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Göldun (NES Jam)View game page

Action platformer. Our entry to the NES Jam by NEStalgia podcast
Submitted by Fredrik Edman — 4 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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What a polished game! We gathered our thoughts and talked about it on the game jam episode of our podcast. You can listen to it here (or wherever you get your podcasts!):

Submitted (1 edit)

wow!  this is impressive.  really well done.  fantastic art and music!  i love the opening cutscene.  we wanted to do something exactly like that, but didn't devote enough time to the game.  you really nailed the NES feel for the game, and i love the addition of pressing the power button to start.  
some minor subjective critique: i would have liked the jump to have slightly more hang time.  it was pretty tricky for me to be able to kill some of the enemies on small ledges at eye-level (those guys that throw knives) because you fall so quickly.  also i didn't see a point to crouching when it's not really useful to dodge attacks.  generally when there's crouching in a game, i expect some enemies to have projectiles that would go over you when crouching. though i only got to the guys with the shields that throw spears, so maybe it's more useful for later enemies?  these are pretty minor issues though.  extremely well done game!


I loved it. reminds me of the classics. can you tell what software you used to make the game? I could not reach boss I have gotten rusty


I used Game Maker Studio 2 along with Aseprite, Photoshop. While Peter created all the sounds and music in Reason 


Ok Thank you!


Wow awesome game! Everything about it is great and it plays really good in a web browser. I gotta find my gamepad and try to finish the entire game.


Glad to hear you liked it! Tell me if it worked well with the gamepad if once you've tried it out!


I really like this game! The music is catchy, The story is interesting and The graphics are absolutely amazing! :D just the game was a bit laggy for me, but overall amazing work!


I'm sorry about the lag :/ I never experienced any lag myself, but I knew it was a posibility since I just didn't have much time to optimize things at all. The game is pretty demanding (especially when played in a browser). I'm very glad you liked it anyway though :)


Finally managed to finish the game after a few attempts. I really enjoyed it, it gave me a really nice NES vibe and the final boss gave me the chills haha. I am happy to have contributed to a few good souls finding their place in Valhalla. Thanks for this experience, good job!


Happy to hear you liked it :) And good job on completing it ^^ Odin is pleased