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Looks amazing! Can't believe some of the things people can create in just a week :D

Great game :D

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Don't say you're sorry for reporting a bug, I would rather people report anything that may be seen as a bug than not at all :D

And thanks for the compliment man :D

That's really weird. Are you specifically left clicking? Because right-click declines the offer.

Great game, dude!

Really dang good! I really like the concept, it's very cute and incredibly easy to grasp :D

Love the idea, and only had one problem with it, 15 seconds is way too short to find all those. But overall, you did a great job :D

I really liked that! I hope you continue working on this idea, it was pretty unique :D

Thanks :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm actually making a new game, it's also gonna be free, but I'm gonna put even more effort in it than this one!

This would be awesome as a mobile game!

Great job, had fun playing it!

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24 Toast, 12 Eggs, 4 Bacon, 1208 points :D

Great game, dude! I hope you make this a full game, seems like it'd be even better if you add even more obstacles and other such things to it :D

I really like it! I unfortunately suck at platformers, so I couldn't even get a single one of those white icon things.

And I think I should point out that I feel like the gravity is WAY too heavy, just lighten it a bit, and then the game will be even better :D

I liked it, man! This is personal taste talking here, but I honestly don't really like JRPGs too much.

But from a non-biased view, it's actually pretty good :D

Thank you man! I didn't even feel like I did that great of a job, to be honest xD But now I feel like I might wanna try it again, but do it even better :D

Thank you for actually enjoying the levels! I didn't know if they were actually good or not xD

The interpretation I derived was that the image looked like a floating island with the triangles at the top being trees, hence why it looks the way it does, thank you for asking :D

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I honestly do feel like I failed big time, but I did learn a lot about designing games, so I won't have such a hard time next time :D

There's actually a great motto a lot of professional game designers go by: "Fail Faster" because if you don't screw up, you never truly learn how things really work.

Well, I finally finished my game, what little there is of it (Hey not bad for my first one, right?) hope you guys enjoy it for what's there :D

I'm curious of whether or not I would be able to make another game submission, even if I already made one?

I don't really plan on making more than one game, but it's always good to know if I could make more than one for the jam :D

I thought of the picture as islands floating in the sky, and wanted to make a game based around that concept, I'm thinking of making it so you have to solve a puzzle in each level related to gravity in some way.

And thank you for the compliment :D

Those look really great! Wish I had half the skill to model something like that xD

Can't wait to play your guys' games, this is actually only my second game jam. But I really like the weekly theme idea.

I'm using Game maker Studio 2. I'm not very fond of having to build renderers or other such things, so I feel content in using ready made game engines.

What language or software are you using? 

And thanks tdelarosa :D I still have to implement pretty much everything xD. But hey, I still got about 3 days.

Making a 3/4ths view game with inspiration from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I'm quite happy with how it's turning out so far :D

And sweet roguelike Vedor! I always love a good roguelike every once in a while.

Haven't even got to play it, but I already think it looks pretty great. Great job, man!

I agree with BalisticPenguin, great for something made in only 12 hours, but it does have a few problems, but then again, I think pretty much anything made in such a short time is gonna have a few issues.

So great job, dude! And best of luck :D