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thanks Danar,

almost everyone told me it felt more like an app, but there is definitely  elements of gameplay built into it, such as the general context, role playing and the Win/Lose structure. you can think of it as who wants to be a millionaire game/app but with  more emotional investment .

thanks again ;) 

it is rather strange, but the thought of a user generated content for a visual novel is rather appealing...I would love to see where I could take this further

very lovely so far, I love how everything blends in well with each other. 

how are you going to balance the multiple jump ?

I'm 90% done 

here's the final progress, I will leave it to your imagination :) 

I like the idea of a floating island, it's almost like a prison...depends on who or what lives on it :) 

the brain Jello characters is awesome, I wonder what his attack moves are

I'm 80% done with my original game, and suddenly this idea came to me....

the 3 legged lady,

it's a 2d platformer where you play with a lady that fights with an "extendable third LEG"

 any thoughts? :) 

For me I choose to use the image literally as my game sprites in a balance multitasking nerve burn out game 

See gif here :)

Looks lovely keep up the work guys!

looks lovely so far, how does the image relate to your idea?

it does look like fire, for a while I thought of candles and flames but decided to go some other direction. So far things look really good but like you said need to balance things out 

Thats good enough for me, time to get creative and crazy

Hey guys,

I just found out about this jam but there are no descriptions on what is to be done, at least for me.

الله يعافيك عدي

وانا افتقدتكم تمينت لو قدرت اجي بس انشغلت 

لا والله لسا كل يوم 5 العاب بس

انشالله اليوم المساء بجربها و بعطيك رأيي :)

thanks :)

i wonder if compound elements would have been better mechanic? Instead of x against y it's x,y,z against w,n for example

So he is 30 and it his first date and this happens!! What a lucky guy hhhhh I have to admit I got a tragic ending and it's the first game to leave me feeling horrible...:/.

that is a unique choice to be made, lovely

Hhhhh that's a creative solution to the problem ...the whole atmosphere you guys created inspired me to make use of spiders in my next game

فعلا موضوع الخيارات في القصه فكره واضحه ومستهلكه وعشان هيك لفت انتباهي لفكرتك الاختيار بين عالم الانس و الاشباح ...بتخيل الموضوع جميل وبينفع للزنقة القادمه ؛)

thanks adey, I had to put the whole UI in last 2hours...just glad it was ok :)

no worries, you can watch it here

yeah I've been getting that a lot :) if you think about it though it's a dating sim but with user generated content...after all it is inspired by a game TV show 

thinking outside the box, I love how this game made me feel smart :) 

for a while I thought the fail marks on the wall will draw a ladder to the moon and we get to escape and I was dying like crazy, but something felt off, the marks weren't showing any interesting behaviour. 

how did you guys come up with the idea for the solution? 

the graphic theme is what I loved the most about this game, I love the sider's we as a background and the fly noise was brilliant , what made you guys go for spiders?

I felt that it did have a meaning and I missed it, can you elaborate?

I had to think at the final level XD this can be further developed into a very interesting brain teaser. in what ways does it relate to the theme?

it's an interesting concept, you have a choice when you do...get back as a human or be a ghost? what was your idea behind it?

Pretty interesting choice for game object, was it just for fun or did it relate to the story somehow?

 this is the most fun I had playing a competing game, so far. I love how you control the platform to avoid enemies, ++fun and innovation ,the graphics need some work but nevertheless are unique which is good. 

How does it relate to the theme? 

As for animation, I love how only moving the tail and mouth makes the whole cat come to life

It's weird and that's always a good thing:) 

I remember in the middle of brain storming thinking what choices do cats/non humans have to make, wouldnt it be more fun if the choices were relevant to cats? Instead of education you have a candidate supporting mice meet over fish....and so on

I'm not sure I like the randomness factor,weather a candidate is truthful or not, doesn't it take away from the whole "make a choice" thing, why did you guys go for that?

How high of a level did you guys get? I got to 8th


حبيت الطابع الفكاهي و الاجتماعي للعبه  غير بساطتها  

واكيد اللهجة الاردنيه 

بس التحكم كان سيء نوعا ما 

الموسيقى اكشن ومبالغ فيها لموقف زي كاسه قهوة الاشي الي خلاني افرط عحالي 

بشكل عام 

بضحك ^^