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Welcome to the 3rd Optical Jam! Every week or so Optical Jam will be hosting a game jam that will challenge you and make you all stronger developers. 

In this jam you will be given a single image. The image is your theme. Use it literally or figuratively. Be creative and have fun! Dont try to make a AAA title. It wont happen in a week. Think "Simple yet Fun"

The image below is your theme:

Participating in these weekly jams will not only build a library of games for your portfolio but it will also help you become better developers/project managers/human beings/etc. So join us here at Optical Jam and lets make some games!

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Make your city survive as a good god would've done
You are Lord of Cubes, all hail the Master of Boxes!
Small roguelike for Optical Jam #3
Game created for Optical Jam, platformer
A simple 2D game that was made based on an image for a game jam.
Role Playing
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Optical Game Jam #3 commission
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