. Sweet!

Looks lovely keep up the work guys!


Today progress: animals moving around, and player's death. It definitely needs balance - probably too much animals on map, and too slow fire spread.

For me I choose to use the image literally as my game sprites in a balance multitasking nerve burn out game 

See gif here :)

I'm 80% done with my original game, and suddenly this idea came to me....

the 3 legged lady,

it's a 2d platformer where you play with a lady that fights with an "extendable third LEG"

 any thoughts? :) 

Deleted post

I like the idea of a floating island, it's almost like a prison...depends on who or what lives on it :) 

the brain Jello characters is awesome, I wonder what his attack moves are


Good work guys. We've got some interesting ideas here. I cant wait to play!

I'm 90% done 

here's the final progress, I will leave it to your imagination :) 


Day 03 - Some basic mechanic, More models

very lovely so far, I love how everything blends in well with each other. 

how are you going to balance the multiple jump ?


Result Day 3, i'm doing a risk like game with the image as the map :)


Actually i'm almost done, i just have to add sounds, music, new sprites and a few more screens (advanced tutorial and stuff).

But the core mechanics are done.

Btw. is it allowed to work in teams here?


@paranoidSpectre Looking like youve got something good coming! And yes, even though not specified in this jam's description, you are more than welcome to work in teams!


Thanks, it took me quite some nerves to get it working :D

And with the possibility to work in teams, i can outsource the sprites.


Do what you need to do since there are no ranks or voting. The most important thing is to have a submission by the end of the jam! Good luck everyone and have fun


wow, it really is interesting seeing all these different views of the image. When I looked at it, the first thing that popped into my mind was a floating island with the 3 triangles at the top being "natives" or people from an ancient tribe. My second thought was a bear paw but the "natives" and the island seemed easier to come up with a game idea.


Well, I finally finished my game, what little there is of it (Hey not bad for my first one, right?) hope you guys enjoy it for what's there :D


Well, it's safe to assume I failed. Not much progress since last post: no balance, even no real gameplay - it's prototype rather than full game. 

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So there will be a time when you realize you bit off more than you can chew. I know I am feeling that way today. Its almost guaranteed in a week long game jam. My advice  -  Even if you dont have real gameplay or graphics, use these last two days to kinda wrap it up with a menu and a way to exit the game. (if possible) We will have a post mortem at the end of the jam discussing what we did and what we could do better next time around.

This jam is particularly made to build portfolios and record progress. So even if you didn't get as much done this time around, next Optical Jam come back even stronger and hopefully you will see improvement in your work. 

Long story short. Fail dude! Its important sometimes. All about how you handle it. 

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I honestly do feel like I failed big time, but I did learn a lot about designing games, so I won't have such a hard time next time :D

There's actually a great motto a lot of professional game designers go by: "Fail Faster" because if you don't screw up, you never truly learn how things really work.

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Not a big bite chunk, to be honest. It's really simple project, but I misestimate amount of spare time out of weekend. I used to build things from scratch so I spent some time on, well, rather low-level stuff. 

For now, I managed to transform it into very basic infinite runner...


I am pretty surprised i didn't fail this time (except for music, i don't have music).
I am preparing the game for the launch right now and maybe i will update it, if i get some musical inspiration :D

I have to say, it has been a pretty fun week. Especially with an image as a theme.