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it's 1 am and i have to be at work at 7am, well time to upload the game i guess. Sleep is for the week :D
Work is going to kill me tomorrow.

But thanks for Jam anyways, it was fun nevertheless. Even if i haven't had that much time this week.

Somehow i had a lot less time this week :D
The first draft is done, everything that follows from now on is the cherry on top of the cake.

Next: A menu screen, a tutorial and a credits screen ^-^

We have decided to go for a cooking Simulator this time, set in an alchemists kitchen (the icon kinda looked like burning cauldron).

The graphic contains only placeholders so far, but the core mechanics are almost done :)

Multiplayer sounds already awesome :)

This looks pretty awesome :D
Good job so far

Oh nice, a dedicated optical jam discord server :D

then i will check it out once again :)

Thanks for the answer

Sounds good.

I will make sure to play it :)

A bear collecting toast, eggs and bacon? What is there not to love :D
Great Game :)

Upon reading you comment below, i have to say: Very subtle interpretation of the image.
And a pretty great implementation of puzzles.
I really like this entry :)

It got a big hectic at first, but after i realized what the sheep were doing, it got a bit easier.
It was still pretty fast paced, good job :)

Unfortunately the gamepage is gone, so i couldn't read the tutorial.
I managed to walk around, but nothing more happened :(

It's an interesting concept, interpreting the image as a cloud.
Good job on the realization as well :)

a messaging service on itch would be cool.

If you are ok with posting your email address, i am fine with it, too.

Else we could communicate over Discord, Twitter or some other medium

Now i only need a way to contact you :)

Well, we have to wait for the picture i think .
After that, the brainstorming will begin. And without knowing the picture, it is hard to decide on a mood.

I think, i will contact you once the picture has been revealed, so we can brainstorm together over the kind of game and the mood of the game :)

That's a nice offer, i would gladly accept it, if you're still free :)

Thanks, i'm glad you like it :)

Maybe i will keep on working on this game, or i will jump from jam to jam, who knows.

I'll do this a bit later (probably around the weekend) and provide some feedback :)

Thanks :)

I am pretty surprised i didn't fail this time (except for music, i don't have music).
I am preparing the game for the launch right now and maybe i will update it, if i get some musical inspiration :D

I have to say, it has been a pretty fun week. Especially with an image as a theme.

Thanks, it took me quite some nerves to get it working :D

And with the possibility to work in teams, i can outsource the sprites.

Actually i'm almost done, i just have to add sounds, music, new sprites and a few more screens (advanced tutorial and stuff).

But the core mechanics are done.

Btw. is it allowed to work in teams here?

Result Day 3, i'm doing a risk like game with the image as the map :)

But now i still have an answer (especially for the host).

What exactly counts as "copying a game".

If i decide to take the already mentioned block mechanics from Tetris.

Is that a complete clone, because Tetris doesn't contain any more mechanic?

Or, if i change the mechanic how it is determined where the blocks will fall, it is all fine?

Thanks, that was the answer i'm looking for

Created a new topic Important Question

Hey there, i have a rather important question.

I could basically combine the FinalFantasy Battle System with the general gamemechanics of Tetris (build rows, to make stuff disappear) and Lunar Lander (steer in either direction and activate the thrusters to land on a platform).

This would make a legitimate entry into the jam, am i right?

Thanks in advance for your answer :)

i already built an alternative way to control it. I will upload it after the rating period ends :)

(Edited 1 time)

The control-scheme has been altered now (as well as a new scheme and controllersupport have been added). :)

It plays a lot better now :D

I am glad you like the game.

The controlscheme has been altered in the development build already. I will upload jt after the jam rating session ends to not influence the result :)

There will hopefully be some more enemies in it by then :)

(Edited 1 time)

There is a second weapon with limited ammo now.
And i recently watched Vlambeer's Video "The Art of Screen Shake" and now i am adding all the tipps they gave on action games :)

The game (still only on my pc) feels a lot more dynamic now :D

this is a great idea :D

Now, since the Jam is over, i might update it with more weapons and maybe more ghost types :)