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This is trash dude. Why are you even alive bro?

An intense platformer on the surface, but a deeply emotional tale within its core. One thing that makes this game truly stand out is this indie title's character. For anyone who doesn't know, this game was developed by someone who inspired a whole community of game devs to pursue their dream and continue making an impact. The history and character alone are enough to give this game a try. 10 out of 10 coming from a fellow indie developer. This game almost never existed and to see it here makes me so delighted. Great work Tim and thank you for making an impact

Needs more citrus

Very lovely game. Its design, the cute characters, atmosphere on point. 5/5 better than Fortnite

I appreciate you playing my game. I have added sound in the update. I am still very new to using the software so I plan to update it as time goes on. I love the video thank you again for playing

I am so happy you enjoyed it. That level is very unforgiving. Appreciate the playthrough

Thanks everyone. Hope you got further than I did. Help each other out by playing each other's new builds and hope to see you all next month!

Good luck to all the developers participating in the Optical Jam. I will personally be working on Battle Bug Arena. Have fun everyone. Be sure you have the current version saved to see all the changes you made at the end of the week

I appreciate your participation in Optical Optimize #2. Unfortunately due to consistency purposes, I am unable to extend the time frame to 2 weeks. But you make a good point. Starting on a Friday morning isn't ideal for many people. I will be changing the event start and end times so they fall on a weekend as opposed to a workday. Thank you for your input, SpectralStar! I am excited to see your project.

I love the vibes man. Great work!

This game is better than Fortnite.

This is so hard! I love it

I have pulled the time back for anyone still having issues with submitting to the site. Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone who was affected 

This is really well done. Love the graphics and very spooky atmosphere

Welcome devs to another Optical Jam! Same rules apply as always but we have implemented a few NEW things. One addition are 'Special Challenges'. These not required but provide some extra direction if desired. Another thing we have done differently is enabled voting. This is not typical for Optical Jam and will not be a permanent change. However, this time around we will use the voting system to determine which games get played by Tim Ruswick, the target of this month's Special Challenge. 

Good luck everybody! Here is an example of one previous jam.

This is amazing. Great job I was hooked for a long time

Very neat idea! I played for awhile

Great visuals. Wish the basket was slightly more satisfying to move around. Seems a bit slow but great work overall!

Yes! Star Wars parody! This is absolutely hilarious and fun! Thank you 

I love this game! Great work. Love the Downwell inspired stuff

Thanks everyone for participating in the first Optical Optimize. I am excited to play the updated games as soon as I come back from a small trip away. I hope you learned a few things in the process. I know I did. Congrats to anyone able to improve a game. A new Optical Jam challenge is on its way at the end of September so come stop by to see what we can create. Until next time, thanks and hope to see more from you guys real soon!

I will definitely check  it out 

Actually we do have a small server here: feel free to join


How I do it is I go to the Edit Game tab on your games page and upload the new game as a separate file. You can have two different downloads on one game page without having to overwriting anything.

Welcome to the Optical Optimize everyone! Please submit the game you will be working on. At the end of the jam, submit the newer version to show your progress. Thanks for joining and good luck to you all.

Post Mortem

I really do not know how I made a game this week. I have been out of town for half the week and started development super late on Saturday. So anyways here is Hexagrab

Congrats to everyone who participated in Optical Jam 7. I hope you guys are all warmed up for Ludum Dare coming up soon. Thanks again to everyone for joining!

Continue what you've started. This jam is really about self improvement. The main goal is to get something finished and submitted

Go for it since this isn't a competition.


The image is only used as an inspiration. Optical Jam's images typically don't make sense by themselves. It is up to you to come up with a game based off the image. You can use the actual image or you can gather different ideas from it. This is a good creative exercise for developers to help them think outside the box. But if you cannot come up with anything, maybe check out the Discord and see what other people may be doing. Good Luck! 

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Welcome to the 7th jam everyone! Feel free to upload any progress if you would like. Also check out our Discord here:

It is encouraged that a previous Optical Jam submission is used for this, however, it is not required. Feel free to use any project of yours from anywhere that you may want to Optimize

Optical Jam #6 community · Created a new topic Post Mortem

Congrats everyone, another month has passed. I hope to see even more games next month. 

My project went smoothly for the most part, despite a few speed bumps. I wish I allowed myself more time for sound again. I never learn haha. I hope you guys like my game BlasterBugArena. If you guys want to see further development, let me know.

Thanks to everyone who joined the challenge. I will see you guys next month.

Last Hour Everyone! Start to get those submissions in ASAP! Good Luck!

Day 04 - Life Happens

There is always one day in the week where getting work done is nearly impossible. Life finds a way to get in the way. So day four, I had the opportunity away from the computer to brainstorm ideas and re-scope my project. I was able to sketch out a few concepts so I can start modeling for day 5.