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Show your stuff! (if you want)

A topic by tdelarosa723 created Oct 20, 2017 Views: 229 Replies: 14
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Hey guys feel free to show whatever progress or ideas if you like. This is not required but its a good way to get input from your peers and maybe a new creative perspective.

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Well I decided to go solo and from scratch so this is what I have so far haha


Looks like mine. My cube is yellow


So for this week's project I will attempt something stupid. After submitting three games in the past Optical Jams, I will be making a simple lobby based multiplayer. It will feature 1 on 1 matches and maybe even 4 player matches if everything goes smoothly. The whole point is to challenge yourself, right? Lets dive right in!


Multiplayer sounds already awesome :)

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Everything I've got so far.


This looks pretty awesome :D
Good job so far


We have decided to go for a cooking Simulator this time, set in an alchemists kitchen (the icon kinda looked like burning cauldron).

The graphic contains only placeholders so far, but the core mechanics are almost done :)


Wow guys great progress! Keep it up. About 4 days to go

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Nothing special to show right now. Working out some kinks in the multiplayer functionality. No graphics yet but I am still confident I will have something by the end of this jam. This is the hardest project yet.


Somehow i had a lot less time this week :D
The first draft is done, everything that follows from now on is the cherry on top of the cake.

Next: A menu screen, a tutorial and a credits screen ^-^


Nice work. Same here i wish i had more free time this week. 


it's 1 am and i have to be at work at 7am, well time to upload the game i guess. Sleep is for the week :D
Work is going to kill me tomorrow.

But thanks for Jam anyways, it was fun nevertheless. Even if i haven't had that much time this week.


Very impressive, have a good sleep. So multiplayer is not easy to accomplish in a week that's for sure. I have no graphics and only a few more hours to go. I will still turn in something.. even if its just a mechanics demo. This project will take another week of development after this jam is over.


Forgot to send a message.

I thing I'm done with demo of my project. I'll make more units, just need more work with level progression and enemies logic, had not much free time this week. Thanks for the jam and funny idea, made from picrure! I'm also made a logo just like original pic)