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Need some original music?

A topic by Malcalypse created Oct 10, 2017 Views: 245 Replies: 11
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Hi everyone,

A friend who works in the gaming industry put me onto the idea of writing music for jams.

It sounds like a great opportunity to try a new challenge and work with some different parameters. 

I've been composing for 20 years for all sorts of stuff such as bands, films, youtube channel idents and even art exhibitions.

Favourite game soundtrack? Probably Limbo. Partly because of the way he recorded it.

I'd love to collaborate on a game soundtrack and here is obviously a great place to get my toes wet (that, or my friend is a sadist and has directed me here to get laughed at!)

So yeah -- let me know if you'd like some original music for this jam.


Great to have you Malcalypse. This is a great place to grab some experience for sure. Well if the jam starts and you don't have any takers, I will gladly use your help

Hi tselarosa. 

Thanks for the positive response and sure. And thanks for the offer. I may well take you up on it! 


That's a nice offer, i would gladly accept it, if you're still free :)


Great! I'm glad to contribute.

So what's the next step? (I'm kinda new to the jams).

Shall we wait for the picture, or have you already decided on a kind of mood?


Well, we have to wait for the picture i think .
After that, the brainstorming will begin. And without knowing the picture, it is hard to decide on a mood.

I think, i will contact you once the picture has been revealed, so we can brainstorm together over the kind of game and the mood of the game :)

Sounds perfect!

Looking forward to collaborating.


Now i only need a way to contact you :)

Good point. 

It seems there's no messaging service on itch. So I guess it's all right to post my email address?


a messaging service on itch would be cool.

If you are ok with posting your email address, i am fine with it, too.

Else we could communicate over Discord, Twitter or some other medium

email's fine!


Hey guys I just posted a link on one of the threads. You can use this as an alternative source of communication if you'd like